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Vevazz: Light Theraphy

by Jamie Fettig

Weight Loss / Anti-Ageing / Aesthetics
Eaton, CO United States Medical Device

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About our project

The problem we solve: Over weight - Obesity Ageing - Wrinkles - Loose skin Skin problems - Acne - Stretch marks - Cellulite Neuropathy - Pain - Inflammation

About our solution: With LED light therapy, the future of medicine. LED light applied directly to the skin which causes the fat cells to open up and release their "fat" contents. The water, glycerol and free fatty acids leave the cell, and the fat cell shrink naturally. Then the body’s lymphatic system fires up and eliminates those unwanted fatty lipids and toxins. Importantly the fat cells remain alive, so if the patients regain weight in the future they do so proportionally, unlike the odd weight gain that would occur if the fat cells are killed in the problem areas, then all fat gain goes to joints, neck, or other unusual places. Treatment times are short, normally 7 to 14 minutes, and minimum to no staff is required during the treatment, plus patients can continue with their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Progress to date:

This campaing is for the production of the Vevazz Bed in quantities - as it is already being produced a few units ahead of orders - a whole body device for weitght loss and anti age treatments. Vevazz Bed will be sold to Gyms and Spas were customers can easily access the device by themselves. The prototype and first units have been manufacutured already and the proceeds from this campaing will be used to scale production and make this device accessible to one gym or spa chain on revenue share model generating million dollars a month after a few months.

About Our Team

Creator: Jamie Fettig

Location: North Dakota

Education: Palmer College of Chiropractic

Bio: In 1999 after graduating from Chiropractor college Dr. Fettig started his journey opening his first wellness clinic in Chicago IL. He embarked on a quest to help people live healthier lives and shortly after build a thriving multimillion dollar practice where he put in practice the systems that he now teaches. In 2010 Dr. Fettig founded Vevazz. He published two books, The Creators Manual for Your Body and The Ultimate Non-Diet. He has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal as well as appearing on many radio and TV shows.

Title: President & Founder

Advanced Degree(s): DC

About Team Members

Alina Guglietti
Investor Relations, MBA
Biography: Fundraising and M&A expert with 20 years of experience in the field. Now looking for investors for Vevazz LLC an innovative Light Therapy company for the treatment of Weight loss, aesthetics and Anti-age.
Title: Investor Relations
Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Our Company

Vevazz LLC

Location: 216 1st Street
Suite A
Eaton, CO 80615

Founded: 2010



Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: 1M...5M

Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

Red light has been shown in clinical studes to help ATP production, collagen and elastin production. All of which are deficient in most american lives.
Light has also been show to help people with:
Some Cancers
Hair Loss
Pain and Inflamation
Shrink Fat Cells
Fine lines and Wrinkles
Stretch Marks
Loose Skin
Skin Blemishes
Joint Pain
and more wide and varied condistions. Hundreds more.

How We Help Physicians

Most companies sell expensive equipment, but no systems to back them up.

Vevazz helps Doctors in private practice learn how to run this business, to make money, and help more people. It does it with a guarantee to bring in the new clients and income in 6 months, or they get a full refund.
And when the doctors help more people - they make more money, and patients and doctors win.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Unique technology & Patent Pending:

Custom made LED lights for Vevazz Bed to overcome the inverse square law of light

Manufactured in our own ISO facility

Clinical Information

1000+studies support the efficacy of LED Light Thepaphy technology for the treatment of weight loss, anti-age and neuropathy


Regulatory Status

FDA Clearances

1. Class 1 FDA Device: Registered with the FDA for Adjunct  treatment of obesity (Weight loss)

2. Class 2 – 510k FDA Device: Cleared for some of the symptoms of Neuropathy (Pain and inflammation)

3. Body Contouring: Applied, expected Novemver 2017

4. Skin Blemishes: Application submetted in August 2017

How we will use the funds raised

The $ 2 million seeked in fundraising will be used to produce the revolutionary Vevazz Bed in quantity.

Currently producing units a few units ahead of orders.  however we are seeking to produce 100 Vevazz Beds at a cost of $20,000 each. Those beds will be placed in Gyms and Spas where the customers can access this self-service stations and get treatments for fat loss, anti-age and pain and inflamation. 

With the 7 figure a month collected from the profit share, money will go into building other machines for more problems.

Thank You

LIght Therapy can help a list of about 1,000 different things through one clinical study or another.
Things Like:
Hair Loss
wound healing
Certain Cancers
And More in vaired and wide spectrum.
The plan is to expand the light based devices - to specifically address all of the things light therapy has been shown to help.



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$ 2,000,000 goal

Jamie Fettig
President & Founder
Palmer College of Chiropractic

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