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Voice Activated Training Syste: VATS Enhancing Patient Care and Patient Recovery

by German (John) Baron

The Voice Activated Training System (V.A.T.S) is a voice controlled multifunctional system which allows patients to have voice-control over their range of motion therapies.
Stephens City , VA United States Orthopedics MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: 1. Patient feels empowered to perform therapies 2. Minimizes clinician's back problems by not having to physically assist patient with ROM therapies, 3. VATS can be made mobile to bring to ICU or patient rooms to assist single nursing staff to perform care duties 4. VATS will minimize fatal injuries in gym while free weight lifting 5. VATS will have future EEG controls to assist patients who cannot speak. Hence brain waves will control the VATS also.

About our solution: For the user who requires range of motion exercises (ROM): Disabled people tend lo avoid using impaired limbs, a behavior called learned non-use. However, the repetitive use of impaired limbs encourages brain plasiicity and helps reduce disabilities. The V.A.T.S can help speed recovery by building the self-confidence and psychological independence needed for the user to perform the range of motion exercises. 1. The Voice Activated Training System helps the self-motivated user who requires range of motion exercises. The voice-controlled feature incites a faster recovery by empowering the user with a feeling of independence and a psychological resilienceL 2. By using the V.A.T.S, the user is able to perform range of motion exercises needed to prevent the freezing of the joints and to enhance muscle healing."* 3. It is clear that the Voice Activated Training System also benefits the gym owners by minimizing liability risks and by adding this new motivational training device for customers.

Progress to date:

A prototype proof of concept is available and a Provisional Patent is registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office #2856 - March 23, 2017. Physicians, Chiropractors, Nursing staff and other professionals to whom I have presented it have been impressed and believe it will definitely be of value to Healthcare and Physical Fitness Industries.

A video of the proof of concept is available but I don't have it of Youtube at this time. The video depicts the user giving voice commands and the motor responding to the commands. The system is turned on and asks for command. User commands: "Exercise One"

System responds by going making the motor go up & lifting a 15 Lb weight 3 times and then down 3 times to reset to starting position.

User Commands: "Exercise 2" : System goes through the programmed exercise 2 of ups and downs. [ Simulating the various exercises which can be programmed into the processor to provide the ROM therapies or gym exercises. With the walking setup as pictured in the first diagram, 6 motors will be used (4 on bottom horizontal plane to pull the ski-like leg systems to provide the stepping assistance. The other motors will be positional to angle for specific ROM motions.

The microprocessor (Raspberry Pi 3) controls the wireless motor controllers. The system runs on DC electricity to make it AAMI compliant for safety and it can be made to be a green system.

The VATS has great potential for the healthcare and gym but it can also be useful for Ambulance (EMTs to aid in the transportation/lifting of patients with voice commands), Fire Departments to assist them with extractions fo victims, allowing them free hands to ensure patient/victim safety and improving efficacy.

This project needs a partner or partners to help the VATS get out to market and then we can enhance it to use EEG (brain wave) commands.

User Commands: "Help": System responds by lifting the weight immediately.

About Our Team

Creator: German (John) Baron

Location: Virginia

Education: Thomas Edison University

Bio: I have led multidisciplinary teams in several Federal (US NAVY, DVA, DHHS) and private (National Medical Care, Fresenius AG, Seratronics – Fresenius US) sectors. My leadership focuses on encouraging team collaboration and on valuing each team member’s recommendations. Because of the nourished team spirit, my teams have succeeded in reaching and surpassing our objectives. As a member of the US Navy, I was trained as an ICU technician and graduated from the Naval School of Health Sciences (Transplant Technician NEC 8433) where I gained vast experience in human organ harvesting/transplantation, animal research/surgery, tissue culture, hemodialysis, hemophoresis, and blood banking. I have worked as a Field Service Engineer and supervised Biomedical Engineering teams. I also gained a wide-ranging experience in the medical information technology arena while fulfilling my responsibilities as International Technical Coordinator for a major American/German healthcare service company. My work experiences in conjunction with my college and military education have helped me to excel during the past 11 years with projects related to : Healthcare security, IT security audits, Medical device security, New technology security reviews ,Risk management and Medical Informatics (VA AMIA 10X10 2013). Healthcare experience: US NAVY Corpsman (ICU Technician – Bethesda Regional MC) USNAVY Transplant Technician Medical Research – National Institutes of Health LES, DNA Sequencing – TIGR (Institute for Genomic Research) Health Informatics – VA AMIA 10 x 10 Collaboration and information sharing are crucial factors for the enhancement of our secured healthcare services and for the protection of our patients' privacy. I have shared some of this information in the following published articles listed below.

