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Sensoria Smart Mask: Comfortable to wear and safe mask designed for COVID19

by Sharlene Sternberg

Revolutionary mask with body temperature sensors, aerospace inspired filtration system, mobile application for the wearer and clinician remote patient monitoring dashboard.
Redmond, WA United States COVID-19 AI in Medicine Wearables WarOnCOVID challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: According to WIRED article: "It is time to face facts, America: masks work." "However, there is no existing mask that solves the COVID19 problem." The mask needs to provide the level of comfort, wearability and safety for an entire day. Scientists should continue studying how best to disinfect and reuse masks. Engineers should reinvent the medical mask altogether, replacing disposable varieties with something more durable, sustainable, perhaps even self-sanitizing."

About our solution: The Sensoria Smart Mask filters out dust, droplets, virus and bacteria and monitors most common COVID19 symptoms. It is transparent to facilitate social interactions, it is washable and very comfortable to wear and breathe into. The mask allows the person wearing it to speak and be heard clearly. In addition, an electronic timer alerts you when to change your disposable filter. In addition to the hardware (sensors & microelectronics), our solution provides a custom mobile application allowing citizens to monitor their own body temperature and enjoy progressively more freedom of movement. Remote patient monitoring capabilities enabled via our clinician dashboard house by the HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Sensoria Health platform consists of sensors, microelectronics based on Azure cloud enabling us to collect and convert biometric sensing data, via predictive analytics, into actionable information for citizens, patients and clinicians in near real-time.

Progress to date:

We are currently in prototype development phase which is able to be completed within the next eight to twelve weeks.  From there, we will move to validation of the system, algorithm development and testing as well as mobile application  and clinician dashboard user interface design and creation.

About Our Team

Creator: Sharlene Sternberg

Location: Washington

Education: Texas Christian University

Bio: Sharlene has over 12+ years of strategic, product and marketing communications experience. She excels at multi-tasking, handling priorities in ever-changing and evolving environments and managing multiple projects with a strong reputation for driving better than expected results. She is a creative thinker, strategic problem-solver and effective communicator. Sharlene willingly accepts new challenges and fosters cross-functional collaboration with a positive, can-do, will-do attitude. She holds an MBA from Texas Christian University and is a former undergraduate and graduate adjunct marketing professor at Western International University.

Title: Marketing Manager

Advanced Degree(s): MBA

About Team Members

Davide Vigano
CEO and Co-Founder, Economics and Business European College Degree from Universita degli Studi di Bergamo
Biography: Davide is a former Microsoft partner level executive with thirty years of extensive product management, marketing and sales experience. He joined Microsoft in 1987 as an intern and his last role with the company served as partner level General Manager of the Health Solutions Group where he was in charge of product strategy for both the HealthVault and the Amalga product lines before they were sold to GE. He holds a master degree in business and economics from University of Bergamo (Italy), marketing and executive education from Kellogg School Management and University of Washington.
Title: CEO and Co-Founder
Advanced Degree(s): Economics and Business European College Degree from Universita degli Studi di Bergamo
Twitter: @healthpilot

Maurizio Macagno
CTO and Co-Founder, Master, Information Technology Telecommunications from Politecnico di Torina
Biography: Maurizio has over 20 years of software and hardware design and development experience, former Xbox Live Program Manager, MCS senior consultant on top Microsoft Enterprise roll out projects in Europe. Mac is a leader and multidisciplinary expert in sensor development, microelectronics and software development. He holds a graduate degree in Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin in Italy.
Title: CTO and Co-Founder
Advanced Degree(s): Master, Information Technology Telecommunications from Politecnico di Torina

About Our Company

Sensoria Health Inc.

Location: 15600 Redmond Way
Suite 205
Redmond, WA 98052

Founded: 2019


Twitter: @SensoriaHealth


Other link:

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

Employees: 10-20

How We Help Patients

In the first wave of the COVID19 pandemic, we as a country, the US, were ill prepared to handle the situation. Therefore, patients were not able to receive the masks that they needed, in a timely manner, and therefore, put undue stress on their current situation. Our solution is proactive in nature, ready to enable patients and the front-line personnel who serve them hopefully before the next wave emerges in a comfortable and safe manner which will enhance quality of life. Our mask provides superb comfort, safety and breathability which allows the patient to wear the mask for extended periods of time. Due to these qualities, patient adherence will increase and safety will be increased for all.

