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About our project

A note from MedStartr CEO, ALEX Fair about this project:

This amazing startup was one of our first projects on MedStartr. In truth, they only listed their project on MedStartr as a personal favor from my friend and co-organizer at Health 2.0 NYC Andrea Spillman. We didn’t really know what would happen and while we gave suggestions, there was no experience behind them so the project wound up not being very “crowdfunding friendly”. As a result they got little in the way of backing on the site. On the other hand, they raised 1.6 Million dollars from a host of investors offline, teaching us that a key element of any campaign is not seen through backing online. Did 4,000 people watching their video on MedStartr have anything to do with this success? We can’t be sure. This has happened quite often though now with two acquisitions and three significant funding events in our first three months. We have learned a tremendous amount since Andrea graciously listed their project with us. Our key metrics have improved by over 100 fold since then. We appreciate Captricity allowing us to display their project as successful and wish them continued success (note, we reduced the goal from the original amount so that it would show up in the successful projects list.)

Here is the original project write-up:

A lot of important patient information comes into physician offices and hospitals in the form of paper letters and faxes. Getting data from those pages into a useable, digital format is often time consuming and cumbersome. Captricity already has a successful web based solution for digitizing data from paper. With the help of Medstartr, we propose an additional, automated solution to handle those incoming faxes and letters.

How it works

Captricity is a web-based service for digitizing paper documents that contain human-entered or other unique symbolic data. Whether you have a two-page survey filled out by 300 people or a batch of 20,000 19th-century German census forms, Captricity can help.

  • Upload a blank version of the form you want to process.
  • Mark up the parts of that form you want digitized.
  • Upload images of the filled-out forms. You can scan the forms or just take pictures of them.

That’s it.

Repeat as necessary—and if you need to upload more copies of the same form, you can use the same mark-up from before. This additional layer we hope to build with the help of Medstartr would automatically handle scans of incoming faxes, extracting relevant data from those faxes and feeding that back into an EMR or other database used to track either patient medical information or administrative data.

For the Patients

Patients receive care from a number of different providers. Lack of coordination between those providers can lead to potentially fatal mistakes. No matter how conscientious a patient is about ensuring that his/her physician receives updates from all other physicians delivering care, if there is not a system in place to efficiently extract and enter that data, there is a very real risk that important information will be missed. Captricity makes it easier to organize and collect data that comes in for each patient, so that information is not lost.

For the Providers

Physicians need full data to treat patients. They don’t have the time to search through paper forms or folders of unorganized PDFs – they need the complete and accurate data in front of them in a timely manner and easy-to-use format. Captricity can give them that by automatically extracting data from those paper forms and faxes, and entering the data into a digital format that can be integrated with existing systems.

For the Institutions

The status quo of dealing with incoming faxes and letters causes two problems for institutions, depending on how they handle it:

If they enter all the data from each form by hand, it costs significant staff time. This is expensive and also inefficient. It may also mean a long turn-around time on getting the data back.

If they simply scan the form to PDF, they lose most of the vital information on the forms. PDFs can often be hard to find and search. This can lead to the medical problems discussed above, but there are also management implications. Hospitals and practices rely on demographic, diagnostic and financial data to meet reporting requirements and conduct internal financial and management analyses. Manually perusing paper documents and/or PDF scans is time-consuming and often inaccurate. Captricity, however, could automatically extract all of that information and have it ready for use almost instantly, at high levels of accuracy.

Work with us

Almost every organization, no matter how large or small, has something that they use paper for, be it the incoming faxes or paper forms described earlier, or other standardized internal documents. Captricity can quickly and easily convert any of those forms into digital data, and can do so more quickly, cheaply and accurately than most traditional manual methods of data entry.

How you will be helping us!

We are seeking to develop an automated system to take images of incoming faxes and automatically extract and enter the information straight back into the desired EMR or database. This work would take a significant amount of engineering effort and time, as well as testing and improving. We currently do not have the resources for this project. This money would help get us started on this aspect of the project.

To find out more about us and our team, please visit

About us:

Twitter: @captricity




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