MedAux: Personalized Health Information

by Behzad Jazayeri

MedAux is a project to remove the barrier in access to accurate and personalized health information.
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About our project

The problem we solve:
Health is a very personalized topic. To answer health questions, search engines or forums are deficient in providing accurate and reliable answers to the most personalized questions. Office visits are time consuming, telemedicine is costly and in many cases you just want to have an expert opinion. MedAux tries to bring accurate health information to the hands of the users, one click away.

About our solution:
MedAux is a chat based platform that connects users (people who have concerns/questions) to the health experts. Each user can simply just type in the question that is trying to find an answer for, and MedAux finds the best expert to answer that question in under 1 minute. Users can continue online chat, send pics and videos to find the answer they want. If they are advised to book an appointment to see a doctor, users have the option to either go for an online telemedicine visit or book an in-office visit.
Progress to date:

The prototype is ready and the beta version is ready to launch in 2nd week of June.

About Our Team

Creator: Behzad Jazayeri
Location: New York
Bio: @ 2017- Co-Founder & CMO @ MedAux @ 2015- International Research Award Winner @ 2013- Medical Graduate @ 2012- National Spinal Cord Registry - Iran (Designer and Steering Committee) @ 2012- Medical Student Research Award Winner @ 2011- Top 1% Med School Entry Exam @ 2005- National Elite Member - Iran @ 1999
Title: CMO
Advanced Degree(s): MD

About Team Members

Elnaz Sarabchian
Biography: Co-Founder @ MedAux Founder @ elnaboutique PhD Student @ Hofstra University - Educational Technology
Title: CEO
Advanced Degree(s): PhD

Ryan Kennedy
Biography: Co-Founder @MedAux Founder @KennedyPOS
Title: CTO
Advanced Degree(s): MS

About Our Company

Location: 2500 Johnson Avenue
Bronx, New York 10463
Twitter: @askmedaux
Product Stage: Prototype/MVP
YTD Sales: Working on it
Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

The basis of our idea is to bring personalized accurate health information to the hands of the general public. We believe this information would increase the awareness to the public. The knowledge and awareness about health topics are the keys in decision making and taking action through a healthier living. We believe that currently there is a gap between the time a person seeks a healthcare professional attention to the time that the person actually gets the attention s/he requires. Filling this gap would decrease the time to access to the healthcare professional and at the same would save time and money on the patient side.

How We Help Physicians

Digital marketing for the healthcare is not very straight forward. Most physicians believe that word of mouth is the leading marketing tool in attracting patients to the practice. MedAux provides a digital version of word of mouth through the human integration of the chats with the potential clients of a clinic. MedAux provides the opportunity to the providers to engage with patients 24/7 and addresses their concerns, making a trust bond before visiting the patient either at the office or through telemedicine platforms.

How We Help Partners

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry

The introduction of new technology and new drugs to the patients and physicians has always been a big concern in marketing the new technology. MedAux can help to provide a targeted marketing for the pharma and medical device companies to promote products directly to the customer in a smart way. At MedAux we know what the patients are looking for and we know what services each provider is offering. This way you can advertise your products to the right person all the time.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The backend process and the expert selection algorithm is part of the unique aspects of MedAux which is not reveealed in the process of work.

Clinical Information

Source of information about health has been shown as an effective factor in decision making for various health behaviors. For example in the literature it is known that Advertisement based information are unlikely to affect the patient decision in undergoing a screening test, taking a vaccine shot or perform a test. On the other hand, additional resources besides advertisement are shown to be effective in decision making and treatment/prevention selection. ( In preventive medicine, the role of awareness cannot be more emphasized. The public health policy in disease prevention is changing from performing nationwide screening tests to bringing awareness to the individuals. ( ; ;


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

The funds are used to:

1. Build a more stable, cross platform solution.

2. Run a sample study on the users and analyze the behavior of users following the information given through the MedAux.

3. Provide incentives for the experts to provide answers in the initial phase of the launch.

4. Finalize the legal documents necessary to go in public stage.

Thank You

In this area of information, access to accurate and reliable information is a hard task. It is not possible to find an answer for a question through search engines, forums or even traditional Q & A websites. Knowledge is the most precious tool every human has and sharing the knowledge to the public can change the world. At MedAux we are trying to provide accurate and personalized health information to the public for free while building a platform for the experts to make money for sharing their knowledge and helping the public. This project indeed requires your support to succeed.


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