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tonguenacity: mouthkick

by Leo Daugherty III

Need a Hand? - Try Your Toungue... tonguenacity Can Do It!
West Jefferson, OH United States Medical Device Biotech MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve:

Imagine the loss of a limb. Now, imagine losing two or more...Kinda hard, isn't it?

Now, imagine having a fully functional "extra hand" Even harder to imagine, isn't it?

Well, you have a tongue, don't you?

Meet tonguenacity, where the "impossible" IS possible! We have developed, through utilizing solid Internet of Things (IoT) technology, how it's all possible. Please help us all safely believe and make a few bucks along the way.

Sometimes the "Problem" is the solution you just can't see...

About our solution:

I'm a drummer who became tetraplegic in 2012 (paralyzed below mid-­chest) I needed a bass drummer!

Through different ways, I figured out the only thing that might work safely was my tongue. I figured it had to be non-hazardous chemical free, non electrical, non­magnetic, and non­-obstructive solution.

Through revisions, I created a wired (non­electrical, non­magnetic) mouthpiece (now also wireless AND patent­ pending) that triggers an electronic bass drum pedal using only tongue action. I was able to overcome a huge problem using an unlikely part of my body (tongue)

As I further developed the technology, realized it was becoming assistive technology that could be applied in countless ways. It was obvious that those with and without disabilities could use it in situations where there is a need for an extra hand!

Having applications in computer control, manufacturing, gaming, home appliances, music, engineering, robotic, (to name just a few), It had become a platform!!!

Progress to date:

For 2.5 years, we’ve developed the future with dozens of talented folks & organizations. Places to learn and experience more

See all our videos here

Concept & Ideation - May, 2014 - April, 2015

Concept Developed - April, 2015 - June, 2015

Full Function Prototype - June, 2015

toungenacity, LLC - formalized - June, 2015

Provisional Patent Filed - August, 2015

Provisional Patent Filed - June, 2016

Fully Functional Prototype - July, 2015 -thru- September, 2015


Business Planning and Development

Developed APIs for Delivery Systems APIs end software integration to existing devices

Full Wireless integration

Further patent process and need for protection of the technology    

Advisory Board Assembly (over 30 volunteers) with ALL facets of the medical field, further dev/IoT tech, social media, and Advanced Finance

About Our Team

Creator: Leo Daugherty III

Location: Ohio

Education: 5 Startup Education Environments

Bio: Biography for Leo Daugherty: In over 25 years, I’ve been fortunate to have many chances to be who I am in many areas, with great people who truly care. True reciprocity in my work environment is what counts…such as CEO Of Start­up X2, COO, CFO, Project Manager (PM) 2 solo start­ups, 3 more with partners (all in technology, and productive and fulfilling).

Hospital Affiliation: The Ohio State University - Assistiive Technology Center

Title: CEO - Founder - Disruption Engineer

Advanced Degree(s): Education Environments - Startups (2 Solo & 3 w/ Partners) ALL Reaching and/or Exceeding Goals

About Team Members

Joshua Hamilton
CDO (Chief of Dev) @tonguenacity • Co-Founde, Columbus State Community College - Multiple Degrees
Biography: I am a full-stack developer who has worked in the web development & mobile development fields for the last 15 years. For the last two years my main focus has been frontend development, mobile development, game development, as well as application UI & UX. * Development of Frontend & Server-Side Code for Web Applications * Mobile Application Development * Design & Develop Application UI & UX * Database Planning & Development * API Development of REST & Non-REST based JSON
Title: CDO (Chief of Dev) @tonguenacity • Co-Founde
Advanced Degree(s): Columbus State Community College - Multiple Degrees

Tyler Wickiserer
CTO (Technical) @tonguenacity • Co-Founder, Bradford School
Biography: If there's a problem, I fix it... no hype. no drama. - "Fear the Beard"
Title: CTO (Technical) @tonguenacity • Co-Founder
Advanced Degree(s): Bradford School

