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No more clipboards: Mobile check-in

by Hari Prasad

Yosi is an innovative mobile app that allows patients to manage all their healthcare needs in one place - check-in, communication, prescription refills and care coordination.
New York, NY United States Patient Power Tools! Hospital Solutions MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Healthcare is fragmented and inefficient. Both patients and doctors are looking for tools to improve their healthcare experience and transactions. US wastes $750 Billion annually.

About our solution: Yosi is an innovative platform that allows patients and doctors to communicate while automating the healthcare transactions from patient check-in, insurance verification, payment collection etc. Yosi is designed for workflow automation making healthcare easier for patients to access.

Progress to date:

Yosi is currently available in the app store and play store.

Yosi is successfully helping over 35 clinics today and we have served over 8,000 patients helping them coordinate their care with their doctor's office.

Yosi won an award sponsored by NYCEDC, Health 2.0 to partner with the largest managed care health insurance plan in the State of NY.

Yosi is about to serve 3 major health systems in NY and PA.

Our clients serve as our brand ambassadors.

Yosi is also a DreamIt Health company - a leading healthcare accelerator program in the US and a Startup Health Academy portfolio company.


About Our Team

Creator: Hari Prasad

Location: New York

Education: University of Medicine and Dentistry, NJ

Bio: Over 10+ years in healthcare with experience on both provider and payer side. Master in Health informatics and training in big data, analytics, medical economics.

Title: Founder & CEO

Advanced Degree(s): MS

About Team Members

Doug Ciarelli
VP, Client Services, BA(Bard)
Biography: Doug has over 15 years building sales and customer support teams.
Title: VP, Client Services
Advanced Degree(s): BA(Bard)

Arthur Chandler
Clinical Director, MD
Biography: Dr. Chandler is an entrepreneur, physician, hospitalist and a hospital administrator. He is passionate about improving patient health outcomes through the use of technology.
Title: Clinical Director
Advanced Degree(s): MD

About Our Company

Yosi, Inc

Location: 85 Broad St
Floor 16
New York, NY 10004

Founded: 2014


Twitter: @yosicare


Other link:

Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Every patient has experience this - sitting in a doctor's office filling out forms.

Patients often struggle to access healthcare whether its communicating with their doctors office or filling out forms on clipboards or access to their own health information.

At Yosi, we believe a patient that has access to tools are empowered to improve their health outcomes. So we created Yosi to be patient-centric where it allows them to manage all their healthcare needs at the convenience of our mobile app. 

One place for all your healthcare needs!

How We Help Physicians

Running a medical practice is more challenging than saving lives through medical care.

Recent studies from Harvard shows over 20% of healthcare expenditures are wasteful.

Typical providers face enormous administrative burden:

1. Patients No-shows

2. Phone call burden

3. Paperwork

4. Data transcription

5. Claim denials

6. Insurance verification 

7. Payment collection

among many other things. Yosi is designed by doctors for doctors to help run the practice more efficiently.

Yosi helps communicate with your patients via text messages, streamlines your front office workflow eliminating the administrative inefficiencies. Yosi is a pre-visit workflow automation for medical offices.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals are the life blood of any community. With high infrastructure costs, high operational expenditures and shrinking reimbursements, hospitals are providing life saving medical treatment putting patients health and safety first.

Hospitals face enormous administrative burden providing timely medical care related to patient engagement, document management post discharge planning and care coordination.

Yosi is a workflow automation platform that supports and complements your EMR system to improve operation efficiencies.

Yosi seamlessly integrates into your workflow, working in the background doing more, so you can do less administrative work and improve patients health outcomes.




How We Help Partners

Yosi strongly believes in providing value to our stakeholders by partnering with other great innovators, enterprises and institutions.

Yosi is designed to remove walls and build bridges so we can coordinate care for patients and improve their health outcomes.

Yosi welcomes the opportunity to partner with labs, EMR vendors, IPA's and practice management companies so we can work together to improve health access for all.

Challenge Mission

Market Size

Number of hospitals in the US: 5,900

Number of medical professionals/physicians: 1.2 million

Based on numerous studies, over 80% of the total market is addressable for Yosi.

Projected 3 Year Growth

We are on target to breakeven by May 2017 and become profitable by the end of 2017.

In three years we anticipate our revenues to cross $20 million with a 5% market penetration in New York.

How We Will Make Money

Yosi is a Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) company.

Our mobile products are free for patients. Yosi's Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is available as a subscription. Our monthly subscription fee per physician is $249.

About our Competition

Most of our competition are tied to the waiting room unlike Yosi.

Yosi is a pre-visit, pre-waiting room platform that improves efficiencies by removing administrative tasks from the waiting rooms.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Yosi has filed for a provisional patent for its data mapping technology based on pixelated positions.

Clinical Information


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

Yosi is looking to raise funds to support its sales and marketing efforts to support the substantial interest that is being generated. The product is fully developed and the funds ill be used for growth operations. Funds from Yosi founders, grants, angel investmentment has supported the product development.

Thank You

We all understand and complain that our healthcare system is broken. At Yosi, we have made it our mission to do our part to improve healthcare access for all. We have identified the problems, created solutions that work effectively while along the way we have achieved success with grant awards, prestigious partnerships etc.

Now, we need your support in making healthcare better for all of us - to help us continue our mission. Thank you.



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