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About our project

Health Innovation Gets its Own Channel –

- If there existed a healthcare innovation channel, would you watch it?
- Would you want to broadcast on it?
- Do you have a show you would like to syndicate on it?

…if your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please support this project because your support will help us build a channel for you!

Update: Post HIMSS13

It is Done! With over 30 hours of interviews and footage from our first week of operation, the site is full of amazing content. We are still crowdsourcing content and Crowdfunding support, selling show slots, ad space and more. Please support your and tell us what you would like to see in the comments section. Thank you for your generous support!
-Greg, Nate, Pat, Alex & Leonard

Who are we?

We’re an independent association of respected, professional journalists, producers, bloggers and e-patient health activists who have joined forces to create the first ever Health Innovation Broadcast Channel. We did this just prior to the HIMSS 2013 Conference, a meeting of more than 40,000 healthcare IT professionals. Now, we are continuing the mission to create a sustainable independent resource, that is available for all healthcare innovators everywhere.

Founding members include Gregg Masters of XanateMedia, Nate DiNiro of Open Affairs Television, Pat Salber of The Doctor Weighs In and Health Tech Hatch and Alex Fair of MedStartr, Health 2.0 NYC and FairCareMD. Coverage of the conference and the ‘innovation conversation’ began on Sunday, March 3 2013 with “HIMSS’13 Highlights” and continues for events all over the world.

If this is a TV Channel, Who are the Stars?

Our subject matter is Health Innovation – so if you are a health innovator, activated patient, empowered early adopter physician, or any organization doing something very cool, YOU ARE THE STAR. Here are some of the Stars of our network already:

Neil Versel (@nversel)
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (@healthythinker)
Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday)
Dave Chase (@ChaseDave)
Matthew Holt (@boltyboy)
David Lee Scher, MD (@DLScherMD)
Arthur Lubitz, MD
Aafia Chaudhry, MD (@AafiaC)
Leah Carey (@thehealthmaven)
Patricia Salber of The Doctor Weighs In and HealthTechHatch @healthtechhatch
Alex Fair of Medstartr @medstartr
Nate DiNiro (@UncleNate ) of OpenAffairs.TV – @OpenAffairs
Gregg Masters of XanateMedia, @2healthguru, @ACOWatch, @JustOncology

Together, we have created the world’s first network dedicated entirely to independent healthcare innovation programming.

Who is Watching?

Programming has been distributed via our network of affiliated journalists/bloggers averaging 250,000 unique monthly viewers in our first month! And you will have the opportunity to participate as well by choosing the “I WANT TO PLAY HIBC.TV” option on the right.

Just during HIMSS13 alone, for example, we reached over 45,000 viewers and had well over 4 million impressions.

When will it be live?

We launched the network and broadcast our first 96 hours of content LIVE from the 2013 HIMSS conference.

We have professionals, equipment, and over 20 interviews in the “can”. What we need is you!

What kind programming is offering? was conceived to provide a platform for independent voices to bring programming to an audience hungry for meaningful innovation in the health industry whether technology, platform, app or business model. Frequently, health industry stakeholders complain of the digital divide between programmers/developers and the real world of healthcare workflows and operations. We intend to do our best to minimize if not bridge these sometimes clashing cultures.

Here are examples of our programming:

Social HIMSS

Hosted by Gregg Masters @2HealthGuru discusses the stats and stars of social media at HIMSS and telling you what all those crazy abbreviations mean.

Health 2.0 NYC

Hosted by Alex Fair – Bringing you live events from the health Innovation Capital of the World!


Hosted by HealthTech Hatch’s Pat Salber and Christobel Selecky – Interviews with some of the most innovative healthcare startup CEOs who are playing an important part in healthcare’s digital revolution.

The Open Data Show

Hosted by thought leader Fred Trotter featuring his Docgraph Project, and touring the landscape of open sources fueled health innovation.

Health 2.0 TV

Hosted by Matt Holt. A roundup of Health Innovation highlights via the lens of Health 2.0.

ACOs, Medical Homes and Mission Critical Infrastructure

Hosted by [TBD] and includes a round-table of leading domain experts.

Future of Health Informatics

Host [TBD]. Session to range from wireless tech, bluetooth, to patient portals, meaningful patient engagement and a conversation on access and privacy.

Get Your Own Show! Contact Gregg Masters for more information and don’t forget to back the project!

How can you help

First, as the audience, we need to know if you will watch it? If so, please show your love by clicking the I WANT MY HiBC.TV at the right and make a contribution. This will not only support the idea, but it shows that we have an audience that really wants this to exist. We will also send you the HiBC.TV Guide, an electronic weeklyhat are coming up so you can stay on top of all your favorite shows.

