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Surgical recovery at home: Platform for post-op. physical therapy at home

by Hamza Shaikh

Improving patient adherence to treatment and helping care providers monitor recovery
Naperville, IL United States Home-Based Care Connected Health Orthopedics

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About our project

The problem we solve: Every year, 4.3 Million patients fail to adhere to their post-operative physical therapy programs due to inconvenient exercise programs, a disconnect with their surgical staff, and no visibility into their progress. This results in 1.3 Million patients being readmitted into the hospital due to recovery complications and a $200,000 loss of revenue associated to a dissatisfied patient. With Bundled Payments becoming mandatory across the US in the next two years for certain medical procedures - such as joint replacements - hospitals are under even more pressure to ensure patients recovery in a timely manner. Stabl's on the mission to become the biggest platform for post-operative physical therapy and help patients recover in a cost effective manner.

About our solution: Stabl is a post-operative physical therapy platform focused on improving patient adherence to exercise recovery. Our platform creates custom recovery programs based on a patient's lifestyle, facilitates daily exercise sessions, and provides progress insights to keep the patient engaged. We leverage AI-Technology to provide real-time motion feedback in the form of audio and visual cues as they'd perform their prescribed exercises. We then consolidate the patient's progress and share it with their medical team for them to monitor progress remotely and identify any risks of a readmission early on.

Progress to date:

Stabl is a great investment!  We have the potential to generate nearly $5M in revenue within the next year as we work through our pilot projects and begin selling to health systems across the US. In the last 9 months, we have built our platform/ technology, tested it out with patients receiving telehealth physical therapy, validated its accuracy, and have agreed to a 4 hospital collaboration with the largest health system in the nation! Medical practitioners in all parts of the patient's surgical recovery workflow agree with us that we are building a NECESSARY solution that will help save time, money, and resources for hospitals. We are eagerly looking for investors to support us to complete the last portion of product development, obtain our HIPPA/PHIPPA security compliance license, and complete our pilot projects.

About Our Team

Creator: Hamza Shaikh

Location: Illinois

Education: Rotman Commerce - University of Toronto

Bio: Hamza is the CEO and Co-Founder of Stabl. Before running the startup, he worked at EY as an Auditor earning his CPA designation while specializing with Private Digital Health entities. To best position himself as a founder, he completed the Founders Institute Pre-seed accelerator and the Treefrog Accelerator program - currently completing a mini-MBA program with the Schulich School of Business.

Hospital Affiliation: St.Michaels Hospitals (Toronto, ON),

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): CPA

About Our Company

Stabl Inc.

Location: 700 Spindletree Avenue
Naperville, IL 60565

Founded: 2021


Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Stabl's platform brings the clinic to a patients living room by:

  1. Creating a custom recovery protocol that fits into their lifestyle and helps them meet their recovery goals
  2. Provide daily rehabilitation sessions - showing them exactly which exercises need to be completed starting from Day 1  - Day 90
  3. Showing recovery and progress insights to prove they are recovering and keep them engaged in their recovery
  4. Automatically sharing their progress with their medical team - saving the time and cost to go to appointments

How We Help Physicians

Stabl Benefits physicians by:

  1. Monitoring patients remotely - seeing them only on an as-needed basis
  2. Saving time collaborating with the patients other care providers - centralized care updates provide each providers relevant patient data
  3. Savings under value-based care models - patients recover at 33% lower costs, generating savings and higher profits for prividers 

How We Help Hospitals

Stabl helps hospitals by:

  1. Facilitating collaboration amongst individual care providers - our centralized dashboards allow surgeons, physicians, and physical therapists to communicate the patients recovery progress, identify any risks of readmission, and adjust treatment
  2. Generate Savings - with patients recovery being optimized hospitals within a value based care and bundled payment model generate higher profits through cost savings and better outcomes.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Stabl's IP is:

1. Real-time motion analysis calculation - identifying when a patients form is at-risk and providing the associated cue

2. Range of Motion analysis - calculating the range of motion of a patient as they perform a clinical mobility assessment to improve adherence and monitor progress

3. Centralized care updates - patient data provided to care providers to help them monitor patients progress remotely and identify readmission risks

Clinical Information

Clincal Studies:

1. Proof that telehealth solutions genearte equal outcomes 

2. Patient adherence limitations and factors: 

3. Patient adherence limitations and factors:

4. Implications of poor patient adherence: casa_token=WjT9i7eYYiIAAAAA%3A3Qp2NYqfLzglJZQGNb5oJjfOCfD3iDezcRe8Wtxux0nmla9kAc2gK15UtP0DVwgfgV2UIZD8jYFL 


Regulatory Status

Not FDA Regulated currently.

How we will use the funds raised

Your investment in Stabl will be used IMMEDIATELY to generate results. Over the next 12 months the funds will go towards:

  1. Complete Product Developemnt
  2. Obtain HIPPA/PHIPPA Complicance license
  3. Operating Expenses

By accomplishing the above 3 points we'll be able to:

  1. Complete pilot studies with quantifiable metrics 
  2. Beta product lanch with live motion analysis 
  3. Complete centralized care update dashboard
  4. Prepare for commercialization/sales

Thank You

Thank You! 

Each year 4.3 Million patients fail to adhere to their post-operative physical therapy programs, resulting in 1.3 Million readmissions every year. New government legislature mandating bundled payments across the US starting with joint replacements has created a $10 Billion opportunity for Stabl to flourish! Currently, solutions are fixated on treating patients with joint and chronic pain or engaging with patients in a superficial manner. Stabl is the perfect mix between innovation and positive patient outcomes.

The Problem: Patients don't adhere to their post-operative physical therapy programs, and 83% of hospitals are fined when a patient is readmitted to the hospital. 4.3 Million patients don't follow their recovery and value-based care models make it even harder for providers to help patients recover from surgery.

Our Solution: Improving patient adherence to treatment. Our platform will be used to create custom recovery programs, providers patient rehabilitation sessions, and share recovery progress updates.

With Stabl:

- Patients are x3 more likely to adhere to their surgical recovery program

- Clinicians save time coordinating the patient's recovery and monitoring their progress.

- Hospitals generate higher revenues per patient by reducing readmission risks and improving recovery outcomes.



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Hamza Shaikh
Rotman Commerce - University of Toronto

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