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measurease: a quality measure reporting API

by Chris Millet

Measurease offers a quality measure reporting API so you do not have to build your own reporting modules
Rockville, MD United States HIT BigData MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Quality measure reporting is how healthcare pays for performance. 90% of all payments to healthcare practices will be based on reporting. Yet it takes months for Electronic Health Record and billing companies months to update their products for successful reporting. Lazy simplifies tracking the different measure specifications, guidelines and data standards to submit data on quality measures in minutes.

About our solution: lazy offers a web service to help Electronic Health Record companies who sell to hospitals and healthcare practices offer quality measure reporting and submission using our quality measure library

Progress to date:

During our beta last year we acquired paid customers and submitted reports for hundreds clinicians.   We have also raised $100k via a convertible note and secured marketing partnership with a content distributor that can reach hundreds of thousands of clinicians.

About Our Team

Creator: Chris Millet

Location: District of Columbia

Education: Carnegie Mellon Univiersity

Bio: CEO Chris Millet was formerly Senior Director for Health IT at the National Quality Forum, a leading institution that vets quality metrics used by healthcare industry for pay for performance initiatives across the country. From 2011, Chris Millet was active in Health Level 7, the health care industry’s leading standards development organization, and served as co-chair for the quality reporting workgroup since 2013. During this time, Chris has co-authored standards used for electronic reporting.

Title: Co Founder and CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MS Information Systems Management

About Team Members

Bobby Jones
Co-Founder and VP, MBA
Biography: Bobby Jones has over eight years of technology consulting experience at IBM and Accenture. Bobby has driven the launch of Lazy’s registry product and continues to lead sales and product development.
Title: Co-Founder and VP
Advanced Degree(s): MBA

Dolly Singh
Co-Founder and VP, MS Information Systems Management
Biography: Dolly Singh has over 10 years of consulting with Deloitte working with healthcare clients including the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Key projects included to standing up the EHR Certification Program, Meaningful Use Assessments, ACO HIE analytics solution development and ICD-10 project. Dolly is driving the launch of Lazy’s web service product.
Title: Co-Founder and VP
Advanced Degree(s): MS Information Systems Management

Adam Hafez
Lead Engineer, BS in Computer Science
Biography: Developer extroadinaire
Title: Lead Engineer
Advanced Degree(s): BS in Computer Science

About Our Company


Location: 155 Gibbs St
Rockville, MD 20850

Founded: 2014



Twitter: @TheLazyCompany

Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Physicians

Healthcare providers who successfully report data can avoid penalties as the industry transitions away from a Fee For Service healthcare system towards an outcomes based healthcare system.

How We Help Hospitals

Quality measure reporting is not only an opportunity to avoid penalties under CMS' new Merit Incentive Payment System (MIPS) it's also a chance to explore Alternative Payment Models that offer a great opportunity to reduce costs and improve the quality of care.  All of these initiative depend on being able to track key quality and cost measures, which is hard enough with out the technical challenge of generating reports and completing submissions.  Let our API simplify some of this burden for you.

How We Help Partners

We offer software companies that collect data, such as Health Information Exchanges, collaboratives, and registries, access to our reporting API. Our API will handle the back end measurement, reporting and submission enhancing your products but relieving you from doing the maintenance.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We have developed processes and tools for enabling us to maintain our measure library of hundreds of quality measures

Clinical Information

Not applicable as our product focuses on the technical challenges related to reporting data to Medicare.

Regulatory Status

FDA clearance does not apply to our type of product but we are an approved Medicare reporting registry.

How we will use the funds raised

We will use the funds to help us broaden our reach during the reporting period ending in March 2016 and to prepare for the reporting in 2017. Specifically, funds will go towards sales and marketing activities including attendance at key industry events around quality measurement and value-based care where we can reach our prospective customers.  

Thank You

In our first year, we reached hundreds of clinicians and, with your help, we plan expand to enable thousands of clinicians to not only report data to Medicare and reduce costs, but to also help healthcare practices better use data to improve care.



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Chris Millet
Co Founder and CEO
Carnegie Mellon Univiersity

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