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CoHealth: Providing Healthcare Consumers with a Single Point of Access

by Zack Rothbart

CoHealth is a single point of access for healthcare consumers as they navigate their care experience. By captivating patient attention, CoHealth allows for the real-time collection of data/insights.
Toronto, ON Canada Connected Health Patient Education Social Determinants Data challenge Affordable Choices challenge Real Time Results challenge Access to Care challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: Zack, the CEO of CoHealth, was a patient a number of years ago after undergoing surgery. He was provided with 13 different resources to manage between his patient portals, his primary care provider, his allied healthcare professional, the medical device he was implanted with, his medications.. the list goes on. He was overwhelmed with the amount of time he had to spend on recovery.. being a patient was a full-time job.  The resources provided to patients and healthcare consumers often overlap and are fragmented across sources. By providing healthcare consumers with a single point of access for all of their healthcare needs, we can cut through the clutter, improve the patient experience and streamline the resources for healthcare consumers to ensure they access what's most important.

About our solution: CoHealth is a mobile platform that provides healthcare consumers a single point of access to the resources they need to manage their care. CoHealth is distributed to consumers by healthcare facilities and community partners. By leveraging these distribution channels, consumers are now accessible from the point of care onwards. CoHealth captivates healthcare consumers; by helping them manage and coordinate care more effectively, we help organizations like yours drive business objectives by sharing your content and tools, extending your brand, and generate more meaningful insights into healthcare consumer populations. CoHealth allows for the capture of PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures) and PROMs (Patient Reported Outcomes Measures). This data capture is customized from site to site and unit to unit, so if a new quality initiative is being tested in emergency, and at the same time you want to understand how effective discharge is from maternity, CoHealth can help.

Progress to date:

CoHealth is rapidly scaling. In January of 2018, CoHealth was live with 3 health systems. Today, we're now live and being distributed to healthcare consumers in 21 health systems in over 50 departments. We're partnering with a variety of community partners and distribution channels, including healthcare advocacy groups, government-funded plans, and medical device companies (like Medtronic). We're also now expanding our platform to primary care environments as well. CoHealth is ecosystem agnostic and can support healthcare consumers in any environment. 

For clarity, our product is live, in-market, and is actively being distributed to healthcare consumers today.

About Our Team

Creator: Zack Rothbart

Location: Ontario

Education: University of Waterloo, Osgoode Hall Law Scho

Bio: Zack Fisch Rothbart is the CEO & Co-Founder of CoHealth. CoHealth is a mobile platform that provides healthcare consumers with a single point of access for their healthcare experience. The platform is currently distributed in over 20 provider networks across North America and has helped tens of thousands of healthcare consumers manage and coordinate care. As a patient, Zack himself fell through the cracks in the healthcare system after developing a complication that nearly cost him his leg. This experience motivated him to found CoHealth. Zack studied in the joint JD/MBA program at Osgoode Hall Law School & the Schulich School of Business. He holds a Bachelor's degree in History from the Univeristy of Waterloo, is a 2x start-up founder, and graduated from the Next 36, 2016 cohort in which he was selected as one of the top 36 entrepreneurs in Canada of the year.

Title: CEO, Co-Founder

Advanced Degree(s): JD, MBA

About Our Company


Location: 65 Harrison Road
Toronto, ON M2L1V9

Founded: 2016


Twitter: @cohealthapp


Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

Healthcare consumers are consistently overwhelmed with the amount of resources they are expected to manage during their care management journey. As stated previously, consumers juggle various care providers, educational materials, patient portals, they manage medications, primary care providers, allied healthcare professionals, medical devices.. and the list goes on. In some cases, it can feel like being a healthcare consumer is a full-time job. There is no single point of access to streamline this process for healthcare consumers; they are expected to manage and access all of these resources in different locations. Oftentimes these resources overlap, conflict, and are fragmented. CoHealth provides healthcare consumers with a single point of access for all of one's healthcare needs. You shouldn't need an app to manage your medications, another to access your patient portal, and another through which your healthcare provider can hear about your experience. CoHealth is a consolidator.

How We Help Physicians

Care Providers are consistently challenged when it comes to captivating healthcare consumers to generate meaningful insights and understanding into various populations. Many of the partners we work with today experience these challenges every single day. Healthcare consumers aren't incentivized to fill out or respond to surveys; oftentimes data is dated, delayed, and response rates are generally poor. In addition, there is no way to collect this data in a real-time fashion. The hypothesis behind CoHealth is that if we focus on building tools that genuinely add value to healthcare consumers, then we can capture attention and use this attention to drive value for the provider partners that we work with in the form of real-time data aggregation surrounding Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs). Most companies in the data aggregation space don't help patients manage their medications, they don't provide patients with access to trusted information from providers, and they don't help patients access support and care in their community. However, CoHealth fundamentally believes that helping healthcare consumers manage and support themselves will translated into a deeper level of understanding for providers and provider networks. A better understanding of patient populations and patient experiences can help identify areas of improvement and/or bottlenecks, improve customer satisfaction, and help meet data reporting requirements.

