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Magnolia Yoga Studio : Yoga A Day to Keep the Doctor Away

by Adrianne Jackson

Using modern day technology to monitor the progress of hospital utilization and incorporation of modern day health practices, including yoga and meditation, to improve chronic health issues.
New Orleans , LA United States Prevention Fitness or Wellness Women(s) Health Social Determinants Data challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: We must educate people on how to care for themselves consequently lowering the cost of healthcare by using yoga & meditation to resolve common issues like depression, fatigue, low energy, poor concentration, asthma, moodswings, insomnia, productivity, high blood pressure, joint pain, and headaches/migraine to name a few. Health issues that can lead to more serious & costly concerns like chronic diseases, addictions, dependency to pain medications, surgeries and death.

About our solution: Magnolia Yoga Studio aims to increase the participation in health & wellness practices of hospitality workers such as keeping doctor/clinic appointments & incorporating preventative practices like yoga & meditation. The focus on preventative practices is key to the future of health. Our solution involves: Technology- Creating an app for participants to use, retrieve & store data to track progress. Marketing/Outreach- Creating a campaign & scheduled visits onsite at their hotels or other FQ venues to speak & sign up the hospitality worker population. Incentives- Presented for their participation like lowering insurance costs, reducing doctor visits, needing less medication over time. Information- On preventative care services & benefits of yoga for several health concerns. Doctor/Clinic- Regular visits must be followed to remain receiving partially covered or fully covered monthly yoga & meditation services.

Progress to date:

The Team MedYogaTech

The Team is a group of professionals each representing different fields:

Medicine: Lauren Teverbaugh, MD

Software Engineer: Eddie Smith

Yoga Teacher/Entrepreneur: Adrianne “Ajax” Jackson

This team has collaborated on numerous projects mainly as advisers for Magnolia Yoga, which have led to the growth of both business and people’s health success.  This group has a understanding of the benefits of yoga, the demographics involved and using technology to bring all three components together facilitating a new approach to medicine and wellness .

The team represents a trifecta of views on how to address more health & wellness using best practices in medicine, technology and services.

Important to note the marketing and outreach efforts are a key component to the success of this program. Magnolia Yoga Studio already has a positive reputation with hotels, businesses in the French Quarter and the New Orleans community at large. We have built a new demographic in New Orleans, that did not exist, both of these efforts have been intentional and included smart marketing, information & delivery of high quality services. We pride ourselves in making health & wellness diverse, inclusive and affordable which have lowered some barriers to good lifestyle practices.  Our experienced & proven approach, central location and our diverse community appeals to many. The trend throughout the world in medicine is unification of knowledge, practices & perspectives. Incorporating the best yoga & meditation practices with the western medical world is the future.

Yoga has been researched for over 80 years many doctors and clinics recommend yoga because of its proven benefits. More collaboration between the western medical establishments and yoga studios like Magnolia Yoga Studio would allow for more successful studies & stories of healing.  Some of the best parts of yoga have to do with its wholistic approach to healing & its preventive measures. Both subjects need more advocacy and focus and should be pushed to the forefront of any conversation concerning true health & wellness.

A merger of east and west best practices will continue to be on the menu of options for patients and their families because the medical system needs support in its delivery of health. Yoga & meditation are the ideal contenders for a holistic approach to healing.  

With an active yoga practice it has been our experience that clients/students continue to visit the doctor and take medication but soon with consistency improve.  Doctors encourage them to keep attending class and often lower and or eliminate their medication. This allows for a win-win situation where people improve and need less attention and medication.   

Yoga is medicine and like any medicine you must take it regularly to reap the benefits.  Community supports that need for consistency in practicing yoga for good health. Yoga is a practice that can be done daily, we support & understand the need for our clients/students to continue doctor and clinics visits.  However, for people’s day to day health a yoga regime is ideal. Benefits include improvement in energy, breathing, mobility and sleeping-- all basic yet fundamental needs that improves the whole person.