How We Help Physicians

No existing mask protects the wearer and the person in front of the wearer and is comfortable enough to wear for a long period of time during the day. As stated above, the front-line personnel who are at high risk, deserve to be protected. According to the WIRED article referenced earlier, "Engineers should reinvent the medical mask altogether, replacing disposables varieties with something more durable, sustainable and perhaps even, self-sanitizing." Our solution is truly reinventing the current mask offerings with innovative material, filtering, electronics. Since the mask is reusable and only the filter is disposal, we offer less environmental impact. Lastly, our solution is transparent providing for easier communication and facial recognition between the physician, their staff and their patients.

How We Help Hospitals

Hospitals provide the resources, both personnel and facilities, needed to treat the patients. Our technology provides an efficient and effective mechanism for monitoring of patients remotely and in near real time to address health concerns as they occur. Our solution allows us to form strategic partnerships with hospitals and medical device companies who can help with the distribution and supply chain challenges. By working together, we each bring our core competencies and differentiated capabilities to the table. It is a win-win-win for the hospitals, for us and for the patients. For hospital administrators, they will know who is wearing the mask and when to change the filter. As the mask reusable and washable according to hospital standards, it provides additional cost savings.

How We Help Partners

We have identified and secured the appropriate strategic partners across the entire spectrum. In terms of cloud infrastructure, Microsoft is our partner. We are in discussions with a large medical device company which we cannot disclose due to confidentiality. We have identified our manufacturing & electronics partners, selected our material partner. By joining forces and cultivating these relationships we ensure deliverability and reduce associated risks.

Challenge Mission

COVID Problem We Address

As we have seen across the country and the globe, there has been a constant challenge in terms of volume and quality of PPE equipment which has caused unnecessary deaths.  We need to be more proactive versus reactive so that no additional lives are spared.  


Our COVID Solution

Our solution addresses not only the high quality but availability of needed PPE.  In addition, our masks are reusable, comfortable, and decrease environmental impact of hundreds of millions of masks that have already been disposed.  In addition, to not only the mask but we provide customized mobile application and clinician dashboard for effectively and efficiently managing their holistic patient population.  

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

Sensor assemblies; sensor-enabled garments and objects; devices and systems for data collection

Components and assemblies for acquisition and analysis of data collected from sites such body surfaces, footwear and apparel, objects, accessories, and the like are directed to providing intermittent and/or continuous monitoring and reporting of conditions such as force, pressure, shear and other conditions, activity and/or environmental parameters at body locations and/or at an interface of a body location and an object. In one aspect, sensor assemblies comprise one or more sensor(s) and/or associated electronics associated with at least one non-conductive carrier layer. Electronic components including sensor acquisition systems (SAS) and dedicated electronics devices (DED) providing electronics components for signal conditioning, data collection, storage, analysis, feedback, communications and optional sensing capabilities are also described.

Patent Link

Clinical Information

The Filter:  Quality Managment System implemented by HSD Europe is in compliance with the standard UNI CEI EN ISO 13485-2016.  The technology is protected by European and international patents.

Sensoria Health clinical study validation for the Sensoria Core device listed above.  Sensoria Smart Knee Brace validated by Cleveland Clinic in two independent studies. New Hybrid Remote Patient Monitoring System Feasible and Motivating Following Total Knee Arthroplasty  Remote Patient Monitoring Using Mobile Health for Total Knee Arthroplasty: Validation of a Wearable and Machine Learning-Based Surveillance Platform.

Regulatory Status

This will be a class 1 device requiring FDA registration.

How we will use the funds raised

The majority of the funds will be utilized to go from hardware and software proof of concept prototype all the way to a ready for manufacturing which can be made available in the US before the end of the year.  In order to achieve this milestone, additional engineering staff will need to be secured on both the hardware and software development sides.  In addition, algorithms will need to be created, signal processing, testing and certification.

Thank You

In light of the COVID19 pandemic, more than ever before, remote patient monitoring capabilities have become increasingly important as has delivering state of the art differentiated solutions which exceed those that are currently in existence.  Our smart mask + customized mobile application + remote monitoring capabilies are in line with those needs.  The mask is safe and comfortable to wear for many hours.  In addition, it is transparent so that facial recognition can be established and provides maximum breathability.  It has disposable filters so that the mask is resuable.  Most impactfully, it contains an aerospace research inspired filter which traps dust, pollution and 98% of bacteria and virus.  The Sensoria Core device monitors body temperature and has an IMU / Timer for "Filter Health".  The mobile application and clinician cloud dashboard provide effective and efficient management of the clinician's patient population.  We are asking for your support to achieving citizen freedom with reduced stress and anxiety for this yet to be contained and understood virus.



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