Role(s) in Healthcare Innovation:

Product Manager

About Me

I'm an experienced product manager with passion for figuring out the problems that companies need to solve. I have experience in Healthcare, Digital Health and B2B. I believe in leading by influence not authority and like to have curious people around me. I manage my products with a deep understanding of technology and product management best practices. I have experience in Healthcare and Life Sciences tech (including population health, chronic condition management, care quality and clinical analytics) and B2B software (including accounting and HR software). I’ve worked in companies of all sizes, from 3 person startups to multi-national corporations with tens of thousands of employees. I am able to translate internal and external problems and needs into technology-based solutions and have been recognized by executive management for skill in presenting technology to non-technical audiences and presenting business and user needs to development team members. Do you have a problem worth solving? Do you need help discovering problems to solve? Send me a LinkedIn InMail Specialties: Pragmatic Marketing Certified, Product Management, Product Planning, Product Roadmap, Product Lifecycle Management, Software Development Lifecycle Management, Product Roadmap, Project Management, Enterprise Software, Product Marketing, Product Development, Business Analysis, Product Positioning, FinTech, Health Tech, Life Tech, B2B, Wireframing, Balsamiq Mockups, Tableau, Visio, Scrum Master, Competitive Intelligence