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MolarTron Cartoons on TV! : Let's Promote Good Oral and General Health Together!

by Susan F Urell

We have a Hollywood Producer on board to make "MolarTron & Friends!” cartoon shorts (interstitials) for children's television broadcasting, but we need your help for production costs.
Columbus, OH United States Dental Healthy Living

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About our project

The problem we solve: I was inspired to write kids' dental & health comics when I overheard a mother in a grocery store say to her crying little girl, "If you don't stop it, I'm taking you to the dentist!" I thought I had heard it all, but threatening a trip to the dentist as "punishment" was more than I could stand! I asked the mom if she would consider a time-out or taking away a video as an alternative punishment. She just looked at me and said nothing. Well, I had to do something to help that child (and others like her) who might be afraid of dentists! That evening I wrote a book to help kids with their first dental filling. The first book turned into more books and then I had a school lecture series for grades K-4! Now I am poised to make health cartoons for television and educate a larger audience. I am dedicated to promoting good oral and general health for kids (and grown-ups!). Everyone deserves access to basic good health information.

About our solution: MolarTron & Friends! is a factual dental health comic series set in a sci-fi context to help "edu-tain" children and grown-ups while promoting good health. I now have an experienced Hollywood Producer on board who is leading the way to bring MolarTron to television. He suggested we make 1-3 minute cartoon shorts (called interstitials) to be used as a bridge between programming. Once we are on the air in Southern California, our Producer is confident that other stations around the country will air our MolarTron cartoons. I have many cartoon shorts to produce for children's television, covering a wide range of dental and general health topics that YOU, and the patients, have asked about over the years. MolarTron not only adresses cavity prevention, but also obesity & diabetes prevention, flu prevention, and the hazards of refined sugar. MolarTron & friends won't let Dee Kay bully YOUR teeth!

Progress to date:So far I have two MolarTron books that are available online. I have used iMovie to create HOW TO BRUSH and HOW TO FLOSS videos on my website and You Tube channel. I have a MolarTron mascot to assist me in educating kids out in the field. I have a 30-minute long classroom presentation that captured the attention of over 300 kids in the audience, more than once! I have been working alongside non-profit KINGA AFRICA to help kids in Kenya learn how to brush their teeth. I've won awards for MolarTron. MolarTron has been retweeted by NASA and William Shatner! I am now represented by an experienced children's television Producer who is taking MolarTron to public television.

About Our Team

Creator: Susan F Urell

Location: Ohio

Education: Sinclair Community College

Bio: Hi! I'm Susan Urell from Columbus, Ohio, but my friends call me Suzi. My dad and 5 family members are dentists, and I began my dental career when I was 16 yrs old working for my dad. I became a dental hygienist in 1985 and spent most of my clinical career working in California and Florida. Now I work part-time with my brother in Columbus, Ohio. I have also worked as a professional plus-size model and actor, and am a member of the Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA.

Hospital Affiliation: Private Practice

Title: Registered Dental Hygienist/Author

Advanced Degree(s): Registered Dental Hygienist


About Our Company

MolarTron and Friends

Location: 925 Kenwick Rd.
Columbus, OH 43209

Founded: 2010



Twitter: @MolarTron


Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Dear Patients:

Hi!  I'm Suzi, your friendly neighborhood dental hygienist!  

I have created a comic dental super-hero named MolarTron, and he and his friends have come to Earth to promote good oral and general good health and help children, animals, and grown-ups be healthy. MolarTron's primary nemesis is cavity-causing DeeKay, but he and his friends also fight the Strepto-Cockeyed Mutants, poor diet, diabetes and obesity, oral cancer, and smoking.  My primary mission with MolarTron & Friends is to promote good dental and good general health on a global scale.

I was inspired to write kids' dental & health books when I overheard a mother in a grocery store say to her crying little girl, "If you don't stop it, I'm taking you to the dentist!"  I thought I had heard it all, but threatening a trip to the dentist as "punishment" was more than I could stand!  I asked the mom if she would consider a time-out or taking away a video as an alternative punishment.  She just looked at me and said nothing. 

Well, I had to do something to help that child (and others like her) who might be afraid of dentists!  So that night I wrote my first book in an effort to demystify the dental experience for kids (publishing in progress), then I wrote another book about brushing your teeth (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online), and I started writing more books and making videos, and then I wrote a classroom presentation for schools.  Now, I'm ready to make cartoons for children's programming on TV!  

