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mConnect: Universal Low Cost Home Health Hub

by Michael Pliskin

An inexpensive ($20) small home hub that can work with any Connected Health device (i.e. blood pressure, weight scales, etc).
Menlo Park, CA United States Diabetes Wearables Medical Device MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: A lot of people would like to have a permanent connection to their doctor or provider. They need to upload their vitals, get feedback, and more. Smartphones are a great tool for those who are familiar with them, but they are difficult for the elderly and less experienced users. A Home Health Hub option is desired - but there are no affordable ones on the market, existing options cost $150 or more. It also has to be universal - a patient can go to Walgreens, buy a connected product they like (i.e. any scale), and it shall just work. Alternatively, a provider or telehealth company shall be able to assemble the kit they like while keeping the cost under control.

About our solution: We suggest to create an inexpensive ($20 for small orders) Home Health Hub compatible with any existing medical device or wearable. We already have more than 300 compatible devices to our smartphone platform, and it is easy enough to extend it to hub.

Progress to date:

We have a full software platform - MedM Platform - to work on the hub. We have medical device integrations, remote management, provisioning, reference cloud platform, and more. We just need to design and produce the actual box.

About Our Team

Creator: Michael Pliskin

Location: California

Bio: Engineer, Leader, Customer Advocate, Partnership Master, Startup and Corporate Veteran. Passionate about change, technologies, and changing the world. Previous experience includes startups ( as well as all steps as career software engineer from an intern to Technical Director.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MS

About Team Members

Denis Khitrov
Biography: IT & Mobility Guru Strategist, Innovator, Problem Solver, Team Leader and Motivator. Ex. PM in SPB.COM
Title: COO
Advanced Degree(s): MS
Twitter: @deniskhitrov

About Our Company


Location: 1016 Middle Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Founded: 2011


Twitter: @medminc


Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: $250,000..1M

Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

The product (with the appropriate service plan from MedM or others) can be sold in retail for an affordable price, and thus millions of patients can be monitored and eligible for timely healthcare advice.

How We Help Physicians

Providers can now launch cost-effective remote patient monitoring projects. No longer they need to lock themselves in into 3-year contracts - everything is available with a disposable-like pricing, full service, instant roll-out, and pay-as-you-go model

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals can now benefit from a variety of cost-effective remote patient monitoring services on favorable terms.

How We Help Partners

Partners can use the hub both as a full product or as a hardware platform in their own projects, or just re-sell the device. The market is crying to get this done.

Challenge Mission

Market Size

According to Grand View Research market analysis, US Telehealth Market Size is more than $2B in 2018, and will be close to $3B in by 2022. A lot of patients are underserved, a lot of services are being launched, and we want our hub to power all of them.

Projected 3 Year Growth

We want to be selling 1M of our hubs per year and have 10M+ patients on our platform. This allows us to capture a decent market share and keep growing by improving the product and keep innovating.

How We Will Make Money

There are two ways to get money:
1. Sell hub as a unit to go along with our MedM Cloud RPM service and make money on service.
2. Sell hubs as unit and get a margin.

About our Competition

There are the following competitors:

 - Qualcomm Life with their 2net platform
 - Philips Home Telehealth
 - Medtronic

Our bet is on availability, cost structure, and flexibility.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

All our ideas are open. The exact implementation is closed, but all ideas are public domain.

Clinical Information

There are a lot of companies - Qualcomm Life, Philips, IdealLife - that are using this approach already in clinical environment, and it has been validated. We are aiming to make it more affordable and cost effective.

Regulatory Status

This whole system is a Medical Device Data System and thus is an exempt from FDA regulation. However, a 510k approval might be an option at a later stage - even though not strictly required.

How we will use the funds raised

In order to meet the price point, we need to do a completely new design of the board, the case, and the tooling. We also have to use the low-cost components, and thus spend a lot of time on debugging and integration. The preliminary plan is the following:

- $12 000 design
- $18 000 case and tooling
- $10 000 integration, debugging, and testing
- $10 000 certification (FCC, PTCRB, carriers)

Thank You

We are changing the course of telemedicine. We make it available for everyone instead of boutique clinics, we make it a consumer product and an inexpensive B2B offering. This hub with its 10x cost reduction will be a disruption for the telehealth industry.



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