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diafyt: identify COVID-19 symptoms in type 1 diabetics

by Thomas Wuttke

AI recognizes an increase in insulin demand and increase in body temperature.?? This leads to a lower risk of getting infected and reduces the severity of the disease.
Leipzig, SN Germany AI in Medicine COVID-19 Diabetes WarOnCOVID challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Diabetes makes patients more vulnerable to infection, both bacterial and viral. This is because an elevated blood glucose provides an environment for microorganisms to thrive and multiply. Not only that, but elevated blood glucose interrupts the ability of our white blood cells to fight infection.

About our solution: Diabetics can better maintain their blood sugar levels. Patients can be informed when symptoms of an infection occur. This leads to a lower risk of getting infected and reduces the severity of the disease in the event of an infection. diafyt determines the individual insulin demand of patients with type 1 diabetes using machine learning methods. An increase in insulin demand is an indicator of infection. In addition, data analysis detects an increase in body temperature. This allows us to identify the signs of coronavirus infection.

Progress to date:

Diafyt is for type 1 diabetics, has TRL8, is a medical device, has CE mark for distribution in Europe, has been launched at Google Play store in DE, FR, ES, IT and UK. We would be able to build a COVID-19 enabled app in less than 3 month for US users and patients worldwide. However we are short of resources to build and ship as fast as needed.

About Our Team

Creator: Thomas Wuttke

Location: Sachsen

Education: MSEE, LAW

Bio: we are a team! 1# Engineer, diabetic, founder (me) 2# Mathematics PhD 3# Medical doctor, PhD, Professor and clinical researcher 4# Engineer, PhD, university researcher 5# Manager for financials, sales and marketing

Title: Founder

About Our Company

diafyt MedTech

Location: Schwägrichenstr.3
Leipzig, SN 04107

Founded: 2016

Product Stage: Ready

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

the COVID-19 product will reduce the amount of infections

How We Help Physicians

the COVID-19 product will reduce the amount of infections

How We Help Hospitals

the COVID-19 product will reduce the amount of infections

How We Help Partners

the COVID-19 product will reduce the amount of infections

Challenge Mission

COVID Problem We Address

Fever is an indicator of COVID-19 infection. Regular fever measurement therefore helps to detect an infection early. A continuous measurement of the body temperature over 2 weeks can indicate a non-infection.


Our COVID Solution

The aim is to build a device that records body temperature over a longer period of time. A smartphone app can display the recorded data and make it available for further analysis.

Use Cases:

  1. diabetics wearing a CGM can monitor their body temperature
  2. any person wearing a CTM can monitor their body temperature
  3. the past history of a diabetics/persons body temperature profile can be shared

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

the COVID-19 developments are open source

Clinical Information

Clinical Evaluation File:

Regulatory Status

FDA 510k asap for the COVID-19 functionality

How we will use the funds raised

1. develop AI on top of existing AI with COVID functionality
2. develop interfaces to all CGM glucose sensors, build hacks if needed and to speed up availability to patients
3. design and build IOS release
4. build COVID release for Android (add-on for existing app)
4. FDA fast track or use EU certification CE mark
5. clinical trial
6. rollout to patients in the US, EU, world

Thank You

this is going to be a hell of a ride and you can be part of it .. your help is highly appreciated



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