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Clinitraq: Smart Dosimeter Platform

by Raghu Bala

Clinitraq is a revolutionary new Radiation Dosimeter device that reduces the time for diagnosing radiation exposure from 60 days to 60 seconds.
Irvine, CA United States Medical Device Connected Health Wearables Equity Raise Real Time Results challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: The current technology for radiation monitoring at the work place is an antiquated ThermoLuminescent badge technology that takes 60 days to collect the data.

About our solution: Clinitraq is a revolutionary new Radiation Dosimeter device that reduces the time for diagnosing radiation exposure from 60 days to 60 seconds. As medical procedures are getting more reliant of equipment such as X-rays, CAT scans, and fluoroscopes the exposure to radiation for healthcare workers is higher than ever before. However, the protocols and devices used in measuring radiation exposure use dated technology from the 1960s. With Clinitraq: 1) healthcare workers can now enter a safer work environment 2) healthcare facilities can benefit from lower liability exposure from lawsuits 3) consulting physicians, and medical reps who often from between facilities can now monitor their own exposure levels The device is patent pending and matches the cost of existing solutions using a unique approach.

Progress to date:

The MVP is almost ready

Once ready, the system wil be rolled out at a few test sites and receive cetification by a governing institution in any give jurisdiction.

Enclosure prototype shown below

About Our Team

Creator: Raghu Bala

Location: California

Education: University of Pennsylvania

Bio: CEO/Co-Founder of Clinitraq Inc, based in Southern California. Formerly with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup exits. Wharton MBA in Finance, MS in Computer Science from RPI, Ex-Columbia University Adjunct Lecturer, published author and major conferences including IoT Congress, Google IO, and more. Current focus areas: Decentralized computing, Distributed ledgers, IoT, Cryptocurrencies. Currently Head Learning Facilitator/Learning Facilitator for AI/Blockchain for MIT-Sloan/GetSmarter.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Team Members

Divakar Krishnareddy
Consulting Physician, MD
Biography: Orthopedic surgeon with over 3 decades of experience.
Title: Consulting Physician
Advanced Degree(s): MD

About Our Company

Clinitraq Inc

Location: 92 Corporate Park
Ste C750
Irvine, CA 92606




Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Phase 2 of our rollout plan is to introduce our device into the patient market. We believe our device will help patients ascertain the amount of radiation they have been exposed to. For Radiation Assisted Oncology patients, they may want to ensure how much dosage they are actually receiving. For patients with other ailments e.g. orthopedic, they want to ensure they are not receiving too much radiation when the actual ailment being solved is something else and not to inadvertently contract some radiation related program eg killing off thyroid glands. In summary, we believe in line with JCAHO mandates, our technology helps hospitals, patients and healthcare workers alike in having a more safer environment.

How We Help Physicians

Physicians who are roving between various medical centers, do not have a good handle on their radiation exposure today. This is because the whole program of administering the radiation detection is not in the hands of the physicians but primarily handled by the healthcare facility. For a roving consultant physician or healthcare worker, they cannot accurately ascertain their total exposure as there is no centralized source to aggregate such data. With our solution, the consultant physician is in charge of his or her own data, and data is collected in real time, thereby making it much easier for physicians to take corrective measures that impact their own health.

How We Help Hospitals

JCAHO mandates are calling for hospitals to have stricter procedures in place as far as radiation exposure measurements are concerned. Our product is the solution for this problem as it collects data in real time, it has fewer loopholes for errors unlike the current solutions e.g. rolling window calculations, it accomodates roving consultant healthcare workers, it has cloud analytics to help see patterns in the data and more.

How We Help Partners

Partners such as Insurance companies who underwrite the health insurance policies of hospital workers can now monitor exposure rates and this will help reduce claims while ensuring worker safety.

Challenge Mission

How We Address the Mission of The Challenge(s)

Our challenge is the Real Time Results Challenge. Our Smart Dosimeter is an IOT (Internet of Things) device that captures real time data. This is 100% in line with the goals and objectives of this challenge. We not only capture data in real time, but we can analyze (via AI) and share (via blockchain) such information with ecosystem partners (e.g. insurance companies, patients ).

New Orleans and Our Company

We plan to invest in the New Orleans area and the healthcare ecosystem in the area if we win this challenge. We will open an office, hire staff, and participate vigorously in the local community to ensure we earn the community's trust.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We filed a provisional patent in 2017

We also filed a full utility patent in 2017 but there is some back and forth currently going on with the USPTO


U.S. Patent Application No.:  15/817,001


Filed: November 17, 2017


Clinical Information

We have to complete our prototype and then go through testing and certification

Regulatory Status

No FDA Application filed at this time

How we will use the funds raised

Industrial Testing $50K

Certifications $50K

Tooling for Manufacturing $50K

1000 unit run of manufacturing $200K

Completion of firmware, software $100K

SG&A $50K 


Total  $500K

Thank You

Excessive Radiation exposure poses an immediate threat to all those in the healthcare.  The current dosimetry technology is antiquated in its technology and protocols

We have a modern, affordable solution to this problem that keeps costs in check while helping improve the speed and accuracy of data collection around radiation exposure.  Help us in our mission to help safeguard the health of our medical professionals.

Investor Info

Market Size

The Total Market Opportunity is approximately $4BUSD for the Dosimeter market if we considered only healthcare professionals.  If we include the patient market which is Phase 2 of our rollout plan, it goes up to $50BUSD as there is a large contingent of cancer patients.  

Projected 3 Year Growth

We anticipate 6% market penetration in 5 years with gross margins at 30%.  This will produce revenues of US$6.5M in 2021 to $41.6M by 2023.  This growth will enable us to expand both domestically and globally. and also enter adjacent markets for the dosimeter e.g. TSA workers at airports and other places where radiation exposure risks are high.

Revenue Model

In healthcare, we have 4 subsegments we plan to attack:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Patients - radiation directed oncology
  • OEM manufacturers
  • Individuals e.g. consulting physicians

Our product has enormous potential in each of these subsegments.  Apart from this, we have additional markets outside healthcare e.g. TSA workers at the airport, which offers more revenue growth opportunities.


We have 3 competitors:

1) Mirion Labs - passive dosimeter, TLD badge

2) Landauer - passive dosimeter, TLD badge.  They do have a patent for an active dosimeter, but we have filed a patent that supercedes their 2013 technology.

3) Dosime - active personal dosimeter, not industrial strength and slow in detection time.  Also a monolithic unit and very expensive.



We are finishing up our prototype and readying ourselves for field trials this summer.

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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