How We Help Hospitals

CoHealth makes a meaningful impact for hospitals and medical institutions. Our platform can be divided into three key components: 1) Digital Publishing: Allows for the dissemination of key educational information to patients on a site by site, unit by unit basis, to ensure that patients receive all of the educational material needed to successfully manage care. This content is completely customizable and can be distributed in a multi-lingual format. This allows for better educated and engaged patient populations and a standardized care process for consumers when they are both in provider facilities and back in their communities. CoHealth can engage and support before, during, and after a visit with a care provider translating to improved experience and easier access to resources for healthcare consumer populations. 2) Access to Care: Through CoHealth healthcare consumers can find the support and services they need in their community to help themselves. Be it an urgent care clinic, a physical therapist, or a dentist. This translates to an improved ability for care providers to increase healthcare consumer retention and reduce patient leakage by directing consumers to the in-network providers they trust most. 3) Data Aggregation: By helping patients navigate and manage care, CoHealth is able to capture patient attention and use this attention to collect meaningful data and insights into patient populations. Surveys, like the content distributed to patients through CoHealth, is customized on a unit by unit, site by site basis. So if you're testing a new quality initiative in one unit and a different initiative in another, CoHealth has the capability to measure and evaluate how different populations responding in different care environments. This real-time surveying provides more data faster when compared to traditional methods of surveying healthcare consumer populations.

How We Help Partners

As stated above, CoHealth is a healthcare consumer access platform. Our intention is to provide healthcare consumers with a single tool through which they can access all of the tools, resources, and organizations that are a part of their care journey. We look at the world in two different shades: healthcare consumers that want access to tools and resources to manage their care, and organizations that want a distribution point through which they can share their resources with healthcare consumer populations. We are the bridge that connects these two groups and in so doing, provide healthcare consumers with a more seamless healthcare experience. If you're a provider, payer, tech company, medical device company, healthcare advocacy group , or other type of organization that is looking to help healthcare consumers by disseminating resources and tools, then CoHealth can help you access and captivate your target healthcare consumer audiences.

Challenge Mission

How We Address the Mission of The Challenge(s)

Through CoHealth, patients can access care providers in their community to receive the support and services they need to help themselves. The challenge for reaching patients in communities has always been establishing a channel through which care providers can ensure patients find the right care at the right time in the right network. Patients spend 99% of their time outside of hospital and health networks, and engaging patients and healthcare consumers in communities is critical to care navigation and access. Through CoHealth’s care finder - networks can control the flow of patient populations to ensure they find the support they need nearby. CoHealth can connect patients to relevant sources of care and help patients get in touch with community-basses care to book appointments and learn more.

New Orleans and Our Company

CoHealth is a Toronto based company. We currently work with clients across North America and help them better engage and support their healthcare consumer populations. The dedication we bring to working with each of our community partners is unwavering; our end objective is to connect the dots in healthcare and help providers better serve their patients, regardless of where they are located. If we are fortunate enough to earn the opportunity to win this challenge, then we will certainly come to New Orleans to work on this project together.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

CoHealth is a software first company. The current judicial landscape of software patents in the US and Canada is highly dubious; they are costly and timely endeavours to pursue and for that reason CoHealth has made the strategic decision to not pursue software patents at this time. CoHealth has IP assignments in place with all company employees and contractors. Our IP portfolio will increase over time as we build our company at which point the opportunity to revisit software patents may be taken.

Clinical Information

CoHealth is in the evaluation planning stage with a number of provider partners seeking to validate the impact and efficacy of the CoHealth platform.We are eagerly pursuing additional partnerships and pilots in the hopes of forming new evaluation partners today.

Regulatory Status

CoHealth does not require FDA clearance or approval as it is not classified as a medical device as per the discretionary rulings on the FDA website surrounding digital health.

How we will use the funds raised

The funds from this project will be put towards pursuing additional evaluations of the CoHealth platform to assist with efficacy and impact validation.  KPIs to be studied include: impact on patient outcomes, ROI on data aggregation and generation, impact on patient retention and patient leakage, wait-times, length of stay, patient experience, and more. 

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to review or application. Our entire team is incredibly passionate about connecting the dots in the healthcare system by bringing healthcare consumers and provider networks closer together. We're grateful for the opportunity to share more about our work with you. 



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