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Bodycy: Well-Designed Orthopedic Braces for Less

by Fulya Turkmenoglu

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About our project

The problem we solve: Most of the soft orthopedic products are made by third parties that make the quality control process difficult especially for the small and mid-size brands, also in customer wise, when they want to buy well-designed products it becomes at least a couple times more than the regular soft orthopedics that is sold only for medical purposes without the sense of beautiful design. We produce everything in our manufacturing facility with the CE and FDA standards that help us to assure the high quality, well designed and functional products at an affordable price.

About our solution: We are the high-quality and functional orthopedic products company with cost-effective solutions and a wide variety of product line. We believe that the most valuable thing in life is health and we continue to work through the same consciousnesses from the first to the last step in our design and manufacturing process. Our goal is to grow sustainably in the global medical market with high-quality products and high-level customer satisfaction by putting the healthy and functional solutions on top of everything. We are responsible for the environment as much as for our customers. Being the direct manufacturer helps us to control every step of the sustainable manufacturing process including the eco-friendly material selection and to success the global challenge of going green in manufacturing.

Progress to date:

I've founded the new orthopedic supports and braces company, Bodycy, in Delaware in partnership with Morsa Cyberg ( Partnering with a manufacturing company will help to work on new product line and inovative solutions. As a first step we decided to make a visual design change on the best selling items. As a second step we will work on orthopedic wearables.




About Our Team

Creator: Fulya Turkmenoglu

Location: Delaware

Education: Parsons- MS-Strategic Design and Management

Bio: I started my career with a Bachelor of fine arts degree from Fashion Institute of Technology and worked in the American and European fashion houses and companies in NYC. To expand my design area I've joined Strategic Design and Management program at Parsons Design School and graduated with Master of Science degree. I am excited about applying my skills in the execution process of creative and lucrative business solutions in the fast-changing global market and economy. I am passionate about the application of human-centered design methods and solving complex problems by empowering the creative ideas with the functional design and strategy and simplifying the complexity to make the problem understandable by everyone in the team to come up with executable solutions on a larger scale.

Title: CEO

About Our Company


Location: 7 atram
Dover, Delaware 19904

Founded: 2017


Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

We believe that everybody deserves active life and  better orthopedic products to feel and live better. No matter the reason for using the orthopedic products, either protective or therapeutic, people need to feel good as well as comfortable. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

I did not include any upcoming orthopedic product designs that are part of the company's intellectual property.

Clinical Information

All of the products under our brand are considered as class 1 medical devices and have already FDA registered. Also we have CE quality standard registration too.

Regulatory Status

All of the current products are FDA approved and ready to sell in the market.

How we will use the funds raised

We will use the fund for the marketing and advertisement process of our new brand so that we can raise funds for the design and research process of new product line.

Thank You

We believe that everybody deserves better orthopedic products to feel better and live better. No matter the reason for using the orthopedic products, either protective or therapeutic, people need to feel good as well as comfortable. 



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Fulya Turkmenoglu
Parsons- MS-Strategic Design and Management

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