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EZ Power Grip : EZ Power Grip

by Bob Williams

Give wheelchair Caregivers more control and holding power to millions of wheelchairs worldwide with our 12-position vertical adjustable handles. Pro bikers use vertical handles for power and control.
Orlando, FL United States Medical Device Fitness or Wellness Equity Raise

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About our project

The problem we solve: Millions of standard wheelchairs have horizontal handlebars. For any caregiver the horizontal position forces a bent-wrist causing strain and fatigue in the wrist and fingers particularly reducing the endurance time of service. In addition control and power is degraded going up and down inclines. There are no adjustments for height of the caregivers, particularly for short people including children that help or have to transport some adults especially in Asia with family members who have lost their legs due to landmines. There are actual true cases of hand loss of a wheelchair where vertical handles could have prevented a release loss with greater Holding and Control as in EZ PowerGrip.

About our solution: EZ PowerGrip is patented. It is an adjustable ergonomic handle that is attachable to millions of the standard wheelchairs in the world. It has perpendicular angles to the standard handle bar with 12 quick-lock positions significantly increasing the H&C, Holding & Control power for the wheelchair Caregivers,'CGs': Tilts Forward for tall 'CGs', 90 degrees vertical for average 'CGs', rearward for short 'CGs', horizontal for heavier patients similar that some hospitals use, and the below-the handle bar there are 3 positions for children and very short CGs. The H&C, Holding and Control, power advantage is obvious to most people who see it as well as who use it. The goal is millions of Units for the millions of wheelchairs and their Caregivers.

Progress to date:

We spent several years designing and building the original prototypes while waiting for the full patent, which we now have.  We are ready to manufacture the new improved prototype models for testing, production, and actual marketing The 1st prototype was successful and we licensed it to a company with national exposure. They had positive market responses. We tested it in some hospitals particularly with nurses and received 100% positive responses. We demonstrated it to local medical supply companies this year and got tentative order commitments for the new Model. There came a time when it did not fit our license marketing requirements so we took back total control and all rights. We improved the design, functionality, and reduced manufacturing costs. We will be able to expand the market by selecting the best markets and affiliates. I have hospitals and local medical supply companies to review and Beta test. Also calculate order volumes for 1st manufacture runs. There are clients, distributors, wholesale, retail, and online marketers to contact at the appropriate sequence and time. Research has also shown the EZPG does have infomercial potentials similar to other successful assistance products such as canes, car exiting tools, other wheelchair accessories, brakes, etc.

About Our Team

Creator: Bob Williams

Education: Texas A & M

Bio: Over the last 20 years bought, developed, owned and managed small commercial shopping centers, Built my office building, a 30 house tract, sold the houses and lived in one. I designed, bought, funded, and built a 10 acre mini-storage property. I also flew for United Airlines during the same time. After leaving all of that I continued developing inventions concentrating and patenting the primary project, My team and I built the prototype and licensed it to a successful international home assistance company in Utah. After thousands of our invested dollars of testing we demonstrated to their reps it was ready as the working model. The Licensee had a timing situation then and returned to me all rights and the $15,000 video. You can see the new model on our test website, The new improved working model is ready to develop and market which I intend to do all internally or with a joint venture, non-exclusive license, or possibly transfer control and marketing if there is a guarantee of getting EZ powerGrip to the 20 million-plus wheelchairs into the world. 30+Million chairs including Asia

Hospital Affiliation: na

Title: owner - Member Manager LLC

About Team Members

Lynne Williams
Biography: owned and operated several businesses over the last 2 decades.
Title: Co-Founder

About Our Company


Location: 14424 Sheba rd
Orlando, FL 32832

Founded: 1997


Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

This is truly a great benefit for the patients. They will feel safer when they see and hear the Caregiver liking the new EZ Power Grip’s Holding & Control H&C, and talking about the new handle giving them more control especially when they are backing up or down hill! And they will have more endurance since their wrists are not bent uncomfortably anymore. The patient will appreciate it and the Caregiver will love it. It is something others see and want to know more and try it out. This is a double winner for the CG, Caregivers and the patients.  Of course, they can have a set for their personal chairs  

