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About our project

This project is Tax Deductible Donation enabled thanks to the Cancer 101 Foundation, dedicated to helping the newly diagnosed learn about their condition, treatment options, and more. Visit them at

The Problem We Solve

One of the many frustrating stressors of a serious illness diagnosis is gaining access to the patient’s own medical record. Patients and their caregivers must navigate a confusing healthcare system while dealing with the illness and managing jobs and families.

Centers of Excellence such as the National Institutes of Health, MD Anderson, Vanderbilt, Moffitt Cancer Center, All Children’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic allow people in remote locations or with rare diseases to get treatment from experts. The first requirement when making an appointment at a Center of Excellence is to submit a complete medical record, but getting access to it is a time-intensive and expensive process that often results in delayed treatment.

CareSync™ was created to solve this problem, so patients can get all their records from all sources quickly and easily.

The CareSync Solution

CareSync provides a combination of technology and services that:
• Gathers a patient’s medical history from ALL of the providers
• Summarizes that medical record to make it readable by new providers
• Creates useful and shareable information for the patient
• Enables the patient and family with web and mobile tools that create better healthcare encounters

CareSync is a web and mobile application that enables anyone to request, receive, and retrieve their medical records from all providers quickly, easily, and at a reasonable cost.

Doctors and administrators at Centers of Excellence have been thrilled with CareSync’s fast and complete records, as well as the summary reports. Having a complete medical record makes their jobs easier, reduces the need for duplicate testing, and gives them a complete picture of the patient’s medical history. Every doctor wants to give the best care possible and a complete medical record enables that.

The Demo: How CareSync Works

CareSync was designed by patients and doctors, so it’s extremely simple. What makes CareSync special is that we do all the work to collect & enter the data! Click to view the video demo, or take a look below—it’s amazingly simple:

1. Sign Up and Get Started

The signup process takes only a moment. A CareSync Plus representative calls within 24 hours to answer questions and make sure the experience is fantastic.

2. Provider Selection & Quick Consent

In less than 5 minutes, patients select their doctors from a national master database and quickly request their records. No fax machine, no printer, no filling out paper forms, no driving to the provider’s office, no giant binders!

3. Our Staff Goes To Work

Next, our trained team gathers ALL of the medical records from ALL of the providers. As long as the medical record still exists (most providers keep them for an average of seven years), we will get it. Trained medical writers summarize each visit to highlight the provider’s assessment and plan, provide the original files, and create a health profile of current and past health information. We also update the record with each visit for the 60-day Getting Started period.

a timeline that is easy to understand and share

4. Records Are Ready To Use & Share

As the records come in they are indexed and made presentable for private access. The patient determines what information to share with family members, caregivers, and providers. One of the biggest benefits of CareSync is a simple fax option, so even at a visit, a document or report can be immediately transmitted to the office and made a part of the permanent record.

We provide a web application with companion mobile apps (iOS and Android) so the information is always accessible and guides the patient to better healthcare visits and helps their doctors access the information quickly and easily.

And Caresync looks great on your mobile and tablet devices:
CareSync's got all your medical records and is ready for you

We’re constantly updating CareSync to add new features and make it even easier to use, and we welcome your ideas & feedback!

CareSync Helps Patients

CareSync provides many benefits to patients. Here are a few of our favorites:

Awareness – Knowledge of what is in the medical record. Most have not seen the majority of what is written about them and for better or worse, we can understand our situation much better when we have full access to the information

Corrections – Ability to correct errors found in the record (most are minor, but every record generally contains a few)

Control – Easy to share some or all of the medical record with family and providers, including a quick to read health summary

Save Money – Avoid duplicate tests because you can share the results or other documentation at that moment

Stay on Track – Reminders on tasks that are part of the treatment plan

Medication Management – Medication tracking and reminders to better understand your adherence and how often you take as needed medications

Access Anywhere – Mobile access that allows you to have your record with you at all times

Add Your Voice – Voice recording of visit plans to allow the patients and their family to listen to the plan or instructions after the visit

Family Access – Family access (with permission of the patient) to allow family members to help the patient

The bottom line though is that better information leads to better care. When the doctors, patients, and caregivers have free and complete access to information and instructions, there is a better chance of finding the best possible options and the best possible outcome for a healthy ever after.

CareSync Helps Doctors, Nurses, and Care Teams

Care professionals can easily provide better care when patients have CareSync. Here are just some of the ways:

Quick Summaries Before each visit, get an easy to read summary of the patient’s current health profile and a summary of the visits since you last saw the patient, as well as the backup right behind it

Ease of Access to all patient data when you need it

Referral Information without the hassle or wait, all updated from your referrals and those referred to you will be available the next time you look at the patient’s records. For patients being actively monitored you can even set alerts to advise you of all updates.

Medication and Allergies You always have accurate medication, problem, and allergy lists

Patient Information Sharing The patient can share results with you from their mobile device at a visit even if you didn’t have it in your record

Patient Reminders and Information Access – The patient remembers what you discussed, gets reminders to complete your action plan, and is more compliant with your instructions, never more important than in today’s outcomes-based reimbursement model. CareSync’d patients are better patients.

Patient Support Team involvement is easier as patient’s family can be included so they can encourage the patient and provide help when needed

With CareSync, you can provide the best possible care now that you have the best possible information.

