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About our project

Maternova was founded in 2009 with one core belief:

Women and newborns should not be dying because of the gap in delivery of medical innovations.

Giving Birth is one of the Most Dangerous Things a Woman Can Do

In many countries as many as 1 in 10 women die of pregnancy-related causes, most often in childbirth due to postpartum hemorrhage- massive bleeding, followed by shock and death.

These deaths are incredibly gruesome, and largely preventable. Affordable, low-tech, medical innovations are being developed daily. Unfortunately, many of them will never see their mission fulfilled. Their purpose will never be realized and the epidemic will continue to hemorrhage.

NASG is the solution we want to feature and bring to the market. It’s an exciting technology that will save thousands of lives. We call it the little blue suit that could.

What is the NASG?!

The NASG (Non-Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment) is a revolutionary device in the mission to end postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and costs just $4 per use.

The scenario: NASG to the Rescue

Women deliver babies, often at home in remote rural areas, and may simply bleed to death afterwards. This may occur after days of horrific suffering with prolonged or obstructed labor. Typically, women have only two hours before going into shock.

The NASG is an amazing solution that ‘buys time’—the wetsuit like medical device wraps tightly around the woman’s legs and a giant hard ball in the belly region presses on the uterus. The pressure exerted by the suit has the effect of bringing blood from the extremities back to the core. It helps to reverse shock in the woman and buys time to transport her to a facility.

It is easy to use, incredibly durable, re-usable and wildly effective. Right now, we have dozens of them saving moms in The Philippines, Burundi and Northern India. The NASG, quite literally, is the difference between life and death for many women worldwide.

So, because we’re fine causing a ruckus, we say this treatment of moms worldwide is NOT good enough.

What’s the delay?!

The first delay in getting the NASG to women in need was in locating a reliable and professional manufacturer able to produce the device at a price that was affordable for the most low-income countries, where maternal deaths are highest.

The second delay was getting the device on the World Health Organization’s list of interventions for postpartum hemorrhage—that has just been accomplished as of September 2012! We’ve now checked that off the to-do list, having partnered with a fantastic group set of groups that share our goals.

The third delay is getting the right regulatory approval. And the fourth delay is producing a large enough run of these devices to a) Get them out into the field as quickly as possible and b) Be cost effective for the teams using it. We need your help with checking off items 3 and 4.

Why We Need Money & the Benefits $7,000* Will Bring

We’re looking to raise $7,000.00 to get the regulatory approval and start production.

* Note: we originally sought $11,000 but due to a series of fortunate events that the 2 days and 14 hours of total time over 1,283 people spent on THIS MedStartr page, several other partnerships and opportunities have come our way reducing the cost of producing and distributing the little blue suit! Thanks MedStartr!

The NASG will be packaged in a portable/ hanging case with a DVD and detailed instructions about online training. Our goal is to have no fewer than 1,000 of these in the field by the end of 2013.

If we multiply that number by the lives each device saves, 40,000 women will survive to provide for their families. The socio-economic benefits alone are staggering and the human benefits are incalculable—a mother alive and well, and her family intact.

Who We Are

Maternova is a new, sustainable venture that finds life-saving technologies and makes it easy for groups in the field to research, buy and use them. We break down logistical barriers one innovation at a time.

We’re currently serving 140 countries, with clients ranging from Midwives for Haiti, to Seven Hills Global Outreach in Sierra Leone, and more.

Our goal is to locate these hidden medical gems, get them into the market, and educate caregivers on how to use them. We offer not only our marketplace, but an online collaboration platform, and our highly acclaimed Innovation Index where 200+ breakthrough devices are being tracked and promoted.

We’re Moms, Just Like Many of You.

We’re moms, just like many of you. As a parent, you worry about so many things. Sleeping through the night, vaccinations, nutritious food and a healthy environment are necessities all parents want for their children.

But unlike us, women in developing countries worry most about simply surviving the birth of their baby. If they do not, the child’s future is definitely uncertain, and the cycle of mortality will continue. We don’t need to delve into the statistics to tell you how critical moms are to families, communities and nations.

The world has already brought down maternal deaths dramatically in the last 20 years. We know, with your help, we can turn the corner and create a bright horizon for women and babies. Please consider donating to our campaign. It’s the Mother of all Campaigns for a reason!

Find Us & Talk To Us

If we save the women, we can save our future. If you still have questions, call us, email us, and connect with us via twitter or Facebook! We’d love to speak with you! Reach out and say hello. The world needs more conversations around important issues.

Facebook: Maternova
Twitter: @maternova


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For $10 or more A shout out on our twitter and FB pages (your name & city!)

For $ 25 or more

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For $25 or more A 'Thank you for all you do for women' card mailed to you for your signature and note which will be sent with an NASG into the field.

For $ 50 or more

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For $50 or more A permanent thank you spot on our 'About Us' page on the website.

For $ 100 or more

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For $100 or more A blog post written by the Maternova team about your favorite global health project (If you haven’t checked our blog out, please do!)

For $ 250 or more

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For $250 An educational and engaging tour of the world of medical devices in obstetrics & newborn health via conference call with the team

For $ 500 or more

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For $500 A blog post written by the Maternova team about YOU and what inspires you.

For $ 1000 or more

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For $1000 A limited edition print thanking you for all you do for mothers and designed by a Rhode Island School of Design ( RISD) artist and the Maternova team.

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