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About our project

All donations to the PatientPilot project are now tax-deductible! This is made possible by a partnership with Cancer101, a leading non-profit patient education support group that provides tools and resources patients and caregivers need to manage their treatment.

“Patient Pilot is an app to save your life… a Medical GPSABC News Radio

We’re all patients and we’re all caregivers.

We have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and friends. It’s hard enough managing our own healthcare, much less that of our parents, siblings, or children. PatientPilot for Families and Caregivers can help.

PatientPilot, Empowering Patients and Families

PatientPilot for Families and Caregivers – a new version of PatientPilot – empowers patients, family members and other caregivers to connect and share medical information, tools, and guidance.

The current version 1 of PatientPilot (available in the iTunes store) helps individual patients and caregivers ask the right questions about tests, diagnoses and treatment options.

PatientPilot benefits not only the patients who use it, but healthcare providers and payers as well. Informed patients lead to better outcomes and lower costs. And those positive results are in everyone’s best interests.

Feedback for PatientPilot

World-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center says, PatientPilot “can help you become an empowered patient. It’s your mobile medical navigator, coaching you on your journey through the healthcare system.”

PatientPilot, Version 1

PatientPilot for Families and Caregivers (for both the iPhone and Android) significantly extends and enhances PatientPilot’s version 1, which is already available in the iTunes App Store.

PatientPilot coaches patients on:

- what questions to ask their doctors
- when to seek a second opinion
- how to understand test results
- how to find reliable medical information on the Internet
- how to understand treatment options &
- how to make medical decisions

It also allows patients to take notes, create medication lists and audio record doctor visits. PatientPilot is built around interactive checklists – a proven method of conveying critical information and fostering engagement and compliance.

PatientPilot, Version 2

PatientPilot for Families and Caregivers will do even more. For both the iPhone and Android, it will enable up to six family members or caregivers to create their own PatientPilot modules and share them selectively with each other.

That means they’ll be able to see each other’s interactive checklists of questions for the doctor, “key reminders,” medication lists, notes, and appointments, and add notes or other content to each other’s modules.

In addition to the valuable tools and resources in PatientPilot basic, the new version for families will include:

Live Video Chat – enables a caregiver to “be with” the patient at the doctor’s appointment and ask the doctor questions

Appointment Calendar with Alerts

Medication List with Alerts – enables the patient to easily maintain a list of medications, receive reminders to take medications, and “Share” the list with family caregivers or clinicians

Symptom and Side Effect Tracker – allows patients to easily track symptoms and side effects and share the information

Secure Interactive Database – enables users to upload family medical information and access resources

A Family, Sharing their Care

Mom has her hands full. She’s the family’s main medical advocate and she’s been dealing with a major medical issue herself. She recently completed treatment for breast cancer and has concerns and questions about follow up care. Her husband is in generally good health, but is a bit overweight and is pre-diabetic. Their 16 year-old son has type 1 diabetes. The daughter has had a sore throat and fever for several days. Grandpa has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and lives alone 2,500 miles away. Grandma has rheumatoid arthritis.

It’s a challenge to keep track of everyone’s medications, symptoms and side effects, appointments, and not least, important questions for the doctor. Now, with PatientPilot for Families and Caregivers, Mom can better manage her own healthcare as well as stay on top of the rest of the family’s health issues. And PatientPilot will help family members help each other as well as themselves. That’s because they can share their notes, recordings of what the doctor says, medication lists, appointment reminders, useful articles, and checklists of questions and concerns. They can even remotely join another family member on a doctor visit by using PatientPilot’s live video chat feature. Mom feels she’s on top of managing her family’s healthcare, all because of her PatientPilot app.

Great for Doctors

PatientPilot allows doctors to have more meaningful conversations with their patients. Having informed patients asking good questions helps doctors communicate and makes patient visits more efficient and productive. PatientPilot also can promote patient adherence.

About Grant Perry, the Creator of PatientPilot

Grant is a seasoned media executive, journalist and educator. A former anchor and correspondent for CNN in New York and London, Grant has extensive experience in business development and in creating a variety of digital content, including long and short form video, live webcasts, and websites and apps. He has worked in senior management of companies ranging from start-ups to a large multinational. Grant also has taught graduate courses about trends in digital media and journalism at Johns Hopkins University.

Grant, who comes from a family of physicians and public health experts, is passionate about the needs of patients and their families. His passion grows from experience. Diagnosed more than 20 years ago with a very rare disease, Perry has been examined, studied and treated at many medical centers in the US and Europe. Grant’s long medical journey has given him what he hopes is valuable perspective that will enable PatientPilot to make a genuine difference for patients, their families and caregivers.

Connect with Grant on:

Twitter: @PatientPilot

© 2013 mPatient Solutions LLC
PatientPilot does not provide medical advice, diagnostic services, treatment or referrals.


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PatientPilot for Families & Caregivers app (V2; retail price $9.99, includes six individual modules for family members/caregivers) + PatientPilot collapsible translucent sports water bottle!

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The app (as described above) + PatientPilot clear syringe 2GB USB flash drive!

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The app (as described above) + our embroidered, adjustable blue PatientPilot cap.

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The app (as described above) + 1 PatientPilot messenger bag or 1 PatientPilot blue v-neck scrub top + a collapsible sports water bottle!

For $ 150 or more

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HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: 20 app subscription CODES to give free to your patients to help them manage their care + your PRACTICE NAME listed in “Thank You” credits + 1 “PatientPilot’s Key Questions for Your Doctor” POSTER + 1 SCRUB TOP or CAP

For $ 1000 or more

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CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP: 100 app subscription codes to give free to clients/customers + logo placement on PatientPilot website + 10 PatientPilot clear syringe 2GB USB flash drives

For $ 2500 or more

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CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP: $2500 150 app subscription codes to give free to clients/customers + logo placement in-app and on PatientPilot website + 25 PatientPilot clear syringe 2GB USB flash drives

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