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OTech: Streamline your patient experience

by Jack Stern

Streamline your patient experience with solutions for pre check-in, check-in, and electronic forms. The time is NOW for self-service in healthcare.
Jackson , WI United States Patient and Provider Tools Patient Power Tools! New Practice Social Determinants Data challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: Common Medical Practice Bottlenecks include: Long lines at the front desk Overworked staff Manual Data Entry Security issues Low collections Low patient portal registrants Insufficient data TONS of paper Costs of paper and shredding, “Old way of doing things” Front desk turnover rates- Employees that are sick, take medical leave, are late, or even lazy

About our solution: With OTech solutions, patients will arrive themselves to their appointment using kiosks and tablets, completing many important tasks. Discrete patient data can be verified and updated in real time- in both and PM and EHR. This eliminates the need for scanning and manual entry, reducing and eliminating common medical record errors.

Progress to date:

OTech is the pioneer of self-service in the healthcare industry. It was founded in 2004 when CEO, Bruce Steinhardt, was checking himself to his flight at the airport. At that time, Bruce was practice admin and CIO of a large pediatric clinic in IL. While checking in at the airport, he looked at his wife Donna and said, " There has to be a way to do this at the doctor's office."

To date, OTech has partnered with 100's of practices across 43 states. The partnerships and integrations we have developed over 14 years are critical to establish and maintain compatibility between your PM/EHR system and OTech software.

About Our Team

Creator: Jack Stern

Location: Wisconsin

Bio: When I'm not out racing, playing fistball across the world, or spending time with my amazing wife and son, I'm helping healthcare practices streamline their patient experience. I come from a background in sales with an IT degree. I enjoy partnering with companies and improving their current processes.

Title: Sales Executive

About Our Company

OTech Group LLC

Location: N173 W21294 Northwest Passage Way Jackson
Jackson , WI 53037

Founded: 2004



Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 20-50

How We Help Patients

Patients can input their personal information and make payments in a secure and private manner. Nobody in this day and age wants to wait in lines. Waiting can cause stress, anxiety, and a multitude of emotions that can ultimately risk a person's health. Patients even the ability to check-in to their appointments from the leisure of their home, Starbucks, or anywhere via OTech's mobile solution for pre check-in.

How We Help Physicians

Manual data entry and paper forms are truly a waste of resources. Many practices spend 10's of thousands of dollars on paper, storage, and shredding of paper documents. Eliminate the waste and take your practice paperless! OTech's solutions can automatically take discrete data and save into the patient's EMR for review, and in real time. Reassign staff to other profitable tasks- Not retyping patient data and scanning forms! Many practices have quality metrics that need to be met. OTech can make sure every patient is asked the right questions and at the right time. MU, SDOH, UDS, patient portal enrollment, patient screeners, policies, consents, and much more can be collected from a kiosk, tablet, or mobile solution. All of our integrations are HIPAA compliant, fast, and secure. Physicians can see patients faster and have the ALL the patient data by the time the patient is ready to be seen. Streamline and automate the process to ensure a steady flow of patient volume. Patient Satisfaction: Devices are easy to use, secure, and private. Everything onscreen is presented at a 2nd grade reading level. Collections: On average, it takes 3 or more statements to collect on due balances. Practices using self-service often see collection rates increase by 30% or more at the time of service! Average outstanding balances per provider are around $20,000.

How We Help Hospitals

Collections: Collect on patient due balances, copays, sliding scales, and budget plans. Practices often see collections increase by 30% or more by using self service devices. Turnover Rates: It's extremely costly and time consuming to hire new FTE replacements at the front desk. We have a calculated ROI calculator from a client that shows hiring a kiosk is about 1/5th the cost of rehiring staff. Metrics: Collect MU, UDS, SDOH, consents, HIPAA, policies, etc., electronically and in real-time. Security: All patient data is collected in a private and secure way. Reduce Wait Times: Reduce the workload of the front desk staff. Reduce call wait times (I typically wait 3-5 minutes when I call practices front desks) Eliminate Manual Data Entry

How We Help Partners

The partnerships and integrations we have are critical to establish and maintain compatibility between your PM/EHR system and OTech software.

Challenge Mission

How We Address the Mission of The Challenge(s)

Social Determinants Data Challenge: There are often gaps between patients and their healthcare. By taking the workload of 1000's of patients off the front desk staff using automated solutions, we can bridge that gap and provide patient's the care they deserve. Each person is unique and so should their healthcare experience.

New Orleans and Our Company

I have no current connections to New Orleans. If we win this challenge, we will be able to assist in providing the best care for the people in the community. Each person is unique and so should their healthcare experience.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary


Clinical Information


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised


Thank You

Please note- We are not looking for funding of any kind. We are soley interested in a facility using EPIC to expose our solutions into a new market. 



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