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Docfully Healthcare : Healthcare at Home

by Jacques Stroud

Docfully wants to be the main option other than a hospital for the homeless to receive primary care by using technology and the human touch to deliver that care.
San Diego, CA United States Home-Based Care Equity Raise AMIA2019 challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Most homeless in America who lack access to primary care and are more ill than they need to be. Because most of these populations are dealing with a chronic condition, or mental illness. Most homeless could be substantially healthier if they managed their condition w/ the help of the best medical counsel that's available to them. But many of these special populations are uninsured or underinsured. These populations usually visits the emergency room just to get primary care. Because of this their bill can be up to $10,000 with no way to pay. And If they're uninsured they won't visit an emergency room until it's sever or someone steps in to help them.

About our solution: We want to use telemedicine software and entry level medical professionals to perform scheduled virtual examinations in shelters. During these examinations we want to collect health data using Certified Nurse Assistants or EMT's and interpreted by nurse practitioners or physician assistants. The results of these examinations will be further examined by a medical doctor. These scheduled visits can be used to take preventive steps to treat medical conditions of patients. Also to update medicals plans by performing "Initial Health Assessments" on these populations. Through these virtual visits we can use preventive steps to improve outcomes and can help the 40 million American who are uninsured or underinsured receive the high quality care they need. As well as inform the payers of how they're spending budgets are affecting these populations.

Progress to date:

To date we have built a prototype platform to test our assumptions and prove its viablity. We have tested our software in the Balboa Park Nursing Home located in San diego under the supervision of Dr. Fancisco Pardo. We also tested our softwear with a Medical Spa located in palm spring where we used a physican assistant to perform "good faith exams". We are still working to gain customers and traction as well as get our app out in the community. Also to date we have raised $500,000.00 in seed funding from Alliance Healthcare Foundation.

About Our Team

Creator: Jacques Stroud

Location: California

Education: Chicago State University

Bio: I'm an African American who is trying to change the state of healthcare in the US for my community. Ever since High school I always wanted to help people in need. I come from a small school in the inner city of Chicago (Chicago State University). I was a bio major and took a small lab position right out of college. At that point I knew I didn't want to be a researcher but do something more to impact people. I entered the health and fitness industry in 1998 and have been in the industry ever since. In the last few years I wanted to do something more with my degree so I decided to pursue a Physician Assistant degree. But to enter a PA school I needed more experience so I received a EMT certification and a CNA license. After volunteering in both I discovered how much medical help is needed among the homeless, low income, elderly and disabled individuals. So I decided to move to California to work for a home healthcare company to get more experience. That's where I met the patient who would inspire me to create this company and change my path.

Hospital Affiliation: none

Title: Founder

About Our Company


Location: 1855 1st ave
San Diego, CA 92103

Founded: 2015


Twitter: JacquesStroud@JacquesDoc


Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

In 2018 I suffered a fall in my apartment building and suffered a bi-lateral quad patellar tendon tear. I would then spend 2 of the next 4 month in thigh high leg casts, a wheelchair and placed in a nursing home 100 miles from my apartment. Unable to walk, and totally reliant on caregivers to care for me and help me see a doctor I felt helpless about controlling my health outcome. At that time I had so many questions for my surgeon but couldn't contact her until my scheduled appointment which were once a month. Also I had to travel from near LA back down to San Diego where my orthopedic surgeon was located. It was such a pain to travel those 100 miles in the back of a SUV because I couldn't bend my legs, or use a very expensive medical transport. Having the Docfully app would have saved me time and money as well as given me piece of mind that I could get my questions answered right away. The service that we're developing will create the change in our healthcare system that many politicians are looking for in universal healthcare. We want to help underserved populations recive care by develpoing a system to help those in need recive primary care where they are, By designing the system to adress the health outcomes of the underserved we can then create a system that will reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

How We Help Physicians

For doctors this is a way to connect with patients that are homeless without leaving their office and feel altuistic about serving this population. By giving these patients the experience of seeing a doctor in a shelter makes them more comfortable. Also you can utilize the program to touch more patients in an hour than you could in a regular doctor's office. Instead of seeing one patient per hour or 2 patients in an hour you have the possibility of seeing 4-8 patients in an hour. Utilizing the power of technology and trusting the scope of practice of our entry level medical professional a doctor can do more in prevention for these populations which can lead to better outcomes as a result.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals can benefit from using Docfully by reaching the last mile of care in each homeless patient they touch. The shelter. Because hospitals can't find homeless patients after they leave the hospital, we want to help hospitals contiue care for these populations by helping them transfer to shelters that will help them contiue their care. Also by using our servces to help the homeless they can become more profitable by not admitting a patheint but turning over the patient to our service. 

How We Help Partners

We want to partner with different organizations and facilities such as shelters and FQHC's that lack enough skilled medical workers in their facilities to handle the growing number of homeless accessing these facilities. Using our system FQHC will be able to reach homeless populations that have anxiety about coming to their facilty because of staff, their apperance, or their belongings. And partner with shelters to help their respidents recive primary care in their facility. By giving this ability to help their residents maintain a continuation of care the tesidents can acheive better health outcomes.

Challenge Mission


The founder Jacques Stroud has a mirobiology degree and has a licence as an EMT and CNA as well as worked in home healthcare for 2 years. 

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

We recived a $500,000 prive for a pitch competition in 2019. We want to partner with our first organization in the spring of 2020. 

Our Competitive Advantages

We are the only telemedicine company that's targeting to help the homeless. 

Barriers to Entry

We are working to establish intellectual property, trademark and copyright of the company.

