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About our project

How easy is it to tell the Paramedics during a heart attack that you also have kidney or other problems? This is what happens thousands of times a day. Your EMT or Paramedic has all the systems they need right there in the ambulance and could be reviewing your chart on the way to the hospital, downloading the information and making sure you get the best care possible. A simple, easily accessible record can make all the difference and saves lives. We know, we have been providing the My Crisis Records USB stick for years (see below) and have helped hundreds of thousands of people keep their records with them at all times. We are bringing this project to MedStartr today to fund our next version and enable the smartphone version of our life saving emergency-focused patient health record system.

Why are we Emergency-focused? Well, if the CDC’s annual list of leading causes of death actually included medical errors (which it should) they would show up as number 6, just below car accidents. Each year, the equivalent of 390 jumbo jets full of people die each year due to preventable, in-hospital medical errors. Most of these are due to not having ready information available and providers being forced to make “educated guesses”. MyCrisisRecords helps provider them make informed decisions. This is why whole countries are adopting MCR for all their citizens.

MyCrisisRecords, is a Personal Health Record (PHR) and data exchange system that is universally accessible from any computer. It is designed to be convenient, easy-to-use, affordable and secure. Our app empowers patients and their loved ones in medical emergencies. It can securely display and transmit vital health data by and to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! This saves time and reduces the possibility of medical errors in emergency situations.

Our Solution

In addition to the USB shown above, our system also includes a 24/7 On Demand Crisis Response Transmittal System™, a digital record storage device called “My Crisis Capsule”, a smart phone accessible record, and a printable “My Crisis Card” with an embedded QR code that takes emergency technicians right to your record. We take accessing your records immediately and securely very seriously and have enabled every method possible.

By having your information at their fingertips you will enable your emergency or any clinician to give the best care possible based on your medical facts. This mobile health technology system can avoid and reduce medical errors, omissions, delays, redundancy, confusion, unnecessary diagnostic test, medical expenses and save lives.

MyCrisisRecords™ can function as a stand alone Personal Health Record platform or can be integrated as a value-added feature to any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

Why MCR is Unique

MCR is not just a PHR. Our software is one that facilitates and allows for medical data to be exchanged immediately in any situation. The scannable QR code allows first responders in crisis situations to alert an ER of an incoming patient’s history and alert the patient’s loved ones. Our solution is unique because of its patient centric nature, its use in both emergency and routine care visits, its QR code technology, and 24/7 on call transmittal system.

How MyCrisisRecords Works

In Emergency Situations:
EMTs or paramedics can use the USB stick directly or simply scan the QR code on your Crisis Card. They will get immediate, secure access to your vital health data.

First responders can now perform a knowledge-based assessment at the scene of the emergency event and enhance their ability to perform an evidence-based intervention. Vital health data include: Blood type, Allergies, Medication, Medical conditions, Primary care and specialist Physician names and phone numbers, as well as emergency contact information.

At Routine Visits:
*Members can view, access and share their diagnostic files without Internet access the files on their My Crisis Capsule™ remote digital device. The “My File” section (at the end of the PHR profile) contains links to the embedded diagnostic files so that doctors can conveniently download, review or share files when connected to the internet.

  • Health care providers can upload any diagnostic test results into the PHR Profile then the patient can download their PHR Profile into the remote digital device. The results can then be shared with other health care providers without internet connectivity
  • NO SPECIAL SOFTWARE IS NEEDED, nor is there any cost for your doctors
  • Server is private and the PHR is owned by the patient on a HIPAA compliant server (this means your privacy is assured)
  • Click here for a video demo

How We Help Patients

Simply put, if you have allergies, medical conditions, or other chronic or pre-existing conditions, we can save your life. Making sure the right data gets to your care providers in a crisis is what we do for you.

First responders will have current vital health information and advance directives readily available prior to the patient admission to the approaching emergency room, trauma center or triage site where the point of service provides their crisis intervention. In addition to this, our software alerts the patient’s emergency contacts during a medical emergency or disaster event.

How we Help Doctors & Hospitals

  • Quality of Care: This mobile health technology system will avoid and reduce medical errors, omissions, delays, redundancy, confusion, unnecessary diagnostic test, medical expenses and save lives. This allows for a better quality of care. Our solution empowers patients first and foremost, leading to greater patient engagement and ultimately, to greater patient satisfaction.
  • ROI: Revenue opportunities come in many forms. Putting patients first is not only good medicine, but good business. More to the point, we believe our mHealth technology solution will accelerate the pace of consumer empowerment and will redefine emergency medical responsiveness and disaster proactive planning.
  • Cost efficiency: Getting the right information in the right hands quickly not only saves lives, but saves money too. Uneccessary tests and making the wrong choices represent a huge financial burden, often for the patient as well as the institutions.

We Help Our Partners Save Money

The Center for Information Technology Leadership recently estimated that approximately:

  • $20 billion could be saved each year in the U.S. by using PHRs
  • $4.8 billion could be saved each year in the U.S. through e-visits supported by PHRs

By integrating our solution your hospital, company, EMR, or other organization can be part of the solution to this vast problem.

How We Will Spend Your Contributions:

Your contributions will allow us to finish developing the native iPhone and Android smartphone apps to add to our already wide range of communication methods. This will improve the services for all existing users of MCR and help improve medical safety for even more people around the world tomorrow.

Here are a few screenshots of what we have built so far and where we are going with this;

It starts with your basic information, easily accessible:

Next we enable storage and retreival of your vital files:

The MCR App Dashboard

And of course we enable easy access to your PHR in seconds:

Your Vital Records at a glance

These are just a few screenshots. For much more information please visit

The People Behind the Product

MCR Global is based in Greendale Wisconsin, not too far from Milwaukee.

Gerald A. (Jerry) Theis, Founder and CEO, is an experienced clinician and entrepreneur with over 35 years in healthcare administration and clinical services. He has held a variety of executive level health care positions and has won awards for his visionary products.

Sanket Shau, CTO, has over 10 years experience developing healthcare information solutions. He has dedicated his expertise throughout all aspects of the creation and implementation of MCR’s patent pending interoperable web based and mobile health technology products. His commitment and creativity have produced features that no other PHR system has developed and has saved many lives.

How to Find Us:

Our Website:
Our Blog
On Facebook

Thank you for visiting our project on MedStartr today. We look forward to helping you, your family, your company, and your community stay safe, especially in a crisis.

Sincerely Yours,
Jerry Theis and Sanket Shau
MCR Global, Inc.


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