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Medfind: Sourcing all things medical

by Sascha Winter

Promoting a B2B E-commerce platform for the healthcare industry
Dubai, DE United States Medical Device HIT AI in Medicine Equity Raise

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About our project

The problem we solve: The problem we solve for hospitals The medical supply and procurement market is huge. It is projected to reach $ 10.059 trillion. As a result, there is a slim to no possibility to adequately screen the market for the best options in medical procurement. Purchasing departments have difficulty buying in scale while demonstrating value for spending. The problem we solve for suppliers Medfind provides access to markets without large investments. Suppliers enjoys visibility and access to potential and new clients in addition to data analysis, which will inform their marketing strategies i.e. what product has been searched for, by whom and how often (search result ranking). - Incentive for suppliers through instant payment after delivery out of own investment funds or Bitcoin

About our solution: Medfind offers a solution by placing viable medical products together in an e-marketplace, where price comparisons can take place within seconds. Our medical procurement portal provides full transparency, eliminating any dependency on one or few suppliers only by providing a broad spectrum of products and suppliers.

Progress to date:

Our e-commerce platform is structurally complete. We are now in midst of stress testing and navigating the online supplier and purchaser journey before debuting the platform on 2 Jan 2020.

About Our Team

Creator: Sascha Winter

Location: Delaware

Education: Geneva Business School

Bio: Sascha Winter, MBA - CEO A MarComm Veteran with over 20 years of international experience and a driven enthusiasm for all things operational.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Team Members

Dr Reem Alneebari
Mrs, Dr
Biography: Experienced Dermatology Specialist & Plasma Medicine. Skilled in Public Speaking & Clinical Research.
Title: Mrs
Advanced Degree(s): Dr

Alka Winter
Mrs, BSc
Biography: Resourceful public relations practitioner of 18 years, adept at implementing high-profile & brand-based communications.
Title: Mrs
Advanced Degree(s): BSc

Dr Michael Wiesmayr
Mr., Dr
Biography: Accomplished healthcare strategist and physician leader. More than twenty-five years of clinical leadership experience. Delivering results with integrity and passion. Combined experiences as an active clinician, teacher, researcher and healthcare executive. Business acumen to engage medical staff and systems in growth and adaptation to changing environments. Habituated to work in a multicultural environment and to actively connect people. Leading by example with a strong sense of communication and extensive executive leadership experience.
Title: Mr.
Advanced Degree(s): Dr

About Our Company

Medfind Inc.

Location: 10a
Dubai, DE N/A

Founded: 2016

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Hospitals

How we help Hospitals

Hospitals are constantly under pressure to generate revenue.  Given that increasing service costs is usually not possible due spending caps initiated by health insurance providers, the only option is to look at bottom line savings; namely, purchasing.

This issue is further compounded by time pressures, which often prohibits purchasing departments to explore at length the best prices in the medical supply market.  Moreover, the entire RFP (Request for Proposal) process can be lengthy. With Medfind, clinics and hospitals can screen the market and finding the best price in seconds


How We Help Partners

How we help Partners

Suppliers are constantly on the lookout for new customers for their products. Investing in local representative offices (in particular in foreign markets) is costly and can be difficult to calculate ROI.

We offer a digital platform where the exposure is granted to a larger market, proposing products to new clients without investing into sales reps being present locally.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary


Clinical Information


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

Marketing campaign on targeted SM ads (mainly LinkedIn) Speaking opportunities at healthcare exhibtions. 

Thank You

I have worked in the industry as a consultant for the past 5 years. My role was to help streamline processes and make administrative departments more efficient. What I have found out in many cases is, that hospitals have usually an overblown administrative apparatus made heavy by too many consultants. What we are offering here is a cure to help hospitals themselves by sourcing and procuring time efficient and therefore more effectively. As we believe, there is a cure in ProCUREment. 


Investor Info

Market Size

“Global Healthcare spending continues to increase dramatically. It is projected to reach $ 10.059 trillion by 2022” 

Source: DELOITTE / 2019 Global Health Care Outlook Shaping the future


Web-based tech will push health care supply chain market past $2.2 billion by 2021” That’s an increase of more than 53 percent from 2016

Source: MarketsAndMarkets By McKessonOctober 09, 2017


“B2B eCommerce and the medical device industry are both growing.

Frost & Sullivan predicts B2B eCommerce will be double the size of B2C by 2020 ($6.7 trillion versus $3.2 trillion)” 

Source: DELOITTE / 2019 Global Health Care Outlook Shaping the future

Projected 3 Year Growth

We intend to achieve 40% market penetration. This will produce 300M $ in revenue in 2021 and will allow us to expand our platform to include pa total supply chain management tool, where all data generated will help to feed our AI system that will initiate automatic procurement for hospitals.

Revenue Model

For the moment we register suppliers for free (hospitals can use our platform for free but have to register) after a pilot phase of 6 months we will charge a monthly annual subscription fee for suppliers only. 

We are in talks with a consultancy in the US to implement Bitcoin technology into our portal. Selected, registered partners are enabled to trade with Bitcoins, to make the payment process more transparent and faster.  

Medfind will then take a commission for each transaction completed on the portal. 

Lastly, we will also offer a coherent data analysis for suppliers, showing them how their products have performed in searches and clicks. Where their (potential) clients are from (country, region etc.) so that the supplier are enabled to optimize their MarComm campaign for future advertisements. 



We have not launched our portal yet, therefore no sales has been made so far. 

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.


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