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About our project


A new lower overall price and new rewards! Thanks to, we can now conduct a clinical trial without having to hire staff for participant recruiting and can now use the crowd instead. This means that the price can drop from $25,000 to now $5,000!

With your $50 contributions, you can now try out an Agamatrix glucometer.
With your $100 contributions, you can be one of the FIRST to try out the Agamatrix iPhone connection cord and app with an Agamatrix glucometer to manage your data…the beginnings of the diabetes data connectivity movement. The connection cord is already FDA-approved and will be available in Fall 2012 so you will get a voucher to be one of the FIRST to use it.


The EndoGoddess App is an mHealth solution designed to promote sustainable behavior change by influencing patients’ decision making processes using a rewards system. The app works as an electronic self-entry glucose journal (with corresponding carb intake and insulin dosing) which can be reviewed by the patient’s clinician.

Our app enhances communication between patients and doctors and also minimizes the health risks posed by diabetes to patients by lowering the chance of potential ER visits or hospitalizations related to decreased diabetes care engagement.

How the App Works

  1. Patient records their glucose measurements four times a day
  2. In return, the patient earns rewards
  3. The patient’s physician / care team can review, record, and adjust their care plan as needed (optional)
  4. Patient Goes to iTunes and downloads rewards ranging from songs to glucose strips and gym memberships and more (Version 2, EndoGoal)!

This results in better health, better care, & an awesome iTunes library.


Diabetes is a unique chronic disease in which the decisions that affect patients’ health and well-being the most are made by patients themselves.

This is why the EndoGoddess App targets patient/consumer empowerment rather than the physician — in order to make the largest impact on diabetes-related health outcomes, quality, and costs. We drive Patient Engagement with their Health and their Doctor.

Who Pays for the iTunes Downloads?

The app’s rewards system is based on points which can then be used for iTunes downloads.

We utilize a unique social business model for iTunes downloads. The revenue for the iTunes downloads comes from the patient’s family and friends who sponsor the user for the improvement of their health. This activates the patient’s loved ones to get involved in a positive way.

Adding credits is easy: the sponsor enters their loved one’s email address and the credits appear as “potential points” that the patient will earn if they journal their glucose levels according to schedule.

*This feature is not yet built. The clinical trial results will help lead to additional funding and more business relationships so rewards can go beyond music to include sporting or fitness equipment, activities, gym memberships, and other beneficial rewards that are fun in Version 2.0, EndoGoal.


We think the EndoGoddess App is special because it gets our patients’ loved ones involved in their health. Now, instead of worrying and nagging our loved ones, we can encourage them to take better care of themselves and show that we care in positive ways.

Unique personal, social media, & patient community features:

  • Within the app, users can submit daily diabetes-specific motivational quotes to be featured on the home page of the app.
  • Information about how to get involved in the diabetes online community (moderated twitter chats, blogs, diabetes camp links, charity links) is also provided in addition to educational, multimedia diabetes content.
  • The EndoGoddess App also allows users to customize glucose-check reminder alarms so that adherence triggers are personalized.
  • And sharing glucose results with doctors and family is easy with our share button. Sharing Data is Caring!


Anyone with diabetes who is instructed by their doctor to check their blood sugars 4x a day can use the EndoGoddess App. Those patients who check their blood sugars 4 times a day are typically those with insulin-dependent type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Mothers who are pregnant and checking their blood sugars frequently due to gestational diabetes are also common users of the EndoGoddess App.


The app is available for free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. All updates of the app will be available as they roll out through each app store.


Part of your money will fund our trial, but WHY DO WE NEED A CLINICAL TRIAL?

Apps are very new to the medical field, so evidence in the form of a larger clinical trial is needed to show that mHealth apps are more than just hype. In order for doctors to prescribe the EndoGoddess App and for health insurance companies to consider paying diabetics to use the app, our clinical trial must prove that our app make people with diabetes healthier.

I have already shown evidence that mobile phones make life with diabetes healthier in a smaller sized pilot study amongst my teenage patients (2009). Improvements were made to our app after this study. Our trial will formally study the results of these changes in a group of patients larger than our initial pilot study.

Why a Medstartr fundraiser for a clinical trial?

Traditional funding for clinical trials typically comes from federal sources such as the NIH which requires that researchers be either part of a university or a non-profit organization. Most traditional funding mechanisms for clinical trials exclude small businesses like startups. Medstartr allows the public to be involved in funding projects that they think are important and in new technology that they would like to see in the healthcare arena.

Where will the clinical trial be done?

The clinical trial will be conducted on, which is a platform that provides access to a large group of available study participants across the United States. In other words, it brings the crowd to the research.

Approximately 250-300 users with insulin-dependent diabetes will be given the chance to participate in monitoring their diabetes health measures over a 3 month period using the EndoGoddess app. The results, self-reported data, will be collected by survey at the start of the study and at the conclusion of the study. Each participant will be given $10 iTunes gift certificate upon completion of the conclusion survey.

When will the clinical trial be complete?

The trial should take about 2 months to plan and 6 months to complete. It will take an additional 3 months to analyze the data, and then create a report of the results to (most likely) present at the American Diabetes Association Meeting in June of 2013.


The money will be spent as follows:
IRB submission for proper review of the clinical study ($2000)
Payment ($10 iTunes gift certificate) for completion of the survey after 3 months of using the EndoGoddess App to each of the 300 participants with insulin dependent diabetes ($3000)

Thank you for your support for our project! If you have questions please tweet to me at @EndoGoddess or feel free to send me an email.


For $ 2 or more

11 Supporter(s)

PATIENTS: Access to the EndoGoddess App for the Android or iPhone immediately and Version 2.0 as soon it is available which will be called EndoGoal.

For $ 25 or more

8 Supporter(s)

PATIENT FRIENDS & FAMILY: Send rewards to your loved ones and help them consistently track their blood glucose. Your contribution will enable your loved one to download any 10 songs (one every other third day for 30 days IF they track their glucose 4x a day and send the data to their doctor) and towards building Version 2.0 of our app.

For $ 100 or more

8 Supporter(s) Limited (92 left of 100 )

Receive an Agamatrix glucometer ( AND a voucher for the Agamatrix iPhone connection cord ( which connects all of the Agamