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Memory and Cognition Drugs: Seek support for clinical trials in humans and advanced R&D

by Tamara Crockett

Novel peptide-based therapeutic (very safe) shown in R&D and clinical settings to sustain and memory and cognition and also recover memory and cognition following injury or major medical procedures.
Tucson, AZ United States Biotech Neurology Alzheimer(s) Disease MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Loss of memory and "ability to think" are repeatedly cited as major concerns in aging and injured individuals. These drug candidates address acute and chronic problems in individuals with both aging and/or injured brains.R&D and clinical work has received significant funding from the National Institutes of Health. Goal is to get the drug into patients' hands ASAP.

About our solution: University-developed novel peptide-based therapeutic -- endogenous to the human body (not a totally synthetic compound). Unique approach to solving the problems cited above. Approach has received accolades from the scientific, clinical and pharma communities.

Progress to date:

First drug candidate (PNA-1) in human phase 2a (pilot);

Second drug candidate (PNA-6) in R&D and FDA approval process.

About Our Team

Creator: Tamara Crockett

Location: Arizona

Education: JD but Medical school for several R&D and cli

Bio: I am an entrepreneur having started and/or advised several companies to successful exits. ProNeurogen is the most exciting opportunity I've had -- its products will impact individuals' quality of life. And we're not far from the "bedside."

Hospital Affiliation: team members practive at Banner Hospital System

Title: Attorney and Board of Directors

Advanced Degree(s): JD

About Our Company

ProNeurogen Therapeutics, LLC

Location: 1970 N. Wentworth Rd.
Tucson, Arizona 85749

Founded: 2013

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Physicians

The workload for physicians, hospitals, home health care workers and other medical professionals will be decreased. Patients will remember to pick-up and take their medications (medication compliance is a HUGE problem with aging patients and "forgetting to take my meds" is the most often explanation. Improved memory and cognition will also allow patients to better assess and describe their health symptoms to medical professionals and care for minor health problems at home. All these benefits combined will decrased the workload and cost associated with seniors health care.

How We Help Hospitals

Most hospital re-admissions following cardiac by-pass surgery is complications from the failure of the patient to remember to take his/her medicatons. This is also true for other medical conditions such as orthopedic surgeries. Given that the healthcare system will soon change from reimbursement by procedure to reimbursement by outcome, re-admissions will have significant financial impacts on hospitals. Also, while in a hospital, greater number and type of medical staff are required to provide and supervise the care of a patient with cognitive deficits and memory loss. Patients are much easier to manage if they don't have these co-existing conditions. Such results in a definite financial impact on the hospital.

How We Help Partners

The model for taking a new medical innovation to market has changed over the past 10 years. No longr do mid- to large-pharma size pharma partners conduct their own research or maintain their own lab facilities. It's simply too expensive. Rather, they allow for tested technologies to rise to the top during the phase 2 druge R&D and clinical phase of drug development.Likewise, companies who are good at innovaton -- working in laboratories, collaborating with colleagues and writing grants for exttrmurial fundin are best done universities. The skills and tools it takes to take a drug market are very different than those reuquired to develop the drug. The relationship between the pharma companies and the R&D.early-stage technology developers synergistic and complimentary and all interactions between the two should be done in those ways.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Two patents awarded. Several patents being prosecuted both in the US and other major countries.

Clinical Information

PNA-1 (first drug candidate) proven safe and approved by the FDA for phase 2a (pilot) clinical trials. Patients are currently enrolling in these two trials. These clinical trials relate specifically to cardiac bypass surgery and heart failure and are supported, in part, by the National Instititues of Health and the University of Arizona.

PNA-5 and PNA-6 (second and third drug candidates) are in process of obtaining INDs and completing plase 1 studies for the FDA. R&D and safety studies are continuing in the laboratories. 

Regulatory Status

See above.

How we will use the funds raised

Funds will be utilized to: 1) further R&D for PNA-6, the leading drug candidate for memory and cognition; 2) prosecute patents reating to new intellectual property relating to PNA-6; and 3) build relationships with pharma companies interested in therapies for these medical indications. 

Thank You

The PNA suite of technologies are groundbreaking and potentially offer improvements in sustaining and resuscitating brain health (memory and cognition). Contingent on continued success in the R&D labs and the medical clinics, this class of drugs may help individuals with progressive memory and cognition challenges (i.e., heart failure and vascular dementia), those individuals who experience post-operative cognitive effects (i.e., cardiac by-pass patients); and those with traumatic brain injury (i.e., automobile accidents).


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Tamara Crockett
Attorney and Board of Directors
JD but Medical school for several R&D and cli

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