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About our project

The Problem

Are you concerned you or a loved one will develop Alzheimer’s disease? Would you like to know if you are at risk so you can take action to potentially stop or delay the disease for years? What would it mean to you to keep memory intact, to keep a loved one functional and to live a full life without loss of the mind? What would it mean to society to have a screening technology that could reduce the over $200 Billion yearly cost of caring for Alzheimer’s – not to mention the suffering of patients and families?

Our Solution: MentScan

Millennium Magnetic Technologies LLC or MMT presents the MentScan – the world’s first, patented screening technology that uses functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging or fMRI for detecting the very earliest changes in the brain that indicate risk for Alzheimer’s before patients even suspect they have a problem- before memory or cognitive impairment becomes evident.

What does that mean? It means patients have the ability to take actions including changes in diet, mental exercises, or taking medication that their doctor believes could be of help preventing the disease. It means long term financial or living accommodation actions can be taken. And the test is completely private.

Why even screen for Alzheimer’s Disease? Isn’t it incurable?

Doctors no longer wait until a patient feels a lump to test for breast cancer- they do screening mammograms to pick up the tiniest changes that indicate the start of breast cancer so that action can be taken. They no longer wait for colon cancer symptoms- they screen with colonoscopy and take out any pre-cancerous lesions.

Almost every day new information about Alzheimer’s disease becomes available – what is causing it, what correctible blood abnormalities or diet may associated with it, what can be done to slow the progress. Refusing to identify Alzheimer’s before you have symptoms would be similar to refusing to check your cholesterol because you were worried you might die of a heart attack.

Now Alzheimer’s screening with the MentScan is available through MMT – to enable preemptive action against a devastating disease.

Physicians: For additional information Click Here

How Does It Work?

MMT is Millennium Magnetic Technologies, LLC – the world’s first company to truly harness the amazing power of fMRI to image thought. We’ve exclusively licensed the patent to the Cognitive Engram- the master key to understanding and recording thought in the human brain. We can read and interpret a special kind of Magnetic Resonance Imaging called Functional MRI or fMRI.

While MRI can show physical changes in the brain like strokes or tumors, fMRI shows the actual neurologic activity of various regions of the brain. The Cognitive Engram takes this information and turns it into something meaningful to you.

Color Enhanced Anatomic MRI

With this Cognitive Engram technology amazing applications are in development:

  1. Detecting the very earliest changes in brain function for Alzheimer’s Disease – even before patients have the earliest
    complaints or symptoms of the disease – with a specific application we call the MentScan
  2. Identifying if a person is actually having pain. This is vital in personal injury cases for equitable settlements and to help a patient’s doctor to know for certain pain is present.
  3. Detecting deception or truthfulness- the Cognitive Engram adds new capabilities for lie-detection scenarios
  4. And other truly amazing approaches to interacting with human thought that we will reveal over the next several months.

MMT is here to make a positive difference in the human experience. The Cognitive Engram is a disruptive technology that will change many things related to human thought over the next several years.

Accredited Investors: For additional information Click Here for Additional Information

Why We Initially Focused On Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most devastating diseases affecting mankind. It robs the human mind of the ability to think and remember and ultimately causes death. There are over 450,000 new cases diagnosed every year in the United States alone and that number is growing. More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. The costs in the United States exceed $200 Billion per year on direct patient care alone- and require another $200 Billion of unpaid, family donated care.

The concern is so enormous that the National Institutes of Health and 10 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have announced a new collaboration to fight Alzheimer’s and other diseases. This is a very personal disease that affects spouses, children, sisters, brothers and every person who is connected to a patient with Alzheimer’s disease. The emotional toll is staggering.

How can MMT help those worried about Alzheimer’s disease?

The Cognitive Engram technology can detect the specific areas of the brain with the initial changes that could signal the future development of Alzheimer’s – potentially years before a person has any detectable symptoms. This means that patients can have a potentially multi-year head start on combating Alzheimer’s disease. Or bring peace of mind that their early memory problems are not Alzheimer’s.

While current medication and mental training exercises have marginal effects on existing Alzheimer’s – likely because the plaques or abnormal proteins have already spread through the brain- starting treatment preemptively may delay or even stop the disease progression.

What would it mean to delay Alzheimer’s for 5, 10 or more years? The emotional and monetary savings would be enormous. What decisions might you make if you knew you were at risk for Alzheimer’s? Would you adjust your financial or long term care plans? MMT provides this evaluation privately so only you and those you choose to inform have access to this information.

Patients: for Additional Information on MMT’s Clinical Studies Click Here

What MMT Needs & What You Get

MMT needs resources to bring the Cognitive Engram technology to bear on Alzheimer’s and other neurologic problems, as well as documentation of Pain for medical and legal purposes, Deception & Truthfulness, and to pursue the other amazing uses of the Cognitive Engram in human thought. In order to jump-start the company, we are now offering the MentScan for detection of Pre-Alzheimer’s changes.

The Latest MRI Technology – Safe and Effective

At this time the MentScan is available in Birmingham, AL and New York, NY with expansion planned to Ohio and California. You should know not every patient can have an MRI, so certain restrictions apply and you may not be eligible for a scan. You may also purchase a Priority Patient package and stay up to date on our latest advances and news on Alzheimer’s through our email updates. Or do Non-Scan Alzheimer’s Testing if you’re not ready for the MentScan but have concerns about existing memory or organizational issues.

Or have dinner with our founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Donald Marks. He’ll be able to discuss the Cognitive Engram and its application to Alzheimer’s and other areas of interest to MMT.

Donate as you wish to MMT- we appreciate all support and being discussed on social media. Use the Medstartr sharing tools to spread the word. Speak to your doctor, your family, your spouse, and your parents and tell them about the new test available for Alzheimer’s disease. Read our disclaimer at the end of this page.

Our Team

Dr. Donald Marks, M.D., Ph.D. Chief Science Officer, MMT

Dr. Marks is a clinical researcher in applications related to understanding the 3D activation patterns in the brain resulting from specific thoughts. He is founder and CSO of Millennium Magnetic Technologies, LLC. He is published in the area of methodology to interpret activation patterns going to specific thoughts and has been awarded several patents in this area. This patented technology centers around the concept of Cognitive Engrams which correlate specific thoughts to specific activation patterns in the brain, which enables thought interpretation.

Dr. Steven Levy, M.D. Chief Executive Officer, MMT

Dr. Levy serves as the CEO of the thought and memory imaging company Millennium Magnetic Technologies, LLC. He is President of the Acoma Group which provides business development services to biopharmaceutical, medical and healthcare companies globally. He is also President of MD Stem Cells seeking to advance regenerative medicine and acts as Study Director for the NIH registered clinical study SCOTS- Stem Cell Ophthalmology Treatment Study. Dr. Levy serves as an adjunct professor in Anatomy & Physiology at Norwalk Community College.

Our Website and Additional Information

Our website offers extensive information for those interested in learning more about fMRI technology. Please feel free to post comments in our MedStartr campaign to continue the conversation and contact us through our website.

Predicting Alzheimer’s: Would you want to know?

MRI Can Detect Pre-Clinical Alzheimer’s Disease, Says New Study

60 Minutes Episode : The MRI Machine That Reads Your Thoughts

Disclaimer for MentScan Test

MMT LLC including its management and employees are not diagnosing or treating medical conditions. Only a practicing physician or other qualified licensed provider can do that. The ordering physician- whether your own doctor or one working with MMT- will determine before your MRI scan whether you meet all the requirements to undergo an MRI scan. Not all individuals will be able to undergo an MRI scan or will actually be able to tolerate it. Conditions which might exclude you from an MRI scan include having claustrophobia, a pacemaker, any piece of metal in the body that might move and certain metal implants. If you have questions you may ask your own physician or contact us through for a preliminary review before purchasing a perk with the MentScan.

In the event the physician determines you are NOT able to have the MentScan due to the above conditions- and you have purchased it- the purchase price will be refunded less fees charged by Medstartr (8% of purchase)and WePay ( 3-4% of purchase).

MMT makes no claim concerning the admissibility of the MentScan in court or for disability or insurance claims, nor that insurers or providers will cover the cost of performance of the procedure or accept our scan as documentation of a disease.


For $ 19 or more

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Priority Patient Receive our CogniScan Newsletter via email- we constantly review the medical literature regarding Alzheimer's for new ways to delay or treat the disease. Stay up to date with the latest progress at MMT and if you decide to take the CogniScan we’ll be ready to help you quickly.

For $ 99 or more

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Non-Scan Cognitive Testing- Not ready to do the CogniScan for Alzheimer's but still curious how you fair with respect to your memory and organization? Have our physician supervised cognitive testing that can detect changes in higher mental functions which may signal concern about Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

For $ 595 or more

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Dinner with the Founder- Spirited conversation and dinner with Dr. Donald Marks, founder and Chief Science Officer of MMT , who is changing the way the world thinks about thought! Location to be determined. Minimum 5, maximum 10 people.

For $ 1275 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (10 left of 10 )

Be one of the first to experience CogniScan! You'll receive a CogniScans almost a 60% discount of the normal price. Hurry, only 10 available.

For $ 1975 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (10 left of 10 )

Still want a discounted CogniScan but missed out on the above special pricing? Do not worry! You'll receive a a 33% discount to the normal price. Hurry, only 10 more available!

For $ 2975 or more

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Have the world’s first regularly available, patented PRE-CLINICAL Alzheimer’s Screening fMRI using the Cognitive Engram technology licensed by MMT. With the CogniScan the physicians with MMT can identify changes in the brain that may indicate a tendency to develop Alzheimer’s Disease BEFORE you have any manifestations of the disease such as problems with memory or organization. Why screen? So that you can take action pre-emptively that may delay or stop the progression of the disease. And most importantly- we help you find the ways you and your doctor can take action. At this time Cogniscan is available in Birmingham, AL and New York, NY with expansion planned to Ohio and California.

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