Charles Wentzel
Web Developer, Master of Science (M.S.), Ecology and Spatial Analysis, 4.0 - Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, and Population
Biography: My primary area of expertise is the management and analysis of data. I have experience in the analysis of spatial data using ArcGIS and open-source software such as QGIS. I have conducted a number of field GPS surveys and other field data collection. Currently, my focus is working with data of Ohio fishes as part of the Ohio Biological Conservancy Project (OBCP).
Title: Web Developer
Advanced Degree(s): Master of Science (M.S.), Ecology and Spatial Analysis, 4.0 - Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Ecology, Evolution, Systematics, and Population

toungenacity Team - 23 and growing...
Sincere Caregiver Through IoT Technologist Tech, 57 and growing
Biography: Over 20 of the most sincere folks you'll ever come to know.
Title: Sincere Caregiver Through IoT Technologist Tech
Advanced Degree(s): 57 and growing
Twitter: @tongenacity

About Our Company

tonguenacity, LLC

Location: 430 Forrestwood Ave
Legal Address - (Business Address Available)
West Jefferson, OH 43162

Founded: 2013


Twitter: @tonguenacity


Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

We help people with loss of a hand or arm, or foot by providing a new way for them to engage with their world through the use of their tongue. For people or processes that may need another one?   tonguenacity   can do that, too.

Please see our video library here to see details of how our device works. Here is also a great article about what we are doing in the Columbus CEO magazine.

The loss/use, of a hand or foot, in most cases can be helped by tonguenacity devices

To fully understand the abilities of the   tonguenacity   platform, it's best understood like this...

"If your hand can do it, your tongue can probably do it!"

This has happened, these videos lead the way!  (best example here. Here are a few more too:

Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

How We Help Physicians

We help physicians, occupational therapists, and all care providers by providing a new way to give their patients a way to interact with Internet of Things (Iot) devices. Please see our video library here to see details of how our device works. Here is also a great article about what we are doing in the Columbus CEO magazine.

The loss/use, (or gain) of a hand or foot, in most cases can be helped by tonguenacity device

"If your hand can do it, your tongue can probably do it!"

This has happened, these videos lead the way!  (best example here. Here are a few more too:

Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

How We Help Hospitals

Extensive explanation. Prefer to discuss before commitment.

How We Help Partners

Prefer to discuss before commitment.

Please See As Requested - Available Now as PDF

Challenge Mission

Market Size


History/Explanation - Current US/World - Disabled Market ONLY

What follows is a small, but excellent example of how those needs will be met. From an investment point of view, a face-to-face discussion about that would be best. Until then, please consider how such small demographic will make it all happen...

Generally misunderstood, it’s imperative what is a Physical Disability?

The consequence of an impairment that may be physical or developmental, or some combination of these that results in restrictions on an individual's ability to participate in what is considered "normal" in everyday society.

“In the US alone, almost 75 million people alone have disabilities”… Of that group, “Assistive Technology is vital to more than a third of people with disabilities being able to take care of themselves at home.” (That’s +/- 25M)

“6 million, or 1 in 50 in the US alone have some form of permanent paralysis that causes significant or total loss of function in one or more of their limbs.”

When the same methods are applied against the world population, it’s about 2% (144M)

Projected 3 Year Growth


of the world population of 7.3B. That’s what we will consider our Total Addressable Market (TAM) of units/users.

For various conditions/reasons... 37-40% of those users should be considered to have very serious hand function/loss, access to, and means to this critical, life changing technology platform. That’s about 54M, and what we will consider our current Service Addressable Market (SAM).

While tonguenacity is VERY different than the current technology covering the world, that SAM is a small piece of what tonguenacity has to offer. (more on that later)

For now, we must address that SAM as somewhat “ambitious”, new technology that must be refined, adopted, marketed, and delivered over a period of time (2-3 yrs). With those facts in mind, we will immediately reduce our SAM by 50%! That’s a lot of users/units removed, on more than just a monetary sense.