As a patient who has sat in the dentist's chair before, I hope you can see the value in explaining health-related ideas in a fun and memorable way.  No one likes being lectured to about flossing, right?!  We know we need to do it, so instead of a lecture about it I made a detailed video about how to do it.  With TV cartoons, I hope to teach kids early on about how to care for our bodies and WHY it's important!  I believe in empowering kids with knowledge, but I need YOUR help in getting the knowlege out there!  

Thank you so much for your interest in MolarTron & friends!  





How We Help Physicians

Dear Doctors and other Health Care Providers:

Hello!  I don't have to tell you how important good oral hygiene is as it relates to your patients' good general health.  One of the big concerns facing children nowadays that MolarTron will address in our cartoons is obesity and diabetes prevention.  Sugar is a big priority for MolarTron, not just for the teeth and pancreas, but also in the inflammation process.  I plan to include oral cancer self-exams and teach children early on how to care for their bodies.  

I invite you to join the MolarTron Professional Advisory Panel on Facebook and discuss your primary health concerns for your young patients.  I am completely open to creating cartoons based on what is suggested by the health care community!  I want this project to include YOUR input!  

So far, we have the Strepto-Cockeyed Mutants, the Sillin Sisters with cousin Jethro Mycin, and Count Tonsula to cover the medical issue of strep throat,  tonsillitis, and tonsil removal.  Our tongue character (Tonga Tunga) covers the subject of nutritional counseling. Chip Toofer heads up the Council on Dental Emergencies and advocates wearing protective gear during sports.  Plus there are many many more "friends" of MolarTron who will "edu-tain" kids on television once we get the cartoons made. 

Thank you so much!  


How We Help Hospitals

Hello Hospitals!

MolarTron is here to "edu-tain" your young patients!  Once we make cartoons, your patients will be able to watch them on TV right in their rooms.  We're also here to help with your "Reach Out and Read!" programs with our non-profit book pricing.  Plus the MolarTron mascot can come directly to your patients and visit with them, cheer them up, and help them pass some time in a fun but entertaining way!  



How We Help Partners


MolarTron will give your company a feel-good, commanding series of avatars to promote your company, promote good dental and good general health & education, and to sell your products and/or services in a unique way. There is a niche to be tapped in the world of health education and entertainment. With my creative ideas and your ability to back them, together we can be an extraordinary force for good.  We can make and sell books, videos, brochures, cartoons, apps, games, and products that don't exist yet! We will be on television and reach a larger audience as health educators. We can do fairs, conventions, special events, fundraisers, large-scale parades, and take MolarTron the mascot out into the field. Together we can generate community goodwill and happy feelings for people around the globe, and ultimately help people, especially children, BE HEALTHY!  

I have ideas for products and services that are far-reaching, brandable, and ultimately self-sustaining with the right company. For example, a partnership with a nationwide or global insurance company and an international medical/dental supply company would be a unique and unprecedented education and marketing opportunity for everyone!  Together we can create worldwide community goodwill and PR exposure, educate members/clients on a variety of health topics (and hopefully ultimately reduce health insurance claims), provide unique alternatives to gaining new membership/clients, educate the youth about their dental hygiene and good health practices in a fun and entertaining way, and provide members/clients with unique experiences.  We can achieve success with:

-the expansion of your online dental presence

-enhancing the visitor’s experience on your site 

-assisting with fundraisers, food drives, and other community events

-the addition of “MolarTron & Friends!” to your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media 

-the creation of more picture books, DVDs, music videos, activity books, brochures, and other educational materials

-the creation of animated cartoons for your television channel, website, and You Tube  (also, PBS SoCal is standing by ready to air our future cartoons!  Additionally, standing by waiting for cartoons in Spanish is PBS SoCal and Minority Brands Television, including Telemundo and Azteca America)   

-the creation of interactive gaming on your website, ideal for office waiting rooms

-the creation of interactive gaming APPS for downloading onto smartphones, ipads, and other devices

-the creation of prescription videos for the provider doctors/dentists to use and prescribe to their patients, including walking kids through intimidating first dental visits: fillings, cleanings, etc. as well as videos about diabetes-prevention and nutrition, etc.

