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All-Clear: An All-Natural Plant-Based Immunotherapy

by Larry Lumpkin

Growing anti-pathogen microbes found in raw seeds to sufficient numbers inside the ideal plant-based culture medium so that the resulting mixture can be used as a type of plant-based immunotherapy.
Grand Terrace, CA United States Infectious Disease Alternative Therapies Alternative Therapies

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About our project

The problem we solve: Helping the body's own immune system do a much more effective, faster and thorough job of dealing with sudden outbreaks, epidemics and/or pandemics of many types of viral and bacterial infections especially when current treatments, medications and/or vaccines aren't working very well or don't exist. For example, this year's flu vaccine is only 48% effective and a Zika vaccine is still over one year away, it at all.

About our solution: It takes an average of 8-12 years and $350 million to take a new drug or vaccine from the laboratory to the pharmacy shelves. The fastest and most cost-effective way to deal with any type of infection in the human body is with a clear, clean, strong, healthy, properly nourished, smart, shape immune system. But too often the cells of our immune systems aren't being properly nourished and are being overworked, suppressed and/or weakened by too many toxins, foreign invaders (usually from the foods and legal and illegal drugs we consume) and remnants of past infections in our systems and even from viral infections residing in the cells of our immune system. Our All-Clear organic mixture has been specifically designed and clinically proven to promptly take care of all of these problems and quickly restore any immune system, as much as possible, to its most optimum level of performance. At the very least, the All-Clear mixture would be an excellent addition to any rapid response arsenal.

Progress to date:

The All-Clear organic mixture has been perfected, is patent pending and has undergone a very successful 3 phase clinical trial in Zurich, Switzerland which included over 2,000 hospitalized patients (mostly with influenza and its complictions and many other types of viral and bacteria infections).  Roche Inc., the big pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland and the makers of Tamiflu, monitored this clinical trial and has already made us a very weak offer for exclusive rights to the All-Clear mixture, which we of course declined.  The mixture was originally created to be a effective alternative to Tamiflu, but during the clinical trial the doctors were so impressed with it that they also successfully tried it on a number of other viral and even some bacterial infections. We will directly sell the mixture to the public if we have no other choice, but our ultimate goal right now is to license the recipe for the mixture to various countries or sell exclusive rights to it to a big pharmaceutical company for a fair price and royalties.

About Our Team

Creator: Larry Lumpkin

Education: Memphis University

Bio: I'm a 63 year old 35 year federal employee with a degree in marketing management from Memphis University, and I like to create, patent, produce and market my own inventions.

Hospital Affiliation: None

Title: CEO

About Our Company

Lumpkin's Creative Ideas & Investments

Location: 22822 Palm Ave
Grand Terrace, CA 92313-5261

Founded: 2015

Website: http://none, yet

Blog: http://none

Twitter: none

Facebook: https://none

Other link: http://none

Other link: http://none

Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Physicians

Gives physicians another effective option when existing vaccines, antivirals and antibiotics aren't working very well.  We actually think our simple organic mixture will even be a temporary replacement for antibiotics which actually can sometimes do more harm that good when used to fight bacterial infections, because these drugs can suppress and weaken the immune system.

How We Help Partners

The All-Clear organic mixture may help any potential partner make lots of money, especailly if this mixture can do eaxactly what it claims it can do, and will help a lot of medical institions save a lot of money when acquiring expensive antiviral and antibiotic medications,

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

The All-Clear organic mixture is in patent-pending status and is exclusive invented and owned by me, Larry Lumpkin.

Patent Link
Utility Patent Application Number 15/387,165

Clinical Information

Clinical trials are not required for nutritional supplements in the United States, but all the clinical trail data, including videos of patients, doctors and nurses (all in German) are currently being stored in Zurich, Switzerland and controlled by the government there and can only be accessed by contacting my attorneys there.  The clinical trial we did do was conducted in Switzerland because the mixture was original only suppose to be an effective alternative to Tamiflu, and we wanted Roche Inc., the pharmaceutical based in Switzerland and the makers of Tamiflu to monitor this 3 phase trial.  However, the doctors there were so impressed with how well the mixture worked on various flu/cold viruses and their complications that they decided to also try it on other types of viral and even some bacterial infections and were even more impressed.

Regulatory Status

FDA clearance is not needed for nutritional supplements, and the only claims we are making regarding the All-Clear organic mixture is that it has been specifically designed and clinically proven to be a type of all-natural, plant-based immunotherapy to help repair, clear, cleanse, strengthen, energize and proper nourish the cells of the human immune system so that these cells can do a much more effective, faster and thorough job of doing exactly what they are suppose to do when properly responding to and dealing with various types of viral and bacterial infections in the human body.

How we will use the funds raised

The crowdfunding received will be used to establish a website, advertise, produce and give away, completely free of charge, over 1,000 gallons of the All-Clear orgainic mixture in the United States to further prove just how well it really works with the ultimate goal of either licensing the recipe to the mixture to various countries around the world so that the mixture can be part of their rapid reponse arsenal when responding to sudden outbreaks, epidemics and/or pandemics of infectious diseases or selling exclusive rights, with royalties, to the mixture to a big pharmaceutical so that the biology behind it can be made into a more concentrated liquid, pill and/or aerosol form(s).  Each person or organiztion that receives a free sample will be required to e-mail us a honest detailed review (we will provide a format) of their experience with the mixture.  So, basically, the crowdfunding will be used to conduct an informal clinical trial via the internet here in the states.

Thank You

I'm a 63 yeat old federal employee who has worked over 35 years on the graveyard shift and was constantly having problems with cold/flu viruses and their symptoms and also plenty of gastrointestinal issues, and the medications I was taking were not working and sometimes made things worse.  So, I decided to do something myself about these problems, and, it took a while and a lot of research, development and testing, but I finally developed the ideaI all-natural, plant-based organic mixture to help me effectively deal with these issues.  I sincerely hope there are many others out there just like me who are sick and tired of waiting on the government and big pharmaceuticals to produce new drugs and vaccines to help fight the many emerging and reemerging infections diseases we are constantly facing, and that now it's time for us to start investing some of our time, energy, money and resourses into finding new ways to help the human immune system do a much more effective, faster of thorough job of doing exactly what it is suppose to do.


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