Next we need Syndication – would you add the live feed to your website or blog? We will provide our feed for free to any contributing journalist or blogger, but if you want a customized version for your site, show your early support by taking the “I WANT to PLAY HiBC.TV”. Do it now so you can be one of the first 25 that will get it in time for HIMSS and have it for every other conference and our regular shows.

After places to show the shows, we next need the Shows themselves. We have some great ones lined up already but in order to have a real network we need to have a full line up. What are you a world expert at and want to share every week or month? Here is your chance to become the nest Dr. Oz or Oprah. If you already have lined up a sponsor, then go ahead and just buy air time Not ready for your close up? That’s fine, just tell us what kind of shows you would like to see, also in the comments.

Finally, most importantly, we need advertisers and sponsors. We have assembled a number of sponsorship packages at the right. Obviously this isn’t the SuperBowl yet, but the viewers, as you will see from the backers above, are not your average Joes and Janes either.

Why did we choose to start now at HiMSS 2013?

HiMSS’2013 assembled a time-limited, though comprehensive, critical mass of thought leaders, policy wonks, activists, epatients, payors, providers and regulators into a dynamic series of conversations in the healthcare innovation theater. Absent digital capture and selective audience targeting the content half life of HiMSS messaging opportunities may not have the impact intended by its sponsors, organizers and participants. Our presence, engagement, capture, and amplification of those conversations will leverage and extend the useful life of the generated content generated. Go watch the content now, it is pretty amazing!

More Ways to Sponsor!

LiveCast Your Event – Starting at One Crew, Four hours, One Day $1,500

Look, we want the best content and would pay you to record it, as our friend Pronoy Saha of Health Technology Forum accurately pointed out but we do need to make this process pay for itself. So we have a great deal for you! You get all the equipment and team members to live cast your health innovation event in one simple package. You can see the quality of the work at right now. Go watch it. If you want this, to own the content, and be able to have it syndicated across all the sites with the feed embedded, then take the package at the right right now before this offer expires and it goes to market rates. We have all the equipment, camera guys, and skills to make you and your event look fantastic. Limit 4 Hours of recording. Additional packages available at right.

Customized and branded video editing – $500 Unlimited

A custom HD video quality trailer built from images and short clips shot at HiMSS 2013 or from images (up to 20) you supply. This is suitable for CD, website or blog video embeds. For example see the video above.

HIBC.TV Feeds on Your Site | $100 Unlimited

This reward allows you to publish our live and recorded feed for one year on your site. Opt for this level of support now and so that you can get the widget in time for the HIMSS feed.

I Want My HIBC.TV | $50 Unlimited

Backers will receive their ‘I want my’ T shirt including custom logo. We will query you on S/M/L size via email. Expect delivery one month out from close of session.
Subscription to Newsletter | $10.00 (Unlimited)

Backers at this level receive our monthly newsletter which serves as a digest of program information produced.

Production Details

Unite the health community via programming streamed live to the internet that will hook the audience and expose your brand!

Show Elements:

Here are justa few of teh features our shows will include. You are used to seeing these in professional broadcasts, now you know what they are called!

Interview Newsdesk:

Studio with a host and 3 guests to be seated comfortably for a conversation


We have secured a group of professional reporters, producers and influencers to anchor and host programs

Beauty Shots:

Locked down camera shots to aid in program transitions and down time


A branding package for titles, lower thirds, branding bugs, etc.

Video Playback:

Ability to roll in video during the broadcast

Quick Turn Edit: Ability to provide an onsite editor the line cut on demand

Run of Show

6 Days, Starting Sunday, March 3rd till Friday, March 8th.

Interviews & Newsdesk

Hosts will be available to interview guests or explore topics that are of interesting to the community. This includes professional audio, along with a handheld & desk mics with sponsors logo.

Event Beauty Shots

Camera are positioned to serve as cutaway shots, akin to the long shots on TV that displays upcoming show information with a scenic or iconic background. These shots also include full screen overlays with sponsors, schedule and coming up next information.


This includes sponsor branding on show open, lower thirds, full screen overlays, etc. We’ll provide standards and return test clips for sign off.

Repeat Wall

Background of newsdesk and interviews including sponsor logos.

Thank You

Periodic, spoken “hat-tips” to our event sponsors. Frequency depends upon sponsorship level.

Video Playback

We’ll have the capability of playing back live or recorded video material during shows, as well as during segments of the broadcast. In addition to broadcasting pre-recorded video captured during the course of the conference, we will have the ability to broadcast video that you may have to share with us to support telling the story.

Quick Turn Edit

We have dedicated resources that will be quick-turning video editing on-site, so we can bring the latest news, up to the minute.

