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Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:

Scientist / Researcher

Brian E Dixon, PhD

Associate Professor

Higher Education, Indianapolis, Indiana Area

About Me

Dr. Dixon’s research focuses on developing and evaluating processes and information technologies that provide more comprehensive knowledge about patients and populations to improve decision-making and outcomes. His research includes leveraging health information exchange (HIE) to enable and support the secondary use of clinical and administrative data to improve public health. Prior to his current roles, Dr. Dixon managed numerous research projects at Regenstrief and contributed to the development of several health information systems and applications, including the clinical vocabulary LOINC and tools for querying large clinical data repositories. Specialties: electronic health records; health information exchange; informatics; public health; decision support; software development; knowledge management; project management; research administration; research design; evaluation studies

Interested in solutions for:

For my portfolio

I am looking for healthcare innovations:

BigData Infectious Disease Informatics Open Data Prevention