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Norah Health: Individualized patient care through EMR integration

by Dmitry Beyder

We provide Interaction Recommendations specific to each patient that is being taken care of, improving the patient experience.
Saint Louis, MO United States Patient and Provider Tools Hospital Solutions AI in Medicine AMIA2019 challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: We improve hospital patient experience survey scores. This influences $3 billion of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement per year, 0.5% of every dollar as per the Value Based Payment (VBP) Program. Currently, there is no program in place to provide healthcare delivery personnel with direct Interaction Recommendations with their patients, so they guess on how best to connect with the patient. Our software allows the hospital personnel to better connect with the patient through a unique algorithm we built that tells providers patients’ likes and tendencies when they are providing them care.

About our solution: Our solution is to work with the patient prior to their healthcare encounter and collect basic intake information about their preferences and likes, then to have a direct interface with their medical record system to pull key information from there to help guide our algorithm to making Interaction Recommendations. Those three interaction recommendations are then presented to the healthcare provider (nurse, doctor, technologist) ahead of their encounter with the patient, strategically right in the medical record, and help the healthcare provider better connect with the patient. This does not currently exist in the market and field.

Progress to date:

Thus far we have completed our beta/MVP version and we are now shopping it to our potential first customer.  We have also completed our demo which is live and available to users for a pretty consistent experience on what we do and what we created. I have left the screenshots of our demo off this application, because the demo itself will show you how our product works and how it will interact with patients and providers.

About Our Team

Creator: Dmitry Beyder

Location: Missouri

Education: New York University, MPA graduate

Bio: Current leader of a large Nuclear Medicine department in a St. Louis, MO academic hospital. Dmitry’s teams have won several prestigious patient satisfaction awards. Dmitry has a Master’s of Public Administration degree in Healthcare Management from New York University and a passion for leading teams toward an amazing patient experience.

Hospital Affiliation: Nuclear Medicine Technology - Radiology Program Manager

Title: Dmitry Beyder

Advanced Degree(s): MPA

About Team Members

Daniel Hoffman
Chief Operating Officer, BA Healthcare Management
Biography: Current leader of a large healthcare team at a university based hospital. Dan won the prestigious TAQI team award in 2017 for quality improvement in Patient Satisfaction. Dan’s work led his team to a 121% increase over one year in excellent patient satisfaction. Dan has a passion for using technology tools to assist staff in driving patient satisfaction improvement.
Title: Chief Operating Officer
Advanced Degree(s): BA Healthcare Management

Philip Thompson
Chief Technology Officer, BS Software Engineer
Biography: Software engineer with over 15 years of architecture and design work on a range of web applications, including enterprise-grade cloud software and smaller healthcare-based integrations. His focus has always been around security, stability, and usability.
Title: Chief Technology Officer
Advanced Degree(s): BS Software Engineer

About Our Company

Norah Health

Location: 9440 Harvest Ct
Saint Louis, MO 63132

Founded: 2019




Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

This will help patients because when patients come to their healthcare provider for a check-up or procedure, they are more likely to get a better patient experience.  This may indirectly mean that they will have better compliance with their provider and healthcare plan, leading to better patient outcomes. 

How We Help Physicians

This benefits physicians and hospitals because their patients will as a result of Norah Health will have a better patient experience and therefore will be more likely to come back and see them (patient loyalty) and also potentially the patient will be more compliant with following their healthcare plan because they had a better personal connection to their provider.  The hospitals will appreciate this product because their patients will have better loyalty in their facility, better ranking of care and higher Medicare reimbursement.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospital reimbursement improves.  Up to $100,000 per year.

How We Help Partners

EMRs in the field like Epic will see benefit in having this product be assossioated and connected to their EMR. If that connection is live and deferentiates their product from other EMRs, well then there is a higher likelihood that hospitals will purchase their product.

Challenge Mission


We are affiliated with the a St. Louis incubator called ITEN.

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

In spring 2019, Norah Health LLC was created.

In August 2019, the live software and interactive demo of the product was completed.

In September 2019, the MVP of the product was completed.

in September 2019, the website was completed.

In September 2019, the provisional patent was submitted to the USA patent office.

Our Competitive Advantages

We have learned that being an innovator and thinking of new ideas you need to be ready for anything and everything. Over the past two years, we have been looking at many dierent aspects with our product and team to make sure we are tough and ready for anything that comes our way. With that said, we do understand that the following elements may go wrong with our product roll out:

- Our algorithm does not improve patient survey scores
- The product patent does not get approved
- The application gets hacked and information is leaked
- We get sued for providing recommendations that are perceived to lead to bad patient outcomes
- Our data driven feedback to our clients causes stress or depression due to low scores/rankings


Barriers to Entry

Market entry will be complicated because we are needing to get a hospital partnership to invest into our product.  Our product is yet proven and not currently installed into other facilities, and this is something that hospitals can be slowed down by for adoption.  The other apparent barrier is HIPAA and the use of patient data.  There is concern for patient privacy and data - our product was built to address these concerns and our CTO has built much healthcare software in the past that is HIPAA compliant so we do not see this as a barrier that is worth wrorrying about on a grand scale.

Another legitamite concern is all three of our founders have full-time jobs, thus time and attention need to be made for them to have appropriate time to work with customers to launch a product and train their staff.

Funding, Partners and Alliances To Date

We do not have any funding to this point secured.

We are affiliated with ITEN St. Louis incubator, where we have won some funds for legal work, presented at 1MillionCups and gained strong mentors over our collaboration and work with them.



Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We have submitted our invention to the USA patent office as a provisional patent.  The three founders mentioned here are the sole owners of the IP for this product.  We have also developed Norah Heath LLC, which has 90,000 shares for the three inventors, and then 10,000 is available for those who help us with product development and launch.

Patent Link
Not available yet

Clinical Information

No studies or roll out of this material and/or product has been rolled out.  With our first customer, the goal will be to trial the product, determine the efficacy and write up a white/research paper on the results.

Regulatory Status

This product will not need to be cleared by the FDA for use in healthcare.

How we will use the funds raised

We would spend this money to acquire our first customer by building our marketing plan and launching our product. We have an upcoming meeting with Barnes-Jewish Hospital's innovation lab. If the launch of our product at that facility is not possible, we will need to continue to aggressively seek out and find our first customer. In addition to marketing, this money would be used to appropriately set up the APIs of Norah Health and the healthcare system Electronic Medical Record. Furthermore, training of hospital staff to use Norah Health Interaction Recommendations and resources from us to be on-site (travel, lodging, time) will also require financial support.  Finally, using this startup money to help us with all researches needed to be in a facility and trial our product, so we can write a paper for proof of concept, will allow us to secure significant investment and collaboration opportunities going forward.

Thank You

Thank you for learning about our product and considering support for Norah Health.  We are a product that is destined to improve the happiness level of the patients that come in contact with our product along with the staff who use it.  As a leader in the healthcare field, I know that this is needed and I am excited to be behind a product that will address this need for our sick and needy.  Furthermore, Medicare has $3 billion set aside per year to reward and penalize hospitals that are not good in the delivery of highly ranked patient satisfaction services, and we will help hospitals secure that money.  We have built our MVP and are looking for our first customer, and your help will allow us to spring into action and start making a healthcare difference.



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