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periphEX: alleviating the pain symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

by Zvi Yaniv

a proprietary nanotechnology-based solution that diffuses Oxygen Nanobubbles alleviating the pain symptoms of foot Peripheral Neuropathy.
Austin, TX United States Diabetes Pain Management Equity Raise 2021 Vision challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Over one billion people around the world suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, a painful, debilitating, and chronic disease very common among diabetic patients. Peripheral Neuropathy damages the nerves at the extremities due to a lack of oxygen supply.

About our solution: A proprietary nanotechnology-based solution that diffuses Oxygen Nanobubbles to the peripheral nerves. Clinical studies have shown to significantly alleviate the pain symptoms of foot Peripheral Neuropathy in over 60% of the patients.

Progress to date:

Started revenue.. Already having repeated clients.

About Our Team

Creator: Zvi Yaniv

Location: Texas

Education: PhD

Bio: Dr. Yaniv, as the former President of Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. and the Chief Executive Officer of its subsidiary, Applied Nanotech, (1996-2014), has been instrumental in guiding the company to become a pioneer in nanotechnology in a variety of fields, such as electron field emission from carbon films/carbon nanotubes for display applications, nanocomposites, inks and pastes for the printed electronics industry, thermal management materials, sensors, and large outdoor electronic displays. Outdoor displays present particular challenges, among them the competition posed by sunlight. While at ANHI, using his expertise in developing avionic displays, he founded Electronic Billboard Technology (EBT), which made "sun-visible" standard LCDs. These displays could function outdoors in direct sunlight and retain their readability, without being "washed out" by the sun's rays. The sun-visible LCD displays were among a number of unique products EBT developed in a very short time after its inception. Dr. Zvi Yaniv was a founder of Kent Display Systems in Kent, Ohio, the "no-power" reflective LCD Company and of Optical Imaging Systems, Inc. (OIS) in Troy, Michigan. As President and CEO of OIS, he led the company during its years of development and in the initial commercialization of advanced active matrix liquid crystal displays and amorphous silicon image sensors. While at OIS, Dr. Yaniv was one of the founders of Unipac, presently AU Optronics, one of the premier display companies in the world. Education Dr. Yaniv holds a B.Sc. in physics/mathematics and a M.Sc. in electro-optics with distinction from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and earned a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in physics (liquid crystals) at Kent State University. Dr. Zvi Yaniv's 45-year career began in earnest in 1970 when he founded the Electro-Optics Department at the Ben Gurion University's Practical Engineering College in Be'er Sheva, Israel, while serving as its vice-president and a professor of electro-o

Hospital Affiliation: N.A.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): PhD

About Our Company


Location: 5214 Burleson Road
Austin, TX 78744

Founded: 2018


Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

clinical study with dozens of patients

Paying customers

Repeat business

How We Help Physicians

Physicians can sell this in their clinic

How We Help Partners

retailers will make money selling it

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

several patents filed

Clinical Information

Over the Counter. No FDA needed.

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

launch marketing and logistics

Thank You

The founder, Dr. Zvi Yaniv, is a world renown nanotechnology expert. DR. Yaniv came up with this concept after he was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. He first experimented with oxygen nanobubbles on himself, and after he had realized significant improvement he started the clinical studies with dozens of other patients, resulting good results as well, and furthermore,  repeat sales by happy customers.

Investor Info

Market Size

over 1 billion people

Projected 3 Year Growth

Top  line revenue: $2M - $5M 

Revenue Model

Off the shelf retailers (wallgreen, CVS, etc)



No side effects. No prescription.


started revenue with rerpeat customers

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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