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The Reach For Me Network: A Health & Wellness Network and App for Caregivers

by John Murray

Caregiver self-help based on the “Connor Principles” from the book, Reach For Me; Advocacy & Buying Power; Books & Music DVDs; Home Study Guides; Weekend Summits; and Keynote addresses.
Minnetonka, MN United States Autism MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Provide “Caregivers” Valuable, Cost-Effective Emotional Support (Recognition, Empowerment and Information-Sharing Opportunities); the ability to leverage their purchasing power; and - strong Advocacy: • One in five families in the U.S. has a child with a diagnosed special-need (cognitive and/or physical) – 35 Million people • It is also estimated that 80 Million “Baby Boomers” will be in positions of needing to care for their loved ones • There is no organization, government or private, that provides “One-Stop-Shop” services to “Caregivers” • A 2009 study (most recent) published by AARP estimates the economic value of “unpaid contributions” provided by “Caregivers” at approximately $450 billion when aggregating the value of caring for a special-needs child/children - and a loved one • Adult Caregivers are 6 times more likely to suffer from Stress and anxiety • 40 - 70% of family caregivers of special needs children/loved ones have clinically significant symptoms of depression

About our solution: All “Caregivers” will be able to better manage, and reduce, their on-going stress, anxiety, and life-disruptions that caregiving usually creates in every “Caregivers” life, positively impacting “Caregivers” mentally, psychologically, physically, spiritually, and financially - helping them (via the “Reach For Me (“RFM”)” Step-by-Step Wellness Program and Process) and "App" to lead more empowered and productive lives for themselves and their families, enhancing and improving the quality of the “Caregivers” and their families lives. There are support groups, e.g. AARP; Autism; Cancer, etc. but they are for the individuals themselves – not their Caregivers. The Caregivers endure emotional, financial and other stresses but there is no support system focusing on them.

Progress to date:

The initial Book “Reach for Me – The Story of my Son Connor” and anthem song/DVD “Angel Child” are complete and have been very well received by users.  Further Books and CDs / DVDs will follow.

The Home Study Guide; Weekend Summit Program (including the Caregiver Roadmap, RFM Wellness Empowerment & Productivity Program; Keynote Addresses; Master License Agreements; and the RFM Network Platform are complete and have been validated by some of the large healthcare and employee assistance provider organizations as well as Fortune 200 Companies. 

The RFM “10- Step Process” resonates well with Caregivers, Employers and Healthcare providers - they agree there is a need, they want it and they would like it through their health plans if possible:

·         R&D - Phase I complete, more to come - tested by a large EAP provider in a $500K+ program

·         Market Validation - Sales Model evaluated and proven with healthcare providers and F200 companies

User Confirmation - The Book Is Compelling, “10 Step” Process Resonates & They Want More (“A Network”, Supported Self-Help & Workshops)

About Our Team

Creator: John Murray

Location: Minnesota

Bio: John Murray, currently an investor and Strategic Advisor, will become President & CEO upon funding (to enable the Founder, Michael Boylan, to focus on Creative, R&D, Services & Industry Networking). John had a successful 16-year career in the British Army resulting in his recognition in the Queen’s 1985 Birthday Honors list. He ran an Aerospace Simulation & Training business, a division of PLATO Learning, which became the industry leader with 120 Airline clients in over 60. John was Chairman & CEO of PLATO Learning, an educational software and services business (“TUTR”) - revenue grew from $33 to $142M; the share price grew from $3 to $36; Market Cap increased 8-fold; the balance sheet was significantly strengthened ($50M cash and no debt vs $15M of debt); and it became recognized by educators, policy makers, and politicians as an industry leader and change agent. John was Co-Founder & CEO of AdvancePath Academics, a nationally accredited provider of at-risk intervention and dropout recovery services to school Districts - served over 40,000 students since inception across 40 Districts in 8 states with a 92% student academic success rate and 85% college and career readiness rating - changing the lives of thousands of young adults and adults.

Title: Strategic Advisor

About Team Members

Michael Boylan
Mr., Communications & Psychology
Biography: The founder of Reach For Me (“RFM”), Michael Boylan, is an established best-selling author of three business books published by major New York publishers St. Martin’s Press/VonHoltzbrink and Penguin Group/Portfolio. He is an established general session keynote speaker and corporate trainer to F500 clients such as Microsoft, ADP, NCR, Cap Gemini, Robert Half International and others. Michael has now developed a step-by-step process (think “7 habits of Highly Effective People”) to facilitate “Caregivers” coping with the daily challenges that they encounter. Michael’s son “Connor” has Williams Syndrome, a cognitive condition – which is compelling him to act.
Title: Mr.
Advanced Degree(s): Communications & Psychology

About Our Company

The Reach For Me Network

Location: 601 Carlson Parkway
Suite 1050
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Founded: 2013



Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Patients are not necessarily our first focus, it is their Caregivers who are - whether thery are Cargivers of Special Needs Children and Adults or Caregivers of Baby Boomers.  The patient/caregiver relationship is, however, circular - they feed off of each other and while doctors, hospitals, therapists, etc. take care patients no one is adequately taking care of the Caregivers at this time.  By doing so, Caregivers will be more focused and on-task for more hours a day (both in the workplace and in their Caregiving duties) and will be more upeat.  This will become apparent to the patients who will receive a more consistent level of care throughout the day and night. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

All IP has been registered and is protected

Clinical Information

We have no clinical studies completed at this time.  The EAP who cdeployed the program did not release their data.

We will be conducting our own pilots in 2018 so that we have more than anecdotal success.

Regulatory Status

We don't believe this applies to us as we are not delpoying drugs or medical devices.

How we will use the funds raised

Funds will be used for Payroll (exisiting and new staff), Sales & Marketing, Pilots, additional R&D (the "RFM App", etc).  To get to cash flow sustainability we will need to raise a total of $1.5 - 3 million in equity and/or secure a contract from a large Healthcare provider and/or F200 company (both are in process) and/or secure a banner sponsorship from a large healthcare provider or insurance company (also in process).

Thank You

RFM's Founder, Michael Boylan, is a single parent Caregiver of a teenage son who has Wilson's Syndrome.  Michael, a successful, serieal entrepreneur learned first hand how being a Caregiver places strains on indivduals, families and relationships; can cause martial and personal stress and anxiety; can impact workplace attendance and performance; can impact personal health; can cost healthcare providers and users a lot more for service than most; and can lead to unimagineable financial pressures - let's "Break the Cycle"!

All “Caregivers” will be able to better manage, and reduce, their on-going stress, anxiety, and life-disruptions that caregiving usually creates, positively impacting “Caregivers” psychologically, physically, spiritually, and financially - helping them (via the “Reach For Me (“RFM”)” step-by-step process) to lead more empowered and productive lives for themselves and their families, enhancing and improving the quality of the “Caregivers” and their families lives, while reducing absenteeism; improving caregiver focus, morale and productivity on the job; reducing utilization of medical benefits – saving employers and health plans millions of dollars annually.


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John Murray
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