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NGEMS: Real-Time Asset Tracking Solution

by Chetan Hasabnis

NGEMS is an affordable, secure indoor asset tracking service provider.
New York, NY United States Hospital Solutions Informatics

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About our project

The problem we solve: Medical device loss and downtime due to misplacement are real problems for hospitals. Most solutions are very expensive to install and operate, and they often require hardware to be installed in every room.

About our solution: NGEMS is a full end-to-end service, providing hardware installation services, data hosting, and platform support through Software as a Service. By installing our proprietary NGEMS Modules, we track wifi signals from mobile devices and NGEMS Tags to locate people and equipment to within a zone-level of accuracy. Each set of Modules can scan an area of approximately 6,000 sq. ft. and can cooperate together to offer continuous coverage over larger areas. Our cloud-based analytics engine delivers task-specific information to users through a custom tailored, browser-based interface designed around each individual customer’s needs. If a UI is not required, partners can integrate with NGEMS services through our real-time web service API.

Progress to date:

We have a fully developed solution including both hardware and software. Our custom hardware includes both wifi sensing modules and device-attached tags. Our software platform is hosted on the cloud and includes web browser access for custom UIs as well as real-time API access for platform integration. Currently we are conducting our first pilot test with hospitals in New Jersey and in collaboration with Sodexo Services. We look to convert that to a yearly subscription within the next two months. 

About Our Team

Creator: Chetan Hasabnis

Location: New York

Education: NYU

Bio: Experience in developing real time IoT applications and indoor tracking solutions. Specialized in Technology Entrepreneurship. Expertise in Network media, Physical Computing, Computational Media, Fabrication, User Experience Design and Interaction Design. Passionate for developing technology solutions for emergency rescue operations, experimenting emergency products, services and technology integration. 7+ years industry experience working on enterprise solutions and consumer applications for web and mobile platforms. Developed conceptual solutions, lead in-house design teams and consulted International clients in domains of travel, retail, hospitality and BFSI. Clients include global brands such as  flydubai, SITA, Mariott, Uniliver and AIG. Tinkerer, motivated self-starter, creative enthusiast who enjoys identifying social challenges and using technology for social good. Personal Website - Company Website -

Hospital Affiliation: Hackensack Hospital, Intale,

Title: Founder & CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MPS

About Team Members

Chetan Hasabnis
Founder and Chief Executive Officer , MPS, BDES
Biography: Chetan is originally from Mumbai, India and is NGEMS’ CEO. His professional background includes over seven years of experience working on enterprise solutions and consumer applications for web and mobile platforms, interfacing with international clients and leading in-house design teams. A graduate of NYU-ITP (Interactive Telecommunication), Chetan focused his studies on development of real-time IoT applications and built his expertise in Network media, Physical Computing, Computational Media, Fabrication and User Experience Design. He has a diploma in Robotics and Embedded Systems and Bachelors in Communication Design. solutions. He has focused specialization in Technology Entrepreneurship and real-time location systems. He is passionate developing technology solutions for emergency rescue operations, experimenting emergency products, services and technology integration. Portfolio -
Title: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Advanced Degree(s): MPS, BDES

Michael Kripchak
Co-Founder, Chief Partnership and Strategy Officer , MPS, BS
Biography: Michael is a former Air Force officer and research scientist where he managed operational contracts and worked on data visualizations with OpenGL. After the military, he worked for six years in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, and audio engineer. He met Chetan while they both were attending NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Master’s Program, where he focused on VR and AR technologies. He is responsible for company strategy and spearheading partnerships at
Title: Co-Founder, Chief Partnership and Strategy Officer
Advanced Degree(s): MPS, BS

Nitish Wakalkar
Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer, MPS, BDES
Biography: Nitish is NGEMS’ Chief Design Officer. He has a background in industrial and consumer product design working with prototypers as well as directly with manufacturers. He originally hails from Mumbai, India and recently finished his Master’s work at NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program. Portfolio -
Title: Co-Founder, Chief Design Officer
Advanced Degree(s): MPS, BDES

Dimosthenis Markopoulos
Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer, MPS, BBA
Biography: Dimos, NGEMS’ Chief Finance Officer, is a native of Greece and just completed his Master’s studies at NYU ITP. His history as a venture capitalist and entrepreneur includes several success stories in the European market, including the popular
Title: Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer
Advanced Degree(s): MPS, BBA

About Our Company


Location: 79 West Street
New York, NY 11222

Founded: 2017


Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Hospitals

Equipment loss and downtime due to misplacement are real issues that cause complications for hospital professionals on a daily basis. Real-time location services have been documented as reducing equipment downtime by as much as 50%. The costs of installation and operation of these systems often make them cost prohibitive for many hospitals. NGEMS provides the opportunity for these smaller hospitals to reap the benefits of indoor location services without the huge cost typically associated with them.

How We Help Partners

NGEMS service is a great value add for existing inventory management systems. We can augment barcode and room specific RFID systems by providing full floor knowledge of where devices and equipment are located. NGEMS’ real-time API makes integration with existing inventory management systems a button click away.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Although not discussed in this campaign, we will be filing patents for our methodology to collect, categorize and classify wifi signals at indoor sites.

Clinical Information

Not Applicable

Regulatory Status

Not Applicable

How we will use the funds raised

The funds raised through Medstartr will be used to produce our first production run of custom NGEMS modules using our own PCB design. This will enable us to continue expanding our pilot tests to more partner hospitals. The first $10K will be used to finalize our design with the follow-on $15K used to produce 60 units.

Thank You

Inspired by a tragic loss caused by the tsunami that struck India in 2004, our founder, Chetan, has long been intent on designing a system that can aid rescuers during a crisis. He finally got a chance to focus on these endeavors at NYU-ITP, and began the groundwork for what would become NGEMS in the fall of 2016. As NGEMS evolved from a class project into a real product, many of us were inspired by Chetan’s vision and began lending our expertise to the project. Those unofficial roles became official when NGEMS was incorporated near the end of 2017. While our market research has led us into general indoor location services, NGEMS’ mission is still to deliver life saving information to rescuers so that they can focus and maximize rescue operations. When a disaster strikes, our NGEMS Modules can locate people through their cellular devices and deliver that information to rescue teams and dispatch centers.

We ask for your help in supporting our mission to provide life saving information to hospitals rescue teams through real-time location services.


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