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About our project

Update: Oct 2013 – YNIO Raises 390K!
To be honest, not all projects are great for rewards-based crowdfunding. YNIO is a perfect example, but they did great and their crowdfunding campaign restarted the conversations with dozens of clients and hospitals that were in the sales funnel. The Hospital sales cycle has killed many companies, but not this one. Maybe it had something to do with the 4,155 views from the health crowd of their video for a total of 47 hours? It just stands as testimony that in healthcare you can work your butt off and have a great product, but that is often not enough, sometimes you need more exposure, eyeballs, and a little luck. We make our own luck around here, you could even say we are a luck factory.

Back then we didn’t have an equity version, so they had to close the round the old fashioned way. In March YNIO took on $390,000 in funding and got a fantastic new partner helping them spread their service to tens of thousands more nurses. We are very excited for our friends at YNIO and look forward to helping them with their next round on MedFundr!

Alex Fair
Founder & CEO,

Update: Nov 2013 – Next Round Closing
YNIO rebranded as Intelliblast Communications and is arranging for it’s next tranche this month. Want to get involved with this amazing company today? Contact Us today and we will introduce you. They are all set up on MedFundr, which should be available later in the month, but for now only private beta access is available.

Here is the original project:

As the one responsible for ensuring quality nursing coverage for your patients, you see this scenario all the time:
One of the nurses has gotten injured, and her shift has to be filled!

By calling the members of your nursing staff one by one, you’ll only get in touch with about 15 within an hour. But an hour for your patients is too long and the effect on your day is a massive loss of productive time.

Instead, imagine being able to contact every registered nurse that is qualified for the needs of that particular shift instantly, and getting their responses within seconds.

This is what does. The YNIO™ communications platform is a paradigm changing, disruptive technology that will forever change the way your healthcare team is coordinated in times of great need, for emergencies large and small.

How it works

When you have a need, simply say what type of people you need when and where. Your un-allocated staff will receive a text, phone call, then email (or in any order they prefer) with the details of an assignment. One click will accept or reject the request and instantly alert you of their availability and decision.

For example: click to show that you need an RN at 11pm to work in the emergency room at location X. The system then determines which of your staff are qualified and available for that shift and how they prefer to be communicated with. It then sends specified communications to select staff members who upon receiving the request, can accept or reject the assignment.

Designed for both Administrators & Nurses

CLICK Hospitals and healthcare facilities/agencies are able to instantly contact and confirm staff by multiple communication methods, including 2-way text, phone and email.

CONTACT Enables connectivity with staff in ways that help with shift coverage, routine and emergency communications, compliance communications and continuity of operations.

CONFIRM The YNIO™ communications platform recognizes a staff member’s response and can then perform a number of functions such as: notifying a manager who has filled the shift, sending information to a scheduling or billing application, or filling the next requisition.

RESULTS improves patient outcomes, staff morale and customer satisfaction while simultaneously decreasing staff turnover, overtime costs and agency usage.

What problem are we solving?

Healthcare cannot happen without healthcare providers and an army of ancillary staff. Staffing needs change by the minute – callouts, accidents, injuries, changes in census and changes in acuity all require staff communication.

That communication is done, today, by telephone calling one provider at a time. This is inefficient, expensive and time consuming. Inadequate staffing leads to decreased patient outcomes, lower patient satisfaction, increased overtime and agency costs, increased worker injuries and turnover, increased “never” events and a lower bottom line.

How does YNIO solve the problem?’s competitive edge is our patent-pending communications platform, which makes communication instant on any existing device.

In addition, our system monitors license, CPR and insurance expirations and can automatically notify management and staff when action is required. It also categorizes staff by seniority, per diem vs. part-time vs. full-time, or by department. can: decrease overtime expenses; decrease agency usage; decrease staff vacancy rates and dangerous under-staffing; decrease employee turnover due to mandates and burnout; increase patient/provider contact hours; improve patient outcomes and satisfaction; introduce new communications capabilities for routine and emergency communications; and provide a hardware-agnostic unified communications solution for pennies per person per day.

How we help Organizations

  • Allocate staff efficiently in response to changing needs
  • Document receipt and response to staff communications effortlessly
  • Increase staff/patient contact time
  • Create opportunities for cost savings through OT reduction and operational efficiency
  • Improve staff morale and willingness to fill shift vacancies
  • Manage staff effectively via 2-way instant communications

How we help Staff

  • Decide when, where and how often you would like to work
  • Choose how you receive communications – text, phone and /or email
  • Adjust your availability in real-time
  • Be contacted only when you are available to work
  • Customize your availability for flexible-shifts
  • View your availability, work history and upcoming shifts
  • Receive reminders for license renewal

How we help Patients

  • Better Outcomes
  • Improved Satisfaction
  • Reduced 30 Day Readmissions
  • Better Customer Service
  • Enhanced Experience

How we help Doctors

  • Improved Order Execution
  • Better Patient Outcomes
  • Available Nurses and Staff
  • Decreased Readmission rates
  • Optimal Operational Efficiency

Thank you for considering Supporting Your Nurse is on with one of our Startr packages. While we have a good number of installations that are live and pilots going at some of the largest institutions in the world, we know we can help more nursing managers and facilities and would like to get trial version in the hands of everyone who needs this simple, cost effective solution sooner rather than later. We let you try it because we know your nurse managers will LOVE it. How do we know? Because the system was designed by a Nurse Manager and it works like a charm.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to call.

Sincerely Yours,
Matthew Browning, MSN, RN
Founder and CEO,


For $ 5 or more

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A heartfelt “Thank You” from all of us at YourNurseIsOn

For $ 20 or more

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A personalized “Tweet of Thanks” from our CEO

For $ 30 or more

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A place on our YNIO- MedStartr online “Wall of Honor” and all of the above rewards.

For $ 60 or more

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60 days full use of YNIO for up to 20 staff at your Hospital or Agency and one hour of setup assistance (more than enough to get you going with YNIO.)

For $ 100 or more

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60 days full use of YNIO for up to 50 staff at your Hospital or Agency and one hour of setup assistance (more than enough to get you going with YNIO.)

For $ 500 or more

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60 days full use of YNIO for up to 300 staff at your Hospital or Agency

For $ 1000 or more

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A full year of YNIO for up to 50 staff at your Hospital or Agency

For $ 2500 or more

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A full year of YNIO for up to 100 Staff at your Hospital or Agency AND your logo on our website’s “Partners” page

For $ 5000 or more

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A full year of YNIO for up to 250 Staff at your Hospital or Agency AND your logo on our website’s “Partners” page

For $ 10000 or more

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A full year of YNIO for up to 500 Staff at your Hospital or Agency, logo on our website’s “Partners” page & free “Workforce Data Package”

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