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MedaCube: Finally, a proven solution for medication adherence

by Jonathan Sacks

MedaCube is a technologically stunning medication robot in 10 inch cube with web portal analytics to help even the oldest and frailest people to take their meds as prescribed and maintain their independence.
Rochester, NY United States PharmaTech Home-Based Care Equity Raise MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Medication non adherence costs out system $300B/yr. People not taking their meds as prescribed causes 10% of all ED visits and 22% of nursing home admissions.

About our solution: MedaCube has trial proven improvement from 48% baseline to 98% adherent even in the sickest of the sick. Incredibly easy to use, highly sophisticated data analytics and dispatch to caregivers to prevent adverse outcomes.

Progress to date:

Completed 7 prototypes, human factors, beta, trial. Now in full production. Strong positive community response. 115 MedaCubes deployed and counting. Pilots in  major payer, provider instituitions. B:B and B:C sales accelerating. 

About Our Team

Creator: Jonathan Sacks

Location: New York

Education: University of Rochester, Rutgers Law

Bio: Jonathan Sacks spent a decade working for large companies and then joined Millennium Computer as CEO. Millennium hit Inc 500 for three years. In year 4 Sacks sold the firm to an industry leading public company where he served as Division President. Sacks cofounded and spun Pharmadva out of the University of Rochester in 2009, and developed Medacube, the best medical adherence solution on the market.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): JD, MBA

About Our Company

Pharmadva LLC

Location: 150 Lucius Gordon Dr
Rochester, NY 14472

Founded: 2009


Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

The vast majority of patients, especially the elderly, and or the very sick, cognitive, vision, or motor skill imparied, just can't manage the complexity of their medications. As a result, nationwide, the medication adherence average of patients over 65 is below 60%. As a result, so many patients who would otherside maintain health to retain their independence, lose their independence. 22% of all nursing home admissions are from patient's that were unable to consistently take their meds as prescribed. My mother is one of them. Despite my family's diligence in filling up her weekly mediset, over time she was no longer able to manage opening the right compartments to get  her scheduled dose. We didn't get MedaCube done in time for my Mom. But largely because of her, now 115 and counting patients have MedaCube and are taking their meds right, not at the 60% national average, but at 97-100% right. If the patient is nonresponsive to the MedaCube's prompts to take their meds, their Cube immediately dispatchs to a caregiver(s). Already this has saved lives. I some cases the patient simply was not in view/earshot of MedaCube prompts, and in other cases they were unable to respond (slip and fall, health crisis event, etc). Dispatching to the caregiver brought immediate response and averted otherwise bad outcomes. MedaCube is delivering perfect on time doses to some patients that have taken over 10,000 pills in less than a year. One patient has been given over 14,000 pills by his MedaCube. Think about that.  How can anyone, much less the elderly, manage taking 10,000 pills plus a year without comprehesnive safe help? All of the 2,000,000 and counting pills MedaCube has delivered has been on time and accurate. Think about heart failure patients. If they miss one or more of their diuretics, they can end up in the hospital. That costs the system an average of $17,000 per admission. Diabetics, patients with behavioral challenges, seizure disorder, HEPC, transplants, and many other issues can end up in terrible distress and danger if they miss their meds. MedaCube solves this. And in doing so, MedaCube will help keep millions of patients to feel better, live longer, and live independently in their community. Help us help MedaCube change the world!

How We Help Physicians

Physicians can solve what some have called the "bain of their existence". Imagine putting so much time and heart into diagnosing your patient's illness and prescribing the eact right med and dose to cure them ar at least provide the patient with a better life, AND, the patient is unable to follow instructions on the bottle(s). MedaCube resolves this,

How We Help Hospitals

Keep your patients out of the hospital after discharge. Avoid the CMS and other risk sharing penalties for near term readmissions. Help your patients stay healthy and feel better and maintain their indepedence. Keep CHF, Transplant, Cancer, Diabetes, Major surgury and so many other patients at home, living within the safety net ongoing comprehensive medication management can provide, with your help.

How We Help Partners

For the many companies that are in a shared risk or captiated payment model, engaged with payers and providers to reduce risk, consider providing Medication Therapy Management at a much lower cost, with much higher effiacy than the solution you are using. 

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Very broad patent coverage through 4 issued (2009, 2011) patents exclusively licensed from the Univeristy of Rochester

System and Method for Interactive Items Dispenser

US Patent # 7,502,664, issued 3/10/2009

Items Dispenser

US Patent # 7,587,259, issued 9/08/2009

Items Dispenser

US Patent # 8,032,252, issued 10/4/2011

System and Method for Interactive Items Dispenser

US Patent # 8.060.246 , issued 11/15/2011

Detailed invention patents from recently issued (2016) Pharmadva patent - see link below

Coverage provides a wide and deep barrier to entry for competitors

Patent Link

Clinical Information

Trial run under University of Rochester Medical School by the Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St John Fisher College. PI for trial is Dr. Jack Brown, Chair of the Pharmacy School First 6 month leg of arms length trial was completed and presented at American Geriatric Society May, 2016. Patient cohort averaged 48% adherent prior to trial. Using MedaCube, they achieved 97.3% adherence which continued throughout the trial with no drift (no novelty effect). Statisical relevance P=.0001. (Anything less than P=.05 is statisically relevant. Next 6 month leg has been accepted for publication in a soon to be announced Journal. 

Regulatory Status

FDA Class I medical device approved.

How we will use the funds raised

Funds will be used to expand sales, and complete phase II of  MedaCube, which will reduce unit costs, and add remote monitoring and remote programming capabilty. This will allow dose changes pushed to MedaCube by HCP based on changes to patient vital signs. (Eg increase Lasix for heart failure patient whose weight has increased). This will be the first real time dose titration solution based on real time vital sign monitoring.  

Thank You

In so many fields historically crowded with fall short or failed attempts to solve a major challenge, human intellect and tenacity prevails and the winner emerges. Think solution to the challenge of flight. Countless failed attempts over hundreds to thousands of years until the Wright Brothers quietly delivered the solution. Pharmadva is the Wright Brothers of Medication adherence. So many have tried, with literally dozens of solutions in the market that are not bending the curve of patient adherence and resulting improved health outcomes and respective cost savings for our overburnded health system. Why? Because every detail, no matter how small matters.  Because out of all of the noise in the space, Pharmadva has taken the diligent clinnical and engineering approach, led by a leading University Medical System, with some of the worlds most brilliant docs, pharmacists, software and hardware engineers, to understand, invent and deliver the true and only solution. Please join each of the founders and key members of our team who have funded and built MedaCube to bring  broadly to market and help so many struggling patients to maintain their health and independence. Together we can change the world for the better. 

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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