More about the Founders/Executive Producers:

Nathan DiNiro

Nathan also has many years of experience producing media and entertainment material for stage and screen. His experience includes planning and producing numerous live streamed events, ranging from single camera event recordings, to multiple camera, multiple site live events with extremely complex production requirements. Nathan has produced live media for conference events including Open Source Bridge, Wordcamp Portland, Webvisions, Collaborative Health Cooperative at HiMSS 2012, and GOSCON.

Nathan has a career spanning over 20 years in technology, media, marketing and business development. Nathan is also very active participant in a number of open technology and standards communities.

Gregg Masters, MPH

Recognized by his peers as a thought leader in healthcare social media via @2healthguru, and included in the Top 100 Voices in Health Information Technology by Health Data Management, Masters mentor’s clients in both the strategic and tactical applications of interactive digital media. He specializes in the visioning, design and development of a master managed web presence and community engagement strategy, deploying a portfolio of tools and/or platforms suitable to budgets from ‘lean’ to turnkey private label branding.

Masters’ publishes &, and hosts several Internet radio programs including ‘This Week in Oncology’ and ‘This Week in Accountable Care’ all ‘go to’ resources for trends, developments and insights into the healthcare transformation theater. Recently tapped by CMS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to review grant applications for the ‘Healthcare Innovation Challenge‘ program, and a frequent new media journalist at major healthcare conferences from the Digital Health Summit at CES to the likes of HiMSS, Health 2.0, Healthcare Unbound, and the HDI Forum, Masters strong domain experience and ‘social media street smarts’ credibly engages a wide spectrum of voices in the healthcare innovation conversation.

Patricia Salber, MD, MBA

Pat is the founder and host of The Doctor Weighs In, a widely read health care blog. She is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded both for-profit and nonprofit companies. She is currently CEO of Health Tech Hatch, resource for healthcare innovators developing solutions for patients, caregivers and clinicians. HTH’s suite of tools and services includes a crowdfunding and concept testing platform as well as mentorship and consultation. Pat trained at UCSF (medical school, internal medicine residency, endocrine and health policy fellowships) and practice emergency medicine at Kaiser Permanente before moving into administration. As a physician executive she worked in many different aspects of health care (including Physician Director National Account at Kaiser Permanente, Medical Director of KP-General Motors team, Board of Leapfrog, CMO of a Medicare Advantage Plan, Senior Medical Director for commercial insurer).

Leonard Kish, MBA, MSIS, MS Biomedical Sciences

Leonard is a technology strategy consultant and early-stage executive, Marketing and Communications Group Chair for the Collaborative Health Consortium, a regular health care innovation contributor to and as well as an advisor to the Rocky Mountain Innovation Center for health care, health IT and biomedical science. Coming from a systems neuroscience perspective, he specializes applying an understanding how complex adaptive systems evolve applying these lessons to the rapid evolution of health care, including the development of innovation communities, open platforms, social technologies and improved user experiences. He was recently selected as top 2011 Healthcare IT Social Media Contributors by

Thank You for supporting the Health Innovation Broadcast Consortium


For $ 5 or more

3 Supporter(s)

I WANT MY HIBC.TV! Show your love for this idea and get your Guide to programming emailed to you weekly.

For $ 25 or more

0 Supporter(s)

SUPPORT THE LIVESTREAM! Did you know that a dedicated line for livestreaming at hotels where conferences are generally held can be as much as $700? We didn't until recently. So even though we borrowed awesome equipment from and we have a full team on site in DC, we may just need to record the video and post it later. If you want to change that, support this project here and now and we will be able to buy the line. You will get our thanks, expressed as a tweet to at least 25,000 people in healthcare. This Massive Thank You Tweetfest also applies to all of the below rewards and will come from @2Healthguru, @DocWeighsIn, @UncleNate, @MedStartr, @alexbfair @HIBCtv @OpenAffairstv @H2NYC and several other friends and supporters. You have seen what HIBCtv delivers, if you want it to be all it can be, please show your support.

For $ 50 or more

7 Supporter(s) Limited (18 left of 25 )

I WANT TO EMBED - This reward allows you to publish our live and recorded feed on your site 24/7 using a customized widget we provide.

For $ 250 or more

0 Supporter(s)

SPONSOR-A-SHOW - Want to get your message out to a much broader audience? Sponsor a HIBC show or event and we will show your 30 second commercial three times per hour for a month.

For $ 1000 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (5 left of 5 )

EXCLUSIVE SHOW SPONSOR Do you want your brand to get an exclusive, all the ad slots for four episodes? Pick a show to sponsor and be part of the Magic!

For $ 4750 or more

0 Supporter(s)

ONE FULL DAY OF HIBC-TV Coverage for your live event. Does not include travel costs. Does include videography for three stages, interviews and up to fifteen hours of lightly edited footage with bumpers and features listed at left. You retain all rights but agree that we can show the content on as well.

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