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About our project

Seeing is believing. captureproof is the first HIPAA compliant platform to track health visually over time. The visual quantified self : use photos and video to explain symptoms, monitor progress and get a faster diagnosis with fewer appointments!

The Problem We Solve

When is the last time you burned a photo/video on a CD-ROM and shipped it via FedEx or courier? 2007? 2001? 1996?
Medicine, especially Cardiology continues to use the archaic method of burning physical CDs and shipping patient data through FedEx or courier. Another sub-par option is sending a report with a hand drawing or no images at all.

This antiquated system has significant limitations:

• Slow, one-way communication.

• Limiting referring doctor’s timely knowledge.

• Increase costs as pertinent data is not available promptly.

Doctors regularly resort to illegal activity to facilitate faster and better care. While doing their reviews of an angiogram/echo, cardiologists take photos of results with their mobile phones to quickly share results with their patients and their patients’ referring doctors. These texted/emailed photos and video are unorganized, hard to find and it is nearly impossible to monitor a patient’s progress. Not to mention – illegal.

Patient data that is unsecured – like in a text on a doctor’s mobile phone – violates HIPAA and the HITECH ACT. Consequences of a breach include:

• $50,000 for each piece of data/ each photo or video.

• Up to a year in jail.

• Loss of medical license.

Doctors are frustrated with these shortcomings, they desire to deliver the best care which leaves them with little choice but to break the law… until now – introducing captureproof!

How We Solve the Problem

captureproof — HIPPA compliant visual notepad for medicine

captureproof is revolutionizing the way doctors communicate with one another and their patients. It is the slick, lightening-fast, HIPAA compliant app to capture, compare and securely share photos and video. It is the visual notepad for medicine.

In the hospital setting, leveraging technology in 86% of doctors’ pockets, captureproof enables doctors to take quick snapshots while reviewing a cardiac procedure without the legal worry. captureproof facilitates collaboration across the entire care team including the patient, everyone can review images instantaneously.

The days of waiting for a CD delivery or a patient forgetting the CD at home are over. Photos and video arrive organized, are instantaneously shared and accessible from anywhere. With our comparative organization and progressive images the doctor can easily and clearly see if a patient is getting better or not.

Outside of the doctor’s office, captureproof is like having your doctor’s eye in the palm of your hand. Patients can record a photo or video of an episodic event or other visual symptoms happening to track and share their progress over time, no matter where it happens. Medicine is a study of patterns. This is why patients often hear, “Let’s wait-and-see.” captureproof changes this to the powerful: see-and-know!™

captureproof comes with clear benefits. Securely sharing photos/video online enables doctors, especially cardiologists, to reduce costs while improving the quality of care provided, and,increases their ability to attract the right referrals to their facility. captureproof enables doctors to build better and further reaching networks, and creates a more open platform for collaboration. When patient data is stored and shared on captureproof, patients and doctors have secure access to the data at all times.

How it Works

Ever wonder if you are getting better or not? If your medication is worth taking? Want to see your progress over time?

Grab your smartphone, download the captureproof app and you are on your way.

Load captureproof app

For a patient it is 3 easy steps:

  1. Take a picture
  2. Share with your doctor
  3. Track over time

It’s as easy as that. You can use captureproof for any visual symptoms or disease, everything from a diaper rash to a movement disorder and the many things in between.

For the physician: it is those same three easy steps – but manages all of her patients in a meaningful way. If the doctor is taking the images themselves it is a snap. If their patients are sending them photos from home, all data arrives organized, a huge time saver leading to more accurate triage, better remote monitoring and a faster diagnosis.

Provider patient list in captureproof

Provider patient display captureproof

Consistency is critical over time, and captureproof enables its users to have great before, during and after images, two proprietary ways:

  1. Your first photo is overlayed on the camera screen so you can easily match up all following photos in a series.
  2. captureproof removes color cast so colors show if something is getting more red, or green for that matter.

Clinical Efficacy to Date

We are honored to be working with some of the brightest minds in Cardiovascular health, Sidney C. Smith Jr., MD, and Prashant Kaul, MD, at University of North Carolina, to further the progress of captureproof and create great impacts across cardiac care. These leading cardiologists are interested in a 12 month study to look at the impact of captureproof as a communication tool in cardiology – to further benefit patients toward health. It has been documented in numerous studies that Well informed patients consistently do better as compared to poorly educated patients and their are data suggesting that the visual impact of the patients disease burden can be very helpful in stimulating patients to adhere to important medications and lifestyle modifications.

captureproof is currently making impacts in plastic surgery (post-op follow up), neurology (movement disorders), orthopedic surgery (post-op wound and range of motion follow up), general surgery and more. The captureproof web app allows for capture, compare and secure sharing for both patients and doctors live. Currently captureproof is an invite only community of clinicians who want to treat their patients with modern tools.

Mobile apps are the next release. The captureproof Patient mobile app is launching in private beta JANUARY 2014 into a large managed healthcare organization. And will start a release to the public in March. captureproof Doctor mobile app is due out March 2014. (just in time to launch at ACC :) )

Published Study:
captureproof published data at the American Academy of Neurology 2013- Abstract here

Our first study was conducted in Pediatric Neurology. We looked at how using captureproof and video augmented triage of patients to rule out seizures. In the study, 18 children were referred by a pediatrician to the child neurologist to rule out seizures based solely on the parent’s description. If they had followed current protocol all 18 kids would have undergone an EEG test.

