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ILLUSIO Imaging: ILLUSIO Augmented Reality Virtual Mirror for Breast Imaging

by Ethan Winner

World's first '3D Virtual Mirror' for plastic surgery. Women can now see what they will look like with cosmetic breast surgery.
San Clemente, CA United States Medical Device Community

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About our project

The problem we solve: Approximately 85%-90% of plastic surgeons do not currently use an imaging system. They rely on an extremely antiquated and ineffective process of viewing photographs of other women. The flaw in this is that every woman has a very unique set of physical characteristics which impact the shape, size and sag of her breasts. In addition, breasts should be viewed as part of the whole body, maintaining certain standards of proportion.

About our solution: ILLUSIO transforms a wall mounted television into a ‘Virtual Mirror’. During a consult, a patient can look into the mirror and see herself; however she will have virtual breasts superimposed over her real breasts. These virtual breasts can be manipulated in real-time by her surgeon to visually demonstrate the potential outcome of surgery.

Progress to date:


This is limited to Medstartr.  For a small amount you'll be able to see what you or a friend would look like with breast augmentation.

For a slightly higher level of contribution we'll send you the necessary credentials for an UNLOCKED version of the app...where you can remove the bikini!


Earlier this year we launched a trial version of the ILLUSIO virtual mirror for breast augmentation patients. Used to enhance the patient experience during breast augmentation consultation, ILLUSIO 3D imaging features a real-time image of the patient’s face and body with superimposed breasts (the size they would be post-surgery), so the patient can see how she'd look from different angles.

 project video thumbnail




ILLUSIO in the making

ILLUSIO in the making



AR is when you combine a virtual image with the real world. 

The ILLUSIO imaging system uses a proprietary elastic band and tracking marker which is worn around the woman's chest. This allow the system to place the virtual breasts directly on the patient.  With this technology, when the woman turns side-to-side and moves closer or further from the iPad, the virtual breasts stay right where they're suppose to...moving with her.

When you contribute $50 or more, we will send you our band and marker so that you can appreciate the full augmented reality experience.

ILLUSIO is Patent Pending in both the US Patent office and the World Patent Office.


UNLOCKED Smartphone App

UNLOCKED Smartphone App


ILLUSIO at major trade show

ILLUSIO at major trade show

So far the industry has embraced us with open arms.  We've been to the major trade shows for plastic surgeons and it's clear that the surgeons and the patients want our imaging system.

And the media has been very supportive as well...

ILLUSIO CEO on Spanish TV program, El Hormiguero 

ILLUSIO CEO on Spanish TV program, El Hormiguero



 project video thumbnail

So, if things are going so well, why do we need Medstartr???

ILLUSIO is fully functional, though we need to make it even better.  We need to go from an animated image to an actual 3D scanned image of the patient.

Our minimum goal will more than take care of this technical advancement.

What we really need are FANTASTIC Salespersons!  

We know who we need, but we need the funds to attract the best talent.

We've already taken care of all of the heavy lifting.  Now it's time to start sprinting out of the starting gate.



About Our Team

Creator: Ethan Winner

Location: California

Education: Pepperdine University

Bio: Mr. Winner leads the ILLUSIO team and manages day-to-day operations of the company. Prior to ILLUSIO, Ethan was a global communications executive specializing in reputation and brand management for both professional services and consumer-oriented companies. He has represented dozens of Fortune 500 companies spanning more than 20 years in traditional and multimedia advertising and strategic communications in U.S. and international markets.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Team Members


About Our Company


Location: 1001 Avenida Pico
Suite C Box 498
San Clemente, CA 92673

Founded: 2016


Twitter: #illusioimaging


Other link:

Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

ILLUSIO is the most patient-centric imaging system for plastic surgery. Our mission is to be the world's number one visual communication and education tool for surgeons and patients. When a conversation about a women's body is limited to verbal means, it is nearly impossible to have a shared understanding and expectation of the outcome of surgery.

With ILLUSIO, surgeons can visually demonstrate in real time what they're recommending, and their patients can see it and respond with feedback.

Further, ILLUSIO enables an emotional connection to and repsonse. Women actually see themselves in the mirror with their future body.  

How We Help Physicians

With ILLUSIO, plastic surgeons will see increases in consult conversation rates and patient satisfaction.

In trials, conversation rates have gone up by as much as 120%. In addition, we are seeing increases in bookings on the day of their consult, as well as greater satisfaction and patient referral rates.

In addition, reoperation rates have gone down considerably becuase the surgeon's and the patient's expectations are in alignment.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

ILLUSIO is patent pending in the U.S as well as with the World Patent Office.  We have been accepted and filed as a Utility patent for a Virtual Mirror for plastic surgery.

Clinical Information

ILLUSIO Imaging is an augmented reality plastic surgery simulation and does not fall under the regulatory control of the FDA.


Regulatory Status

ILLUSIO does not need to be cleared by the FDA in the United States. It is also free from most regulatory restrictions in foreign markets.

How we will use the funds raised

The primary use of these funds will be to hire industry specific sales reps. It is our belief that in order to quickly penetrate this market, we need sales reps who have existing relationships with plastic surgeons.

In addition to sales and marketing, we want to continue to push the limit of our technology. The next major addition will be the use of a 3D scanner to import an image of the actual patient and apply our morphing and ‘Virtual Mirror’ technology.

Finally, our plans are to expand our procedure capabilities to other areas of the body such as abdominoplasty and face lifts. With appropriate resources this could be launched in 2017.

Thank You

If you are reading this personal message than you have been intrigued by ILLUSIO and our augmented reality approach to plastic surgery imaging. Everything that we are doing is to utilize technology and visual tools to improve communciations. We are also intentionally doing this on a hardware platform that is readily available and not cost-prohibitive. In other words, we prefer iPads and smartphones over virtual reality goggles

The ILLUSIO imaging system for breast simulation is already functional and proven to be effective. Recent social media outreach has spread the word of our technology around the world and the market demand has been astonishing.

With all of this momentum, it is critical to scale our business as quickly as possible, and to do it strategically with a significant focus on the quality of our system. Every dollar that is contributed through this campaign will help us in meeting these goals. 

Thank you for your time and for your consideraton.



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Ethan Winner
Pepperdine University

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