The Bigger Picture:

-the opportunity to go on-tour nationally with Wizard World & Ohio Comic Con, an inexpensive way to gain exposure to hundreds of thousands of people (and engage new potential members/clients!  It’s also an excellent opportunity to create goodwill with your current members and clients!)

-the creation of a salable line of MolarTron products, collectibles, plush toys, figurines, brushes, floss, xylitol gum, DVDs, books, cartoons, APPS, scrubs, apparel, give-aways, send-aways, bathroom accessories, and whatever it takes to make learning fun, entertaining, engaging, educational, accessible, and profitable enough to be self-sustaining!  

-additionally, we could address the topic of good nutrition /exercise/ diabetes /obesity.  I’d also like to develop a MolarTron program for teens in which young adults learn about tobacco/alcohol/drug use/addiction and the oral effects of these chemicals, STI prevention (particularly HPV/oral cancer), and the hazards of oral piercings on the teeth, gums, and bone.  

-expanding (and creating new) relationships with programs such as Head Start, WIC, and First Fives that assist low-income families and inner-city communities

-the creation of or contribution to dental clinics for the under-served and underprivileged

-expanding our relationship with William Shatner’s Annual Priceline Charity Horse Show, along with hospital fundraisers and other charity events.

Possibilities Outside the Box:

-parades and floats (Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade promoting good health, Parade of Roses with MolarTron & friends playing football while wearing their colorful mouth guards & promoting accident prevention)

-television appearances:  “The Doctors,” “Dr. Oz,” “Ellen,” PBS, “Sesame Street,” “America’s Got Talent” (we’d like to audition for fellow germaphobe, Howie Mandell), “Honey Boo Boo Goes to the Dentist,” “American Idol” (entertaining the contestants in line), “Southpark,” etc.

-the creation of cartoon shorts which could be screened prior to kids’ movies in theaters around the country

-the creation of an educational and interactive theatrical performance “kit” that schools can acquire to produce and execute a MolarTron course on their very own assembly stage!  Good health can be taught to children everywhere, even in the most remote locations.  Kids love to see their teachers become stars onstage!

-creation of a professional traveling theatrical performance troup

-MolarTron as a Good Health Ambassador, promoting the use of hand sanitizers, condoms, etc.

-creation of additional health-related characters (part of the “...and Friends!").  

Basically, I need help getting my dream of MolarTron off of Planet Molar X and into the hands of the Earthlings who need him! 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary

I have copyrights in place.  I have also trademarked the stylized design for MolarTron & friends.  Additionally, I have trademarked the name MOLARTRON.  

Clinical Information

While I do not have specific clinical trials to list, every good health provider realizes the importance and benefits of brushing, flossing, and basic dental health care education. 

Regulatory Status

I do not require FDA clearance to create cartoons for children's programming on television. 

How we will use the funds raised

The money is to make a series of 26 cartoon shorts that are 1-3 minutes long each (called "interstitials"), not just one cartoon. Without a Producer, a studio quoted me $10,000 for a 30-second Public Service Announcement.  I was stunned!!! So I looked for an agent / sponsor / Producer / rich husband (just kidding!!)...anyway, I learned that for a cartoon for ONE MINUTE it takes something like 900 illustrations. That's crazy!!! 

This campaign is to make the first 26 cartoon shorts in broadcast quality that can be aired on TV during children's programming.

Thank You

After over thirty years of clinical practice and experience, I am happy to "pay it forward" and tell your kids, and everyone's kids everything that I know to help promote good oral and general health.  Cartoons last forever and rarely go out of style.  With your help, we will make fun, informative, "edu-taining"  health "lessons" that will be beneficial for many generations to come. 

As soon as we have some shows “in the can” as they say in Hollywood, we will translate them into Spanish to air all over the USA plus all the way down to South America!  Television is the perfect platform to reach a large audience.  Eventually, MolarTron can be translated into any language!  I want to be able to reach EVERY kid and empower him/her with the knowledge necessary to take care of his/her body.  I believe that the kids of the world need a Health Ambassador such as MolarTron to promote good oral hygiene and to also promote good general health.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help in getting MolarTron cartoon shorts in front of young viewers everywhere. Your contribution will be serving not just my passion and love for children, but you'll be serving the greater good by helping kids who may not get to see a dentist routinely.  God Bless you.  Have a great day! 





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Susan F Urell
Registered Dental Hygienist/Author
Sinclair Community College

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