Funding, Partners and Alliances To Date

So far to date the company has been bootstrappped by the founder. We recently recived $500,000  from Alliance Healthcare Foundation. We are seeking another $500,000 to carry us to 36 months when we achieve profitability. 


To date the only revenue was in 2016 of $800. In 2020 we are predicted to make over $100,000 in revenue. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

At the time of this application we're working with a law firm to work on trademark, copyright, and interllecual property rights. The core technology we are using is open source technology which isn't patentable. but the way we are using the technology we want to integrate other technological innovations such as AI and blockchain to work with our platform. Because we are developing the technology ourselves future technological discoveries we will be able to patent and licence.  

Clinical Information

We are a service company that uses technology and working towards creating better healtrh outcomes through preventative steps for the homeless. The efficacy of using telemedicine in patients suffering from Aids, Alzheimer disease, heart disease, diabeties, and other chronic illneses can be summarized in the following Pub Med article: . Because we will have to work with patient data, we are regulated by HIPAA. How the "crowd" can help is by getting doctors, hospitals and medical plans to support our efforts and help us partner with shelters and doctor offices to try our platform. 

Regulatory Status

Because we are a service that will utilize technology and not food or drugs we are not subjected to FDA approval.

How we will use the funds raised

The use of funds will go towards further product development, marketing research and labor. Specifically $150,000 will go towards hiring a front-end and back-end developer (full-time) to continully improving the database and UI (user interface) to make it easier for the nurse assistants and doctors to use the system. Other cost are Google cloud servers $5,000, $15,000 for payroll of entry level medical proffesionals (CNA/EMT) for the 2020 buisness year, $10,000 for purchasing equipment: ipads, medical equipment. And $20,000 for marketing reseach where we have gotten proposals between $5,000-$20,000 for buisness model development. 

Thank You

Hello my name is Jacques Stroud and I'm trying to change the way the homeless recive healthcare here in america. In 2018 an ambulance was called to the downtown San Diego area because I suffered a fall down the stairs of my apartment. The result was a double quad patellar tendon tear. I spent the next 3 months in a hospital, a nursing home and a rehab hospital. Luckly I had insurance and a strong support system to cover the cost of my healthcare, but many homeless don't. Most americans are more ill than they need to be, and the homelsss are ever worse. Mostly because they are dealing with a chronic condition, a physical or mental disability. This population could be substancially healthier if their conditions were managed with the help of great social and medical counsel. But their is a "gap" between great managed care and affordable managed care, and an even bigger "gap" to access them both. We want to brifge that gap through technology. By using telemedicine, an on-premise medical assistant and a highly educated medical counsel we can change health outcomes for this population. This is what our app and service will hope to accomplish regaurdless of time or distance. By providing these tools to chronically ill patients we can create better outcomes, to the 550,000 homeless in america who are uninsured or the the working homless who are underinsured. We are asking to be apart of a change in culture by providing better tools for patients. By bringing personalized medical counsel to the patient wherever they reside can only lead to better health outcomes by using more preventive steps. Will you vote to change the future? Vote for Docfully to be apart of this initiative.

Investor Info

Market Size

The Total Market Opportunity we are presented with is a combination of the 6,200 hospitals in america that treat the homelss and working homeless as well as the 32 states that cover parents and other adults with incomes up to 138% FPL. Many homless that are age 65+ are between 1,200 - 10,000 on avg per city in america.   

Projected 3 Year Growth

Our projected growth in 3 years will be to partner with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), doctors offices, hospitals, and homless shelters first in San Diego to address the 1,200 homless. Then move up the cost to Orange, and Riverside county where the need is incresed to 5,000. And later to LA county where the need is between appox 50-60,000 permant and temporary homless. After year 3 we want to pursue the San Franciso homless crisis where their are 7,000 permanet and temporary homless across the city.

Revenue Model

We want to partner with FQHC"s, hospitals and doctor offices to continue care of these populations after they've have been seen by a doctor. We want to be a vendor of insurance plans to make sure treatment of these populations are being upheld. We want to work with FQHC to extend their abilty to cover the populations the govermenet gives them money for. For hospitals we want to save them money by lessing the admission rate of homless populations and giving us the oportunity to continue care in a shelter. As well as reduce the risk for readmissions. And for doctor's offices we want to give them the opportunity to cover the patients on medicaid withgout them coming to the office or them leaviung the office. By partnering with different organizations such as these we can take the tools medicare and medicaid designed for these populations to recive a concierge or mobile doctors. Our monthly service charge will generate reoccuring revenue. Our fee that we charge these organizations can be added to the fee these organizations charge medicaid or medicare for telemedice services. Working with nursing homes and home healthcare againceis we can charge medicare or medicaid an annual fee for our servive to generate another channel for reoccuring revenue.  


We have competition from other telemedicine companies such as Teladoc, American Well, Doctors on Demand, Heal, and Snap MD to name a few. As well as big health organizations and insurance companies developing their own telemedicine platfrom such as Kasier Permanente and Anthem. And here in San Diego, where the homless problem is growing we have organizations such as Family Health Center and Interfaith servises, that work with the homless populations. What sets us apart from these companies is that we will not rely only on technology, as well as not rely on human capitol alone, but also to integrate the human element to help deliver care. Through the combination of technolpy and the human touch we can create better health outcomes.


In 2018 we did not generate any revenue but we did create intrest by doing product testing and development with two differnt organizations. MedSpa a medical spa treatment facility located in Palm Springs and Balboa nursing home located in San Diego. To date the company generated revenue of $800 in 2016 to start the development of our prototype. And in 2019 we won a pitch competion from Alliance Healtcare Foundation where we were awarded $500,000.

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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