CareSync Helps Hospitals, Institutions, and Medical Facilities

CareSync helps achieve efficiency, improves the delivery of care, and reduces the cost of care:

  • Always have a complete and accurate history on patients
  • Know recent and past test results for comparison
  • Reduce the likelihood of a patient forgetting his action plan by providing prompts and reminders to the patient, his family, and his care team
  • Improve the efficiency of visits and operations to reduce costs

CareSync Helps Our Partners

CareSync can help partners who need patients to have access to their data or who need de-identified data (as long as the patient gives permission)

Some examples we have seen in early results:

  • Improved care leads to reduced readmissions
  • Validating patient registry results by gathering the diagnostic results to confirm diagnosis, confirming medications or other clinical items
  • Sharing radiology images from one site to another
  • Improved understanding of rare diseases by having better access to more of the data
  • Improve accuracy of quality incentives for payers
  • Improve STAR ratings and other quality measures (HEDIS, etc.)

Your Contributions Help Patients Who Need A Complete Health History

Your donation helps patients who are newly diagnosed or who are traveling to see a specialist at a Center for Excellence, and cannot afford our services. While we give away some services, we need your support so that we can get the complete medical record for every patient who needs it. Getting the Health History requires a medically-trained staff who meets with the patient or caregiver by phone, gets all the records, scans them in, and creates a summary of the Assessment and Plan for each visit. By having these visit summaries and access to their complete record, the patient will better understand his health and the provider will have more information to be able to advise the patient and his family on the best course of treatment. Also, by teaching the patient how to plan for and manage visits, we provide tools for the patient and his family to be more engaged and to ensure the agreed upon treatment plan is followed.

Those who meet income criteria will receive the benefit of your donations for services provided at cost. Thanks to the support of the Cancer 101 Foundation, this support is tax-deductible, just in time for year-end giving.

We’re Passionate About This

Our Chief Operating Officer discovered what it was like to get one of these diagnoses when her then 11 year-old daughter was diagnosed with a systemic, life-threatening, auto-immune disease in 2010. Amy is a nurse with 17 years of experience building and implementing electronic medical records, and even she struggled to keep up with requesting records and summarizing the information. Overwhelmed with entering the information into applications designed for patients, she resorted to a giant binder with copies of her daughter’s record. She took her daughter for treatment at a Center of Excellence, where copies of the entire record were required before the appointment could be made, and she realized there had to be a better way. The team that had built health solutions for doctors and hospitals turned all their attention to patients.

Then one of our own team members was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer while we were building CareSync. A healthy single mom who had never smoked, she struggled for months to get a diagnosis. By the time the cancer was discovered, it had spread to her bones. Our team tried to get help from a Center of Excellence, but she was extremely sick by that time, and she had neither the time nor money due to her hospital stay and other medical bills. In honor of her and those like her, we fight for patients to help them get access to the information and care they need.

Our Team

We have an experienced health care team that has worked together on various projects for a decade, including building an Electronic Medical Record that was sold to a publicly traded company. We know healthcare and we’ve joined the revolution to give patients access to the data they need to get proper treatment, and to make it simple to use and share.

Our Leadership Team

Travis Bond – CEO Linkedin Profile
Amy Gleason, RN – COO Linkedin Profile
Lisa Bond – Executive Director Linkedin Profile
Dennis Mihale, MD – Chief Medical Officer Linkedin Profile
Courtney Larned – VP Marketing Linkedin Profile
Scott Tappan – VP, Business Development Linkedin Profile
Ken Lambert, VP Sales Linkedin Profile

How to Find Us:
Twitter @CareSync
Facebook: Our Caresync Page
Our Blog

From our family to yours, we thank you for your attention and support for our program and the people that need it. Spread the Word via email, Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite sharing tool, or put your comments in the comments tab and tell us how we can be even better! Please consider backing this project with rewards at the right here however you can. The tax deductible ones are clearly noted.

With your help, we can make the records retrieval and sharing process easier for many more patients who need it.

Yours Truly,
Amy Gleason and Travis Bond


For $ 15 or more

1 Supporter(s)

FOR SUPPORTERS: Show the world you care about this problem and want to provide CareSync for patients in need, and we will do our best to solve the problem Here and on our website, we will list your name and who you are honoring with your donation as a contributor to our scholarship fund.

For $ 35 or more

0 Supporter(s)

FOR PATIENTS: All of the above plus a REGINA HOLLIDAY designed T-shirt to show everyone you are part of the solution!

For $ 99 or more

0 Supporter(s)

BUY ONE GET ONE: All of the above plus two Getting Started packages. Keep one for yourself, and one will go to a patient in need.

For $ 279 or more

1 Supporter(s)

FOR DOCTORS: Gift cards for 3 CareSync Getting Started packages ($297 retail) to give to 3 patients in your practice who need it, and three additional packages will go to patients in need.

For $ 500 or more

0 Supporter(s)

BE A CARESYNC DESIGNER: Spend 4 hours with hour design and development team (via conference call, or you can come to our Florida office) and let us know what updates you’d like to see in CareSync.

For $ 999 or more

0 Supporter(s)

FOR DOCTORS: Get 10 Getting Started packages to give (or sell) to your patients ($990 retail) and also give 10 to the scholarship fund for patients in need (you can send your patients to apply as well). You also get the T-shirt and your name on the sponsorship list.

For $ 5000 or more

0 Supporter(s)

BE A REALLY FUN CARESYNC DESIGNER: Fly 2 people to Tampa for a weekend (US origin cities only) with 2 nights at a local hotel. Experience one of our infamous pool parties at our CEO’s home and get an all-day design session with our team to design a feature that you think would help you and our other CareSync members.

For $ 10000 or more

0 Supporter(s)

FOR HOSPITALS: Get 150 CareSync Getting Started packages ($14,850 retail) to use as scholarships for your patients in need. Get a four hour design session with our design team to give ideas that you think would help your patients.

For $ 25000 or more

0 Supporter(s)

FOR PARTNERS: Get 350 Getting Started packages ($34,650 retail) for whatever patient population helps your cause. As long as patients consent to share their data, blinded information can be collected and shared with you. Get up to 15 data points delivered for those 350 patients.

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