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Growfitter Rewards: Gamified Reward platform for healthy living

by Sanmati Pande

Machine learning based incentivised Wellness platform that offers Lifestyle rewards & Cashback to adopt active & healthy lifestyle
Mumbai, MH India Connected Health COVID-19 Community Equity Raise 2021 Vision challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Gamified AI-based Wellness & Insuretech Reward platform to motivate & incentivise people to lead healthy lives everyday. Growfitter offers goal based rewards (short, mid & long term) like movie tickets, flight tickets, hotel stays, health/protein supplements, fitness merchandise, electronic accessories and many more for taking steps, running, cycling, doing workout, yoga, taking diagnostic test & staying active

About our solution: Launched India’s First Gamified AI based rewards & 100% Cashback with Geo Tag Qr Code,Facial Recognition ,Connected Health Kit & Integrated Fitness band/Smartscale . Access to on-demand & live workout classes Launched Corporate Wellness & Reward benefits plan starting $2/month

Progress to date:


. Growth of 300% YOY in Revenue.

·  Revenue achieved $10 Million in last 12 months in India

·  Offered 500k + rewards & 1000+ Cashback to more than 100K+ paid users

·  Expansion in 18+ cities PAN India with a membership base of 5 million customers

About Our Team

Creator: Sanmati Pande

Location: Meath

Education: NMIMS University

Bio: Sanmati- Chartered Accountant, CPA (Australia) & MBA (finance)- 10 years international experience in Corporate Finance -G.E ,Sahara group

Title: CEO

Advanced Degree(s): ACA, CPA(Australia),ACMA(U.K),MBA

About Our Company

Growfitter Private Limited

Location: b/104 shree sainath soc, vakola police station ,santacruz east
Mumbai, MH 400055

Founded: 2016


Twitter: @growfitter


Product Stage: In the Market

Employees: 20-50

How We Help Physicians

For physcians pateints who reqiure to adopt a healthy lifestyle they can refer them to get rewarded & motivated through Growfitter reward platform & can monitor their daily physical activity through the app.

How We Help Partners

We shall partner with Telemedicine providers, E pharmacy , Diagonistic partners & provide offers of their services on our reward platform 

Challenge Mission

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

We have trademark rights over our brand & product offering

Clinical Information

Commuting by walking was associated with a lower risk of CVD incidence and mortality. However, commuting by cycling was associated with the lowest risk of these as well as lower risks of all cause mortality and cancer, with dose dependent relations for all outcomes. Mixed mode commuting was associated with some benefits but only if the active component comprised cycling. These associations were independent of sex, age, deprivation, ethnicity, smoking status, recreational and occupational physical activity, sedentary behaviour, dietary patterns, and other confounding factors, including body mass index and comorbidities. These results are relevant, because active commuting on a daily basis is an important contributor to total physical activity

Regulatory Status

Not applicable

How we will use the funds raised

The funds shall be utilised to offer more premium rewards to users,

Invest in Technology infrastructure,

International Expansion & operations

Build Physical & mental wellness content & also reward users to watch on-demand Growfitter workout videos

Thank You

With Covid 19 Health has become the most essential priority 

Growfitter is on a mission to rewards users to adopt an active & healthy life & bring technology to prevent disease over treatment.

We want you to participate & support us in our mission to motivate & rewards users to Grow Healthy Grow Happy GrowFitter


Investor Info

Market Size

The global population in age group pf 15-45 years is 4 Billion

Growfitter plans to $2 per month every user 

Thus the market size = 4billion x$2 x12 = $96 Billion 

Projected 3 Year Growth

We intend to achieve 1% market penetration within 3 years with gross margin of 70%. This will produce $100 in revenue in 3 years & will allow us to expand our reward platform to include more products & services to motivate users to adopt an active & healthy life.

Revenue Model

We will charge $2  monthly subscription fee & offer 52+ rewards worth $2000 to be earned by offering goal-based rewards (short, mid & long term) like a movie tickets, flight tickets, hotel stays, health/protein supplements, fitness merchandise, electronic accessories and many more for taking steps, running, cycling, buying healthy stuff, doing a workout, yoga, taking diagnostic test & staying active.


Competitors include Vitality UK : reward platform to motivate Health & life Insurance members adopt an active life

Classpass: Offer One pass access to all fitness centres

Growfitter unlike its competitors reward users for goal based fitness activity rather than point system.  Our AI based reward platform tracks the probability of winning rewards & makes the goal easy or tad difficult based on that data set.

Our Data set shall also help Health Insurance companies offer incentivised premium pricing to our users based on their health score


.  Growth of 300% YOY in Revenue.

·  Revenue achieved $10 Million in the last 12 months in India

·  Offered 500k + rewards & 1000+ cashback to more than 100K+ paid users

·  Expansion in 18+ cities PAN India with a membership base of 5 million customers

Due Diligence Docs

Please note that access to the company's confidential materials is limited. Click this button to request access from the Company and its representatives.



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Sanmati Pande
NMIMS University

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