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Mobile Device Privacy Case: Networked Mobile Device Security Case

by Jonathan Landry

Our security case (patent pending) is a device that fits over mobile phones and controls them with an App and external shutter. It includes both HIPAA compliance monitoring and a branded WebApp.
Philadelphia, PA United States Medical Device HIT Hospital Solutions

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About our project

The problem we solve: Bring Your Own devices and HIPAA compliant texting Apps are not truly secure. Software alone CANNOT prevent out-of-App use of camera. Clinical photos can become mixed in with personal photos. Inappropriate photos can be taken in the hospital, the OR, Nursing Homes, or other care facilities. This can result in "image leak" onto social media, iCloud, and eventually cause HIPAA violations. Such violations can cost up to $1.5 million and create public relations disasters.

About our solution: Our device has 3 solutions to this problem: 1) It defaults all photography through the App and stores images off-device in a HIPAA secure cloud. 2) It pairs uniquely with device and monitors compliance through a networked security dashboard. 3) Its unique design creates a "uniform" for the phone, easily identifying non-compliant phones, creating a new workplace standard.

Progress to date:We have filed a patent and engaged prototyping and software companies. We are working on a prototype design and software integration of the device with an App. Final design may appear different than photos pictured.

About Our Team

Creator: Jonathan Landry

Location: Pennsylvania

Education: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Bio: My Mobile Healthcare is a health IT startup with focuses on improving security, efficiency and quality of care through BYOD solutions and a unique patent pending device.

Hospital Affiliation: St. Mary's Hospital

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MD, MS, MBA

About Team Members

Keith Aumiller
IT manager, MBA
Biography: Keith Aumiller is a Data Services Management Consultant with an MBA in marketing from Washington University in St. Louis. He has more than a decade of managing projects, time and materials for multibillion dollar organizations. He has worked on deployments of different IT projects from Finance to the military
Title: IT manager
Advanced Degree(s): MBA

Alex Kravetz
Security Lead , PharmD
Biography: Alex Kravetz, PharmD is a software developer and licensed pharmacist. He received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from University of Maryland and has spent more than 15 years developing web-focused software. Alex currently works with a diverse group of industry, provider, and advocacy groups using medical claims and EMR data to improve healthcare by leveraging advanced statistical techniques such as machine learning. Alex lives in Cambridge, MA and enjoys backcountry camping, data science, and cook
Title: Security Lead
Advanced Degree(s): PharmD

About Our Company

My Mobile Healthcare

Location: 2255 Montrose St
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Founded: 2015


Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Physicians

Our privacy case will allow you to take clinical photos quickly and safely, as well as provide a professional and bacteriostatic case for your iPhone. Store your clinical photos securely, BEYOND HIPAA compliance.

How We Help Hospitals

This product allows your institution to be the first to try our unique product that will lower your risk of HIPAA violations and provide a professional appearance for BYOD. Try a new technology without significant risk and do more for your patients.

How We Help Partners

This is a chance for your institution to be a leader in healthcare privacy to create a new standard for BYOD. Advertise and improve your organization's standing to your patients by helping bring a new privacy standard for your patients and staff.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 62/352,201 Title: ELECTRONIC PRIVACY APPARATUS AND RELATED METHODS Inventor(s): Jonathan Philip LANDRY

Clinical Information

Not applicable

Regulatory Status

This is not an official medical device therefore does not require FDA approval.

How we will use the funds raised

The money will go directly to protoype development and software development of software tracking system. Initial prototype costs are over $100,000 for an alpha build for iPhone 6 plus secondary redesign for other models.  Software development may cost around $75,000.  

Thank You

This project will help make the healthcare experience more private and secure.   It will help enable reliable and secure use of mobile imaging in healthcare.   For organizations, it will decrease risk of HIPAA violations, potential litigation, and provide an additional layer of security and compliance tracking. It may affect rates of breach insurance.

This is not just about healthcare.   I believe this is universal problem--the lack of privacy in our lives--in every sector.  Go to the bank, CVS, the police, manufacturing, you will find unprotected personal devices in use; there is no protection from the ubiquitous mobile device. Everyday there are new privacy violations and embarassing photos people took at work.  Everyone can take pictures of personal information with their phone.  This device will help put a stop to this. If they have our Privacy device on their phone, they cannot take a picture without it being reviewed by their employer.  This will help to create a new norm of security in the workplace.  



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