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Renumi Mobile Dental : Give the Gift of a SMILE

by Ari Socher

To increase access to dental care and to provide a convenient alternative to "going" to the Dentist.
Pompano Beach, FL United States Dental

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About our project

The problem we solve: Over the past 2 years Renumi has expanded across South Florida, bringing smiles to our patients. With todays busy lives, many are putting off routine dental visits. As a preventative medicine, Dental cleanings can decrease risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

About our solution: Renumi Mobile Dental delivers highest quality Dental care via our state of the art mobile Dental clinic. We work with Drug and eating disorder rehabilitation centers allowing clients to begin caring for painful/embarrassing Dental issues. Our Renumi Scholarship Program (seen below pics) donate $750 of dental care quarterly to each of the centers we work with. Furthermore, we work directly with

Progress to date:

The past 2 years have been used as a proof of concept.  With no concern of competition withing the mobile dental arena- Renumi Mobile Dental demand is exceeding its growth and a second dental clinic is in sight for 2017.  We want to be able to deliver to the large number of corporate accounts who want to offer an employee-centric work environment- offering this as an amenity to thier work force.  

South Florida has the largest concentration of drug/eating disorder rehab centers, Over 400 within 80 miles.  Renumi's goal is to allow clients getting thier life back on track a chance to get thier mouth in better condition as well.  Working with over 10 centers currently, Renumi has implemented an oral wellness program within the facilities.  Also, our scholarship program gives the gift of a smile to those who are less fortunate.

About Our Team

Creator: Ari Socher

Location: Florida

Bio: Dr. Ari Socher was born and raised in Monmouth County New Jersey. After earning his Bachelor in Science degree in Biology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst he pursued his aspirations of becoming a Dentist and completed his DMD degree Rutgers University School of Dentistry where he graduated with honors. Dr. Socher completed his post-graduate training at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL focusing on Oral Surgery and facial trauma. He is the national spokesperson for Sensodyne.

Title: Founder/Owner

Advanced Degree(s): DMD

About Our Company

Renumi Mobile Dental Services

Location: 1935 NW 18th st
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Founded: 2015



Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: $250,000..1M

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

Allow clients in drug and eating disorder rehab a chance to fix thier smile in a save drug-free environment with a good support system near by


Allow employeed while at work the opportunity to have the Dentist come to thier workplace and not need to miss work or take time on day off to get to the dentist.  Increase access to dental care by increasing convenience!

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Our proprietary information has to do with our business model and operations.  

Clinical Information
Our mobile treatment center is just as clinically effective as a normal office.

Regulatory Status
Only approved and certified professions, devices and procedures will be utilized.

How we will use the funds raised

Funds raised through this platform will be used for the ability to hire personell to ensure all clients who are demanding our services are cared for.  To allow our scholarship fund to proceed to give those in need a better chance at a life of recovery. 

Thank You


My name is Dr. Ari Socher.  Having family who have suffered with drug addiction, I have seen how a simple tooth infection or embarassing decayed smile can significantly decrease the success rates of drug recovery.  Over the past years I have dedicated my life to allowing clients seeking a better life a chance to care for these issues, while in rehab and surrounded by a strong support system.  There are so many centers who need help and access to care, and without the resources to transport clients to the dentist, a "band-aid" of antibiotics is used and the issue is never resolved.  I want to be able to give the gift of a smile to those who need it- I just cannot do it alone.  I am 100% equity owner of this mobile dental business and the opportunities are endless

Recently Renumi has expanded to offer employee a chance to see the dentist without missing valuable work days, and not having to go on thier day off.  Too many adults with dental insurance dont get to the dentist-and the list of diseases/conditions directly linked to dental (gum/tooth) is extensive. 

Please partner with me in my efforts to fix a lot of what is wrong with our healthcare today- Allow everyone access to a more convenient way to see the dentist. 

Thank you in advance.



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