Hospital Affiliation: AAMI

Title: IT Specialist

About Our Company

Veterans Enterprise Technologies and Services, LLC

Location: Montgomery Circle
Stephens City , VA 22655

Founded: 2017

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

As a USNavy Corpsman (Transplant Technician 8433), Biomedical Engineering professional who has had lots of direct patient care experience, I strongly believe that the VATS will help those who need the psychological edge to be empowered in their own treatment. This VATS provided independence inspires the patients to go above and beyond then if just the clinician is instructing her/him to do so. Veterans who are strong minded will find the VATS to be Heaven sent as they will see fast improvements in their recuperation. Simultaneously, the clinicians will also benefit as the VATS will minimize the injuries to their backs since they will not have to assist directly with the range of motion exercises. The VATS can be made to be securely interoperable with mobile devices and electronic health records in order to synnergize the patient with the Healthcare Team.

How We Help Physicians

The VATS helps the healthcare providers by:

1. Improving the healthcare for their patients

2. Minimizing the back and muscle strains required to assist their patients while receiving treatment, acquiring vital sign stats, etc.

3. The Mobile VATS can be wheeled to special care rooms in order to assist in moving the patients using voice commands. The voice command features allows the clinicians free hands to ensure the patient's safety instead of pressing controls physically.

4. The future EEG VATS will also help their patients who cannot speak.

How We Help Hospitals

In general, most hospitals suffer resource issues secondary to injuries on the job cause during times when they have to assist patients' movements while they are bed-ridden or doing their range of motion exercises. The VATS will minimize staff injuries while accelerating patients' recovery. It also reduces the amount of nursing resources because the voice activation allows the nursing staff to have free hands to focus on the patients' safety.

How We Help Partners

Medical institutions are outstanding promoters for the VATS as they will find the many uses that the VATS , Mobile VATS and Office VATS within their own medical specialty areas. The Mobile VATS can be used in the ICU, CCUs, XRay Departments, etc. in order to assist the staff in moving the patients with their own voice control. This allows them free hands and focus to prioritize patient safety. When a medical institution purchases over 5 VATS then the 6th one will be at cost.

Challenge Mission

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

The greatest milestone has been finding the Voice to Text program which had no errors. It was finally found and the system prototype has worked with no issues since then.

Our Competitive Advantages

At this time, there are no voice activated physical therapy systems. We will be leading a trend of Voice activated medical systems followed by brain wave controlled systems all in the name of Improved Healthcare.

Barriers to Entry

We will complete the patent-pending documentation for the VATS once a willing partner is found.  We will then continue to work on the second brain-wave controlled VATS in order to be far ahead of any competition.

Traction, Funding and Partners

So far, I have funded my project personally.

I need a partner company who is willing to push this project through and we can split the profits according to our MOU.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

I have a Provisional Patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the following ID:

Application Number: 62/471,271 ; Filing Date: 03/14/2017; Confirmation Number : 2856

Voice Activated Training System (VATS)

Clinical Information





  3. Psychological Resilience and Positive Emotional Granularity: Examining the Benefits of Positive Emotions on Coping and Health;



  4. Range of Motion:


FDA: I have not started looking into submitting the VATS for FDA approval however because of its low DC voltage and safety features I believe that it will not have any issues. The software can be locked down in order to minimize any vulnerabilities to its sensitive data.

Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

I am looking for a company which has experience in this arena so they can guide me and then share any kind of benefits. Thus, I value your professional opinion and guidance. Thank you.

Thank You

I strongly believe that the VATS will be extremely beneficial for patients, clinicians, Gym owners, Fire Depts., EMTS, etc. . Industries will categorize the VATS as an essential tool for their daily business practices and processes. The second phase of the VATS will allow those patients who cannot speak to control the system via their own brain waves (eeg) which will also bring value to many. Please assist me to get the VATS to market so we can help the world.  I have other ideas which will come to fruition if the VATS is a success. You can succeed with us!



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    Richard Huang posted on 17th October, 2017

    I have known Mr. Baron professionally for 8 years, as a fellow Department of Veterans Affairs employee. In that time, I have known him to always innovate and develop and/or adapt ideas collaboratively and selflessly. His professionalism and team building skills have always resulted in positive outcomes, and I am certain that these traits will continue in his future pursuits.

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German (John) Baron
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