So, at 27M units/users removed, we need a new acronym... we'll call it BAM (Believable Addressable Market)

BAM, explained above as a part of tonguenacity will economically serve a community that has great needs, while it CREATES a market that’s hugely profitable.

Here is how we got to the numbers that explain the spreadsheet below (validation)

6M Physical Disabilities Causing Paralysis (permanent or temporary) *

About 2M Amputees

How We Will Make Money


Applying the US statistics above, in a worldwide way, we can safely assume that 2% of the world population Is affected

The estimated world population is 7.3B, and 2% of 7.3B is 144M

As shown in the spreadsheet below - a tiny starting market point of 27M users/units on the tonguenacity platform, (just a third of a percent) generates a 160M to 802M in Net Profit, and potentially MUCH MORE!!!

tonguenacity Assistive Technology Platform - World Minimum Potential Revenue & Net Profit - 6/7/2016

World Population *

**.37% Of World TAM (less than half a %)

GROSS REVENUE IF .37% Of TAM (less than half a %) @ $197.97 per unit

3% Net Profit

9% Net Profit

15% Net Profit



About our Competition

NO Competitors!  This is new rechnology


Our construct is NOT currently a fully a medical device, though it can be made to become one. It IS an assistive technology device that is just as applicable to the fully able as the disabled. It’s one piece, safe, non-electrical/magnetic, RoHS compliant, wired or wireless, and requires NO FDA approval.

We have an entire (mostly volunteer) team of over 20 professional people, in multiple disciplines, ready to go forward in all respects


Thank you for reviewing this presentation. We’re hopeful it gives you a an understanding of the initial application of the tonguenacity platform, as it introduces a completely new way to empower the disabled and fully able. Almost unbelievable...

Now take a moment to consider this… In this presentation, you've only been exposed to about 2 percent of the world's population. What about the other 98 percent?

“If your finger can do it, tonguenacity can probably do it!”

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Provisional Patent Filed August 7, 2015   Application#  62202594   Confirmination# 7608

Non-Provisional Patent Filed June 6, 2016

Mr. Daugherty:Attached please find correspondence on behalf of Earl LeVere in connection with the patent application filed today for ORALLY ACTUATED ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY DEVICE AND METHOD OF GENERATING A VOLTAGE WITH AN ADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGY DEVICE, Application No. 15/173,836

Patent Link

Clinical Information

We have had a good deal of clinical testing to date although no study has ben performed.

We have had formal discussion with several indivuals, clinics, departmens, facilities, and institutions regarding the current status of adaptive technology and the future thereof. This includes comertioalization and adatation

The below videos show the results to date:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

Regulatory Status

As used in the role of adaptive technology, RoHS compliant, no electrical or magnetic use required

See patent filing explained...

More fully explained with serious unvestor discussion

How we will use the funds raised

Further development in technology and funding/marketing

More fully explained with serious unvestor discussion - LET's TALK!!!

Thank You

This technology platform goes far beyond the medical need. I tell people to think of it as an extra arm/finger, whether you need it, or not :) (see more below)

Of course we need more money, what entrepreneur doesn't? 

In the end, it's just the way that it worked out for me, and I accept it. In fact, it’s made me a much stronger/wiser person, and I want to share that improving the practice of, and IoT medicine is CRITICAL!!!

There is so much to do these days… what a great place for a dose of reality from someone who lives with it every day, yet has developed current IoT devices/programs around the ways to cope with it! It's both my obligation and duty. This is the right time.

Here is how it all started...

(extensive Patient experience)

9/27/2012 I drove off the road, very near home, cause never determined, no clues, nothing illegal found, no witness

9/28/2012 found in my car/harness, upside down. body temp +/- 92 - Many neck fractures & spinal cord injuries

I am Tetraplegic all loss waist down, partial loss both hands

In the past 4 years, I've passed 365 full Inpatient days In the OSU hospital system, caregivers say "Hey Leo" as I roll by. 1,500 hands + have saved me

7 major surgeries

2 strokes, and several seizures

3 times I've been revived - from flat-line

Beyond what’s in this project, we own..



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