Because the parents had captureproof the neurologist was able to see the events in question. The neurologist identified only 4 kids actually needed EEGs – captureproof reduced unneeded tests by 78%.

The results demonstrated how the use of captureproof lead to:
• Faster diagnosis
• Fewer tests
• Optimized treatment
all at a fraction of the cost.

We continue our research in child neurology launching our second study.

Orthopedics is another specialty where captureproof is adding significant value. In orthopedics, surgeries are capitated, the fee for a surgery includes the NEXT 90 days of follow-up care. Reducing follow up visits has great advantages for all.

Social Press:
Huffington Post says captureproof is one of the “Top American Startups to watch in 2014”

How Will captureproof Reduce Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke by 20% by 2020

Many patients lack the motivation necessary to control cardiac risk factors and physicians have looked for a solution to activate apathetic patients. Our hypothesis, and a number of past studies have shown, that patients who see the impact of their disease through images are more likely to adhere to lifestyle changes and their medication. This increased compliance leveraging the smartphone already in the patients’ pocket is the impact captureproof will have while playing a critical role to the 20% reduction by 2020.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what Dr. Kual, a Cardiologist, thinks of captureproof’s role:

“As an interventional cardiologist, it is absolutely crucial to be able to effectively communicate the results of coronary diagnostic and interventional procedures to my patients, their families and referring physicians. This ability to communicate results is one of my highest priorities because this type of information and education is essential to improving outcomes and treatment compliance.

Well-informed patients consistently do better as compared to poorly educated patients and their are data suggesting that the visual impact of the patients disease burden can be very helpful in stimulating patients to adhere to important medications and lifestyle modifications.

Now with the captureproof platform using a smartphone allows instant communication to occur in a way that is very practical and feasible and consistent with a busy schedule and importantly is HIPAA compliant.

Now I can instantly and safely share image results with referring physicians who now don’t need to wait for a cd to reach them or a phone call describing results, they can be rounding on their patients at the hospital, sitting at home, or even be at their son’s soccer game and have an instant visual update angiographic results.

The complexity of procedures we perform and their interpretation is as such that the ability to review and compare with previous images is also essential. The captureproof user interface allows me to arrange images chronologically and instantly compare them.”

-Prashant Kaul, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Interventional Cardiologist, UNC

How Will We Help Patients

Patient participation is the most important component to success, without it health will never be fully achieved. The key ingredients to getting a patient healthy is having patient buy-in and for them to be active in their own care. Studies have shown that patients who see their damaged physiology are more likely to embrace the challenge of the changes needed to get themselves healthy. Regaining health requires patient participation through lifestyle change: diet, exercise, smoking cessation or just adhering to medications properly. Showing patients their positive or negative progress side by side – will further empower and motivate the patient along the path to health versus the one to death.

How Will We Help Doctors

Photo-sharing tells a subtle story Doctors have been sticking scopes into eyes and ears for decades. Patients never see what the doctor sees, and notations akin to “within normal limits” march throughout the chart. For diabetics, progression of retinopathy may be subtle. For skin wound checks, a “clean, dry, intact” incision might actually be slightly worse. But how much better or worse is the patient really, if there’s no image to compare?

Your smartphone’s camera roll is not HIPAA-compliant. captureproof is pioneering a new secure photo/video solution to remove some of the guesswork from image-based medical decision-making. Now, doctors and patients can compare current and previous medical photos/video on a smartphone to visualize incremental progress.

How Will We Help Hospitals and Institutions

captureproof reduces the liability of behavior that is already happening at an institution. Having a HIPAA compliant platform for all of the photos and video created with a mobile phone, protects the liability of the hospital. But beyond that it offers the ability to give better care to more. captureproof extends the reach of an institution and allows them to help even more patients. Remote follow up can be done from anywhere – so if your patient goes home down the block – or in another country – the doctor can still keep an eye on their healing.

How Will We Help Our Partners

captureproof was designed with clinical trials in mind. In fact our founder used to manage photos for clinical trials. Should you have a visual endpoint in a study, there is no better way to manage those photos or videos than with captureproof.

How Will We Use the Funds

captureproof will use the funds to perform a year long clinical trial at UNC medical center looking at the impact of using visuals of a patient’s own body and impact of disease as an education tool and motivator to become more active in their own care.

We will also continue to build functionality on the platform. In addition, captureproof will launch the doctor app at the ACC to spread the word about the positive impact that photos and video can have on health when made meaningful. captureproof can have impact across the nation and the world in cardiology.

captureproof Team

Founder Meghan Conroy

Chief Medical Officer: Kris Siemionow, MD Spine Surgeon

CTO / Engineering Lead: Mike Demers

Lead Infrastructure & Security Engineer: Alejandro Figueroa

Internal Operations: Sabrina Patel, JD

Contact Us


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WEAR YOUR SUPPORT: a Spiffy captureproof T-Shirt or iPhone case to show everyone you are part of the solution! Our t-shirts and cases catch quite a buzz when worn with our logo - the hand with the eye in it is in silver on a blue shirt. Show off your good health! You also get a tax deductible receipt (as you do for all rewards.)

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captureproof TREND SETTER: Be the first to experience captureproof! You will receive our patient mobile app, an iPhone case to show off your support, and 3 months of unlimited use as soon as the app is available to the general public.

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CLINICAL TRIAL 1: Management of photos or video for a trial with up to 5 clinicians and 25 patients for 6 months, no limit on storage. (And 10 iPhone cases).

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