How We Help Physicians

The EZPGriP is a universal wheelchair attachment that immediately is well received for a trial or outright purchase for more now or later. To see it is to 'get' it. Individuals and institutions will see the H&C, Holding & Control Power, and Maneuvering advantages, particularly caregivers.  It is so useful and well-priced it virtually sells itself. The growth could become viral thru departments and medical organizations and facilities as well. Of course there is the main market of individuals who have someone helping them out who would really appreciate more Holding & Control Power, endurance, and without wrist wear-out. It is one of those rare "see it and want it"

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals will be the best permanent users of the EXPG, EZ Power Grip. The initial goal is to test and place in many hospitals as THE standard must-have for their wheelchairs. The nurses, who have tested the horizontal bar position love it. EZPG has that position and 11 more to ergonomically to fit others including children and anyone else in the hospital, even doctors perhaps. This is particularly important for stat wheelchair transport. Of course all rehab centers, assisted living, disabled caregivers everywhere and more will benefit. They all will receive more endurance, control in tight places, and anywhere there's a wheelchair. The medical supply stores will be happy to add to their inventory and demos supporting hospitals. They can become accessories and a standard for rental users.  

How We Help Partners


This Partnership that will be well balanced in experience, ability, and commitment will touch EVERYWHERE THERE IS A WHEELCHAIR FOR CAREGIVERS. With the right Partner team the growth will be exponential in building the Brand for the specific advantage to help the wheelchair community all over the world. The EZPG Reward is Options for Partnerships, Consultants, Advisors, Pilots, and investors, passive or active. The active team is a small experienced staff for the operational areas needed and manufacture contracting. Marketing options will be analyzed.  Obvious partners are hospitals, rehabilitation, retirement, reconstruction centers, medical supply companies, and more. Government and assistance organizations are possibilities for future projects.

The EZPower Grip is a universal wheelchair attachment. To see it is to 'get' it. It is so self-evident and well-priced it virtually sells itself. Medical distribution companies, medical supply companies, independent Reps, and government health agencies will see the massive market for a needed support item at a very reasonable cost. The growth could become viral thru health and medical organizations. Of course there is the main market of individuals who have someone helping them out who will really appreciate more control, holding power and increasing endurance by reducing wrist weakness. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We have a full patent that is designed as a broad patent covering the various methods and concepts that describe the functionality and utility of the project in general and specifics. It covers multiple ways to accomplish the purposes with various mechanical options that can be built for several uses within the patent design parameters. We will produce various models as needed and with new design patents.   

Patent date Apr 13 2010 -#US 7,694,606 B1

Patent Link

Clinical Information

The EZPowerGrip was researched and confirmed as a non-FDA regulated accessory device therefore marketable. Testing in markets such as hospitals and rehab centers was positive in Colorado and will be updated for further validation. The conviction this will succeed is enhanced by the credibility that doctors and nurses gave the product for its feasibility and offered valid professional feedback. We had doctors and chiropractors use and analyze the ergonomics and effectiveness of the dynamics of a bent wrist versus a straight wrist with constructive reports of holding grip and control improvements. That was during the design and prototype development several years ago. We will produce new reports written and/or oral regarding a similar review and analysis in the distinguished Florida medical area.

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

We have two working models for actual testing and marketing analysis for constructive feedback. The initial minimum goal is $45,000 to be used for operating entity development, new prototype models, manufacturing bids for injection molds vs machining, Beta testing, Business Plan, marketing research and sales. Also production Units for field and specific marketing options. This will be done with a small professional staff as I have done with my other projects. Any additional funds will add to the main inventory and creating affiliate arrangements for sales, marketing, licensing, etc.

Partnering, joint venturing, or licensing can be considered

Thank You

We hope you will join us to help 1000s+ of Caregivers have more wheelchair control, holding power for safer use, including more Caregiver endurance. Also navigate inclines up and down, soft or rough, with greater confidence, control, and power. We have spent several years to get where we have a proven, patented product. We are ready to take the new improved model to tens of thousands around the world hopefully with your help. We can certainly use compatible partners for this large and worthy goal. You may have a need for the EZ Power Grip too and we would love to serve you as well.  

Please donate, join, and/or support by passing our goal to others to help the wheelchair Caregivers of the world.

Thank you very much for visiting and supporting us.

Investor Info

Market Size

There are search estimates that only 5-15% of people who need wheelchairs actually have them. The world population in 2008 was 6.7 billion. The 1% is typically used to estimate the number of wheelchair users worldwide. That would come up with 67 million people. However, unfortunately, the number of people who need wheelchairs in the world is almost certainly much more than 67 million and the number who actually have wheelchairs is certainly much less than several million. Thousands are built and sent free to parts of the world every year, ex,‎. We want to join those helpers. Given the estimates a conservative number of EZ Power Grip users in the world could be in the millions. The record reporting countries have estimated 10 million+ of ‘standard’ chairs with the horizontal handle bars. Other chair models can use EZPGs as well. Short term market demand estimates for several years exceed any practical producible supply. Therefore, the market could absorb supplies for years including any new comparable products. At a reasonable price of $40 to $60 price range it will fit the accessory and manufacturing markets.

The practical conclusion is the market potential is immeasurable and will be challenging to match in the foreseeable future, but we will try.

Projected 3 Year Growth

The first 3 years minimum market volume should be 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 respectively with 35 to 65% gross profit margin depending on the distribution markets and direct sales. The total sales can be in the range $1,000,000+ at sale price of $50 range. Markets to add on include retail consumer, wholesale to reps and distributors, hospitals and all medical affiliates. A big market are the retail stores. EZGP is designed for anyone to attach with the tool on board. The original Units were approximately 4” x 6” with packaging in blister packs for pegboard displays. There is also bulk pre-paid shipping international as well as foreign sales direct in countries. There are 2 additional wheelchair products for follow up add-ons that are complimentary but independently separate. 

Revenue Model

With little or no competition and utilizing rapid Branding and deployment we should be IT or at least the leader and THE Brand. The cost /price ratio has been established with the prior licensee and is in the acceptable range of $5 to $65 for distributors, wholesale, and retail. The profit margins should remain at the 35 to 60% and higher for special use models. Add-on products have been designed, a hand brake plus another auxiliary hand power drive attachment. The growth should be as fast as they can be made and sold. Due to the utility and functional advantage the hospitals will likely accelerate orders to other operations. Excellent industry growth and marketing targets are the recurrent medical and assistance conventions.

Our costs can remain steady because we can choose only grow with specific valid orders, plus our direct sales, and the delivery time is not a crucial factor. A certain amount of reserve contingency inventory will be available.

Customer service and follow up programs will be imbedded into all departments to grow, achieve referrals, and maintain a superior reputation and continuing service. Every client will have a personal service representative and/or response systems.  


There is no known functional or similar item available and we believe the patent is strong and defensible. In any case we should have the “exclusive start up time frame to establish a dominate position for sales and Branding. With an aggressive marketing program to create a team of national medical sales reps and local retail stores we can accelerate the Brand for EZ PowerGrip / EZGrip and other compatible products. The whole medical and assistance market should be receptive to this new practical support product. Other market industries are convalescence, assistance groups, retirement communities, etc. We will add compatible accessories to build the Brand.  The goal is to be fast and the only one with THE 12 position adjustable slip-on handle. 



Regarding EZ PowerGrip future clients they are everyone in the medical and assistance industries. All the testing and actual trials and presentations have been positive. Our prior licensee conducted extensive testing and presentations in national shows in their booths and privately to their contracted sales Reps with positive results. They spent thousands in marketing and development. They returned the license due to market timing of their business. They were expanding internationally with their main specific products of in-home assistance. There will be medical relationships and affiliates developed due to positive results for users and their organizations. They include hospital demos, doctors, chiropractors, and many in the medical sales and marketing industries. Assuming they are happy with the EZGP they will talk about it, refer, and be some of our Partners or Ambassadors.

 If we have Partners I see a great relationship joining in to help thousands enjoy the new advantage for Caregivers and expanding to the world. Of course there are rewards in satisfaction and a monetary return reward. I believe things happen faster and better when committed and involved people are a part of good things done for people every day.

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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Bob Williams
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