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EasyDoc EMR: Electronic Medical Records

by Michael Owen

EasyDoc EMR provides medical practices and physicians with a turn key software suite that is proven to increase productivity and engage patients in their care plan.
Haysville, KS United States For the Doctors Office Hospital Solutions

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About our project

The problem we solve: Most EMR systems on the market today are built in such a way that requires physicians to adapt to how they have been built rather than allowing the system to adapt to the way a physician thinks and works. EasyDoc EMR is adaptable and allows for complete customization. A system that allows physicians to work the way they were trained in medical school is a system removes the distraction from a patients encounter. Good care occurs when data entry isn't overly cumbersome and time-consuming, providers will take shortcuts if it is and shortcuts result in a lower quality of care for the patient. EasyDoc EMR removes the need for providers to take shortcuts so they can accurately chart the entire patient encounter which results in a higher quality of care. In short we have removed the complexity of EMR systems and have developed our system to allows providers to chart the way they were trained in medical school.

About our solution: Most EMRs put the workload on the doctor with complex documentation and pop-up windows that take too much time and attention from your patients. EasyDoc EMR solves these frustrations by providing familiar clinical workflows that physicians were trained to use! In most cases a physician has completed the charting before the patient leaves the exam room. Most EMRs create new problems for physicians and medical staff rather than solving problems. With our customizable template system, providers can setup their system to work the way they do, rather than having to work the way the software makes them work.

Progress to date:EasyDoc EMR development is now complete and ready for the market! We have achieved Meaningful Use Stage II ONC Certification. Electronic Prescriptions certification, Electronic Lab Integrations and have integrated with 70+ Practice management and competitor systems. During the course of development we worked closely with physicians and implemented their ideas into the User Interface so that we could provide a system that works the way they do. Our system was designed by physicians for physicians, we are now in the early launch stage and have begun to actively market our solution.

About Our Team

Creator: Michael Owen

Location: Kansas

Bio: Michael Owen is the President and CEO of Advanced MedTech Solutions, Inc. a global IT consultancy firm with an exclusive focus on end-to-end software development and delivery. He is also the brains behind EasyDoc EMR, the company s flagship Electronic Medical Records suite. He focuses on designing and building of large-scale enterprise applications that are proven to increase productivity for physicians and medical staff.

Title: President / CEO

About Our Company

Advanced MedTech Solutions, Inc.

Location: 422 N Baughman
Haysville, KS 67060

Founded: 2016



Twitter: @EasyDocEMR


Product Stage: Ready

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 3-5

How We Help Patients

The EasyDoc Patient Portal is a system that was built to help engage patients with their healthcare plan and their care team. Our Patient Portal is fully integrated with EasyDoc EMR and provides real time access to a patients medical records, this allows patients to take charge of their health and to keep engaged with their care teams.

How We Help Physicians

EasyDoc EMR is a system that providers can believe in, its a system that helps providers practice medicine better which in turn helps them to help their patients. EasyDoc EMR was developed with the medical practitioner in mind, we have developed a system that works the way they were trained in medical school, this includes new workflows and approaches to care. We understand that EMRs are not the solution. They are a means to the solution. Good care occurs when data from all sources is available in understandable formats at the point of care. Good care occurs when data is available for analysis. Good care occurs when reminders and decision support are robust. Good care occurs when data entry doesn't distract from good communication with the patient. Good care occurs when data entry isn't overly cumbersome and time-consuming (providers will take shortcuts if it is). Good care occurs when referrals can be tracked and providers can work as a team. Electronic systems can make all this happen if they're done right. Electronic systems can also make being a good and efficient doctor very challenging if done wrong. We have taken the time to do things right with EasyDoc EMR because we built our system based on input from practicing physicians, EasyDoc EMR allows providers to chart like they were trained in medical school.

How We Help Hospitals

Most EMRs that are used by hospitals are either outdated or do not have a user interface that is intuitive and built to work the way providers think. By using EasyDoc EMR as the interface to the hospitals current EMR system, the hospital is allowing their providers to have a customized interface that works the way they do. Providing such a tool will not only increase the providers productivity but will decrease the number of charting errors which will maximize billable amounts.

How We Help Partners

Investment partners are looking for ways to get good returns on their money. EasyDoc EMR is in a fast growing, multi billion dollar industry and has the potential for very high returns on investments.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary
Our software is a cloud-based software as a service and will not have any proprietary information released to the public. We have filed our trademarks to protect our brand. EasyDoc EMR is built using industry standard programming languages and was built

Patent Link

Clinical Information
Federal mandates for digital Record-Keeping Requirements for Public and Private Healthcare Providers. Improved diagnostics and patient outcomes Advantages of using a cloud-based EMR system

Regulatory Status
Since EasyDoc EMR is a cloud-based software as a service, we do not currently have any FDA regulations.

How we will use the funds raised
EasyDoc EMR development is now 100% complete so the use of funds will be strictly for marketing and infrastructure expansion to support a larger number of users on our network.

Thank You
From all of us at Advanced MedTech Solutions, Inc. we would like to thank you for your interest and hopefully your support of EasyDoc EMR. Since 2014 we have been working on a system that improves how physicians practice medicine and how they interact with their patients during clinical visits. The passion to change how doctors practice medicine came from our personal relationships with those in the medical field. We thank you for your help and consideration as we take our next steps forward.



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    Michael Owen posted on 24th August, 2016

    Abraham, thank you for your comment and the referral to your hospital. It is very much appreciated

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