Although we fully understand where the line is drawn between western medicine and alternative practices like yoga they do work very well together.  Lifestyle changes are key to good health in the long run which are considered and explored within the yoga teachings and within the hearts and minds of the students during classes.  These small yet significant changes to eat better, rest and sleep more, reduce smoking & drinking due to less pain and stress are part of the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Feedback from Hospitality Workers Currently Attending MYS

  • Better energy
  • More focus
  • More alert
  • Balanced mood
  • Can work better long arduous hours
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved eating
  • Destress
  • Reduce Back Pain, Headaches, Joint pain
  • Improved Breathing
  • Weight loss
  • Improved mobility


About Our Team

Creator: Adrianne Jackson

Location: Louisiana

Bio: Ajax considers herself a “Yoga Entrepreneur” at Magnolia Yoga, she is also the owner, visionary and lead teacher. Her main purpose is to help facilitate your yoga experience! Ajax is of mixed heritage--Spanish & African-American and ultimately considers herself a modern-day woman of the world. She has an extensive background in Arts Education, a B.A. degree from the University of Southern California in Socio Cultural Anthropology and much experience in the non-profit sector along with having traveled to 30+ countries around the world finding her purpose and place within it. Ajax loves New Orleans for the music, culture and people and feels an ancestral connection to NOLA and therefore is happy to live, serve and enjoy this mecca of culture & celebration! Early on Ajax felt the calling for teaching yoga and has taught for 10 years straight almost every day since becoming certified! She believes, “when you are fortunate enough to find what you were born to do in life, putting in the effort to study, learn and seek knowledge is an honor and pleasure!” Her passion for life, people and yoga is apparent and her vibrant energy is contagious. Ajax teaches from experience having practiced yoga for 15 years consistently. She has used the healing art form to quit smoking, manage her weight, improve her relationship to self and with family, reduce severe joint pain in her knees, eliminate her asthma condition, migraines, reduce her annual bouts of bronchitis and strengthen her resolve and confidence. One of her best attributes is helping people feel comfortable and welcomed. Ajax is also a great example of how to use yoga to fulfill a robust active and balanced lifestyle, as you will often find her teaching yoga, practicing yoga, socializing, resting, reading, cooking, studying, volunteering, networking, planning, dining out, enjoying live music, traveling, swimming, writing, dancing and living life to its fullest!She believes in the human potential and her commitment to

Title: Owner-Visionary-Lead Teacher

About Team Members

Lauren Teverbaugh
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, MD
Biography: Dr. Lauren A. Teverbaugh is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at Tulane University School of Medicine. She is a Triple Board trained physician who has completed her training in Pediatrics, General Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry. She has a diverse background in research and work centered around social and community activism including the behavioral effects of lead poisoning on children in Kingston, Jamaica, perinatally HIV infected children and their families, health care disparities among the medially underserved, global health, sickle cell anemia, trauma-affected youth, and public health and policy. Her career interests include medically complex children and children with chronic medical illnesses and psychosocial dysfunction. She utilizes an interdisciplinary treatment model that is culturally sensitive and uniquely tailored address the health needs of communities of color.
Title: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry
Advanced Degree(s): MD

Eddie Smith
Software Engineer, Operation Spark, Advanced Software Engineering Immersion Program 2018, Southern University at New Orleans, Computer Information Systems 2012
Biography: I’m a native son of New Orleans, LA. I enjoy tackling difficult algorithmic challenges, exploring ways to visualize large data sets, and applying my love of software engineering to the world around me. As a singer/songwriter, I’m most passionate about the intersection of software development and the arts.
Title: Software Engineer
Advanced Degree(s): Operation Spark, Advanced Software Engineering Immersion Program 2018, Southern University at New Orleans, Computer Information Systems 2012

About Our Company

Magnolia Yoga Studio

Location: 301 Basin Street
New Orleans , LA 70112

Founded: 2016


Twitter: @magnolia_yoga


Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 5-10

How We Help Patients

Our idea is very much patient centered. For health to improve we believe our work must empower, educate and support the involvement of patients in their daily health and wellness. Good & balanced health is comprised of a series of decisions and steps that lead to improved habits & behaviors. At Magnolia Yoga Studio we successfully make health & wellness appealing, necessary and attainable for people. Through smart marketing & outreach efforts we have been able to create a whole new clientele base that had never existed. This new community has created a compelling energy for people to play an active and consistent role in their wholistic health. Seamlessly connecting yoga & meditation, movement and health is key to patient participation & their positive health results. Using new approaches like these helps us all further understand their connections, create more partnerships, and finally allowing the value of community which sustain each member.

How We Help Physicians

Our main solution involves making health & wellness popular within the community of hospitality workers. We believe by highlighting yoga & meditation--movement and health for preventative care and for certain chronic issues is a smart approach to good medicine. We anticipate by utilizing these practices over time both doctor visits and eventually prescribed medication could lessen. Our program only reinforces the providers role with patients by supporting the delivery of quality healthcare and reducing costs. The idea is to create a program, marketing plan & direct outreach efforts to the French Quarter hospitality community signing them up to receive yoga & meditation services for daily health maintenance and for specific issues yoga is well known for helping with like chronic pain, headaches, sleep, energy and focus. In order to attend & participate in yoga classes with us each patient has to keep their regular doctor and clinic visits. Additional incentives could be to have insurances and/or companies cover or reimburse a patients yoga membership. All hospitality workers participating would take weekly surveys on our app to collect information on their progress. This is an exciting opportunity for providers to start and or augment the use of 80 years worth of research on yoga and its benefits. We are dedicated to using yoga in progressive ways while being diverse, inclusive & affordable-- our location is 1 block away from French Quarter employers. We know that real health improvements depend on making lifestyle changes. These changes get reflected on during a yoga class, nurtured by the teachings and reinforced by the community. Our team shares a similar cultural and geographical demographic as the hospitality workers which allows for unique & viable opportunities. We believe our capacity to provide quality and intentional care that is affordable, central & all within a comprehensive facility is quite outstanding!

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals benefit by having less of a patient load. Hospitals also benefit by having patients who are informed, involved and proactive with their daily health care practices. With more emphasis on preventative care we truly believe health care will become much more manageable, affordable and effective allowing everyone to benefit. This will require a continued shift in the medical & technology field by becoming even more inclusive & progressive in programs, research and methods.

How We Help Partners

This could be a model for many to follow which will inherently generate a positive ripple of new approaches and practices to consider in health care. A shift to make room for more wholisitc practices is on the rise world wide. Long term health is dependent on day to day health. Moving preventative care to the top of everyone's list is paramount for our program and others like it to succeed.

Challenge Mission

How We Address the Mission of The Challenge(s)

As a minority owned health and wellness business very accessible to the population involved we feel very confident in being able to identify and reach out. We have a great building reputation for creating more awareness and healthy life style practices. We highly value the hospitality community and we already serve them in-directly and feel confident we could make an even bigger positive impact in their health & wellness for many generations to come.

New Orleans and Our Company

We were founded in New Orleans and proudly serve New Orleans, the long term goal is to have a positive impact on Louisiana and the region.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary


Clinical Information



The Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga by Marlynn Wei, M.D. J.D and James E. Groves M.D., J.D. 


The Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga by Marlynn Wei, M.D. J.D and James E. Groves M.D., J.D.

Blood Pressure & Heart Health

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga by Marlynn Wei, M.D. J.D and James E. Groves M.D. J.D.


Health Care Savings

Fight Inflammation




Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised


Thank You

Support our mission to expand the menu of offerings for people who want natural, efficient and alternative methods to improve overall quality of their life.  We have 10 years experience in providing high quality yoga & meditation services to the general public. We are delighted at the prospect of expanding our reach to hospitality workers offering them affordable, accessible and innovative preventative care as well as a regular health routines for their day to day health.



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