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You are logged in as Log out : Self effective - Rapid Eye Movement

by David Busch

Advanced version of EMDR therapy, combines child within work, mindfulness, self hypnosis, and music therapy, all with Bi-lateral stimulation.
Tempe, AZ United States Takeda challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: Many depressive people are coping with unresolved trauma. When that trauma is successfully treated the depression lifts. This can take a year in traditional therapy. The majority of people do not have access or cannot afford the therapy they need.

About our solution: The Se-REM CD brings a mental health solution that is in many ways superior to what many people experience with a therapist. Done in the privacy of their own home, it delivers a surprising degree of trauma relief. The most common reaction, "I've never cried so hard in my life." The CD delivers a degree of mental health benefits that are unprecedented, and at a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.

Progress to date:Our greatest challenge is that most people are in disbelief. Only EMDR trained therapists have a notion of how potentially powerful this therapy can be. Even people who are suffering terrible are skeptical, until they use it. For some who have terrible trauma, they have to pause while using it to be able to handle the catharsis. No one can appreciate Se-REM that has not tried it. But if you have no trauma it is merely relaxing. To evaluate its effectiveness, you need to share it with someone who has an unresolved trauma.

About Our Team

Creator: David Busch

Location: Arizona

Education: University of Iowa

Bio: Senior therapist, 40 years experience. Trauma specialist for 12 years. Married 43 years to my partner and co-therapist. Two adult married children.

Title: Psychotherapist

Advanced Degree(s): MSW

About Our Company

Location: 7650 S. McClintock
Tempe, AZ 85284

Founded: 2015


Twitter: Se-REMdotcom

Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Between trauma, anxiety and grief, there is almost no limit to the number of people this product can help. One patient with Fibro Mialga uses it to start everyday and says it is more effective than her medication. There is often a stress component to many physical illnesses. Anxiety and panic attacks are seen regularly in our emergency rooms. There are not enough therapists in the world to help all that are traumatized. Nothing comes close in cost effectiveness to Se-REM.

Challenge Mission

How we will improve Depression Care

When depression has a component of abuse or victimization, Se-REM is the most effective therapy. Treat the anxiety component of depression with Se-REM the naturalistic choice without the risks of medication.

How we will make the lives of those who suffer from depression better

Many users of Se-REM have experienced an immediate lifting of their depressive symptoms or thoughts of suicide. Others use it repeatedly to maintain their positive orientation. The approval rating for the use of Se-REM is close to 100%.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary
Therapy techniques cannot be patented. A copyright for the material has been applied for.

Clinical Information
I have not found a University or treatment agency willing to do a clinical study. I am nearly retired and do not have the funds to promote, advertise, or conduct research on this product. It is not self supporting, and will no longer be available if I retire and it cannot support itself through sales. Various bureaucracies have been not penetrable. Profit is not my main motive. I have attempted to give it away through the Red Cross to the city of Orlando, Florida. This product,s adoption can change mental health delivery around the world. I have a Spanish language translation completed, and would like to translate and find voices to perform it in all the world's major languages.

Regulatory Status
I believe Se-REM needs the endorsement of a major mental health research institution. It is so far beyond anyone's expectations of a self help program that it stands alone as one of a kind. You can find bi-lateral music applications, and various self help CD's, but to date, no one has combined as many as 6 different therapy modalities with EMDR to create a program this powerful.

How we will use the funds raised
Marketing and advertising to promote the use of Se-REM among treatment institutions, victim treatment programs, individual therapists, hospice and grief support programs, Military PTSD programs, Police, Fireman and other occupations that regularly are traumatized.

Thank You
Please see the testimonials at These are only a tiny sample of over 1,000. clients who have remarkable stories. I have not included the story of a young woman who told me her suicide was inevitable, and was completely changed after one use, or the police crime scene photographer whose retirement was being wrecked by flashes of crime scenes, that disappeared after one use, or the woman with a terrible driving phobia, who was cured of this with one use. Every time I get discouraged I have another person tell me how much this Se-REM program has helped change their life.



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David Busch
University of Iowa

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