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Game changing toothpaste: Great Tasting, Natural Toothpaste

by James Ligon

We need help formulating an all natural toothpaste free of fluoride, SLS, artificial coloring, foaming agents & glycerin to help others.
Humble, TX United States Dental MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: More and more people are looking for dentifrices that are void of harmful, toxic chemicals. We are not only designing a toothpaste that meets that criteria but also one in which provides benefit to the whole body.

About our solution: Our toothpaste will not include harmful substances such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ethylene Glycol, Fluoride, Titanium Dioxide or Glycerin. We are including natural agents that have been proven to be strong inflammatory antagonists. Our goal is to have a toothpaste that is not only good for the teeth and gums but also beneficial to the rest of the body.

Progress to date:

We are currently in the formulation stage and currently working with manufacturers to get our process right.  Our testing group consists of over 20 individuals to determine proper taste and consistency.  In addition we are evaluating the product for post-brushing sensitivity and smoothness of teeth.

About Our Team

Creator: James Ligon

Location: Texas

Education: Dental School, Master's of Arts in Health Ser

Bio: I have been practicing dentistry for almost 20 years and have owned a dental supply company for over 10 years.

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): DDS, MA

About Our Company

Heyward Dental Products

Location: 2115 FM 1960 East
Humble, TX 77338

Founded: 2004


Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

The mouth is the portal to the rest of the body and our toothpaste contains compounds that have significant anti-inflammatory properties.  Our toothpaste is designed to be beneficial not just for the oral cavity but for the whole body.  We are introducing in low concentrations natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to benefit the whole body while maintaining a pleasant taste and at a modest price point.  Our toothpaste conception has been based with the understanding of ayurvedic principals.

How We Help Physicians

This will be another aid to help dentists assist their patients who are looking for a natural, alternative toothpaste.  One that is rooted in ayurvedic principals.

How We Help Partners

The mouth is the portal to the rest of the body and our toothpaste contains compounds such as tumeric, myrrh and other entities that have significant anti-inflammatory properties.  Help us deliver something tangible to the public that will be revolutionary in oral health care and establish a mandated protocol for other toothpaste manufacturers to remove ingredients that are harmful or provide little to no benefit for their customers.

Challenge Mission

Key Milestones Achieved and Planned

We intend to have 50,000-70,000 individuals using our toothpaste and purchasing at least 4 tubes annually.  This will produce between 1.6M and 2.24M in revenue and allow us to produce and promote additional products and possibly create one product that will create a new niche.  

Our Competitive Advantages

We intend on marketing campaigns that will include but are not limited to social medial and regional print media.  We have made an agreement with a dental supply company to distribute the toothpaste as needed.  We intend to start with the small "mom and pops" health food stores.  Ultimately our goal is to achieve a contract with Whole Foods, the leading national healthfood grocery chain.

Barriers to Entry

At this time Crest, Colgate and Tom's of Maine have a substantial market share but we have ingredients that they don't have.  They appear to be solely interested in "cleaning" teeth while we wish to do that in addition to providing substances that have been proven scientifically to benefit the whole body.

Traction, Funding and Partners

At this point we have not manufactured any tubes and have only derived a formula.  We have been working with a toothpaste manufacturer that have made samples for us to evaluate.  We have been testing the samples with friends and family members for taste and efficacy.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We have decided since we are not a large entity that it would be best to utilize our funds for marketing and education than apply for patent protection.  Toothpaste isn't an easily patentable entity.

Clinical Information

We don't have any clinical data but have secured a provisional agreement with a local school of dental hygiene to test our product.  Some of the funds will be used for such.

Regulatory Status

Our toothpaste will not require FDA approval since it does not contain fluoride or any other therapeutic agents that require FDA approval.

How we will use the funds raised

Funding will be used for the manufacture of 20,000 to 30,000 tubes of our toothpaste as well as ongoing marketing and testing of our product.  As mentioned earlier a portion will be utilized for testing at a local school of dental hygiene for efficacy.

Thank You

We are not just asking for funds to make some type of toothpaste to sell but we are asking for help to provide a healthy alternative to people that want a toothpaste which contains natural entities that have been scientifically proven to provide benefit to the body as a whole.  Help us change lives for the better.


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James Ligon
Dental School, Master's of Arts in Health Ser

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