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MyHealth.Us: Emergency Healthcare, Patient Engagement and Care Delivery


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About our project

The problem we solve: People need an emergency profile, their medical records, to track their health and access to better healthcare solutions. Medical errors is the third largest killer in U.S. and health innovations are available but not quickly distributed. We can help.

About our solution: Low cost, easy to use, agnostic healthcare access and delivery platform. OUR STORY Why We Connect Users To The Newest Most Affordable Solutions Faster Recently we have seen healthcare costs soaring. There are more tests, more prescriptions, more specialists, yet longer waits, and 10x more fatal errors than caused by car accidents. We also saw a new wave of life-saving healthcare solutions but not always broadly available and usually needing more patient information to be successful. When a friend had a heart attack, his wife told EMS he wasn’t on blood thinners. He almost received the wrong shot. When one of us had knee pain, a surgeon opted for immediate surgery. Not only was the diagnosis wrong, we found a less expensive remedy and stopped the pain. We created LifeCodes so everyone can have an emergency profile and be in charge of their care. You can easily get, store securely and share your medical files, and your family can track your health. And you can connect online and assis

Progress to date:

We have clients including one high-deductable insurance company and one labor union.

About Our Team

Creator: CJ WILSON

Location: New York

Education: Harvard Business School

Bio: Accomplished banker and investment fund manager, turned patient-engagement and innovative medical solutions delivery advocate.

Title: CEO / Founder

Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Our Company


Location: 132 West 31st Street
New York, 10001

Founded: 2013

Website: http://www.MyHealth.Us

Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

Portable emergency profile, tracking of health, access to records, and engagement and access via our platform of better care options.

Founded in 2013, MyHealth.Us provides 24/7 secure storage and controlled access of your Emergency Contacts, Personal Details, Medical Images and Records. Our patent-pending Health Diary, Photo Journal, Reminders and Doctor Notes create the most vital and current data required for getting better treatment faster and more affordably.

MyHealth connects you to the best independent sites and services online and locally for appointments, second opinions, medications, lab tests, telemedicine, and much, much more.

In emergencies, during treatment and for preventive care, we save lives with better health information and faster access to the medical care you need.

How We Help Physicians

More patient information faster, and patients' and patients' family observations. Better informed and more easily engaged patient.

How We Help Hospitals

More information faster, earlier detection, out-of-hospital engagement and advocacy and access to best and latest care innovations.

How We Help Partners

Healthcare partners with care solutions, advocacy, diagnosis and research opportunities reside on our MyHealth platform and are promoted and accessed as needed.

Challenge Mission

Collaborative Strategy

Global. Everyone should have a LifeCode with their emergency profile, storage of their medical and sensor records, track their health and the health observations for their loved ones, and access to the most innovative appropriate affordable care solutions. 

Projected 3 Year Growth

Wholesale revenue of $10 per LifeCode x 100 million users = $1 billion annual revenue

How We Will Make Money

We current charge $1 per month per person wholesale, and have opportunity for additional revenue streams from patient engagement and service delivery.

About our Competition

Great healthcare institutions servicing local populations intensively, but need for more data, more patient engagement, earlier consumer-facing treatment provides opportunity for MyHealth.Us

Progress with Customers to date

Four notable clients; construction company in Hiati, high-deductable insurance company in Florida, corporation in NJ and ironworkers union in NY.

New Orleans and Our Company

Eager to roll-out on a community basis with the broadest category of potential patients to prove more patient/family engagement, storage of data, tracking of health by families through email and text message replies, and access to innovative consumer-facing solutions via cellphone leads to earlier treatment, less treatment needed and better outcomes.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Filed in 2014 for the storage of health records and patient observations together connected by a common retrieval code (LifeCode).

Clinical Information


Regulatory Status

None required. Operational.

How we will use the funds raised

Launch in at-risk communities and in partnership with community hospital(s).

Thank You

We are operational with great feedback from users, and notable care and emergency service deliveries. We are eager to help everyone get their data, contribute their observations and assist patients and providers for better outcomes via our easy to use email and text messages and cellphone web-app solution. Check us online today at www.MyHealth.Us today! Let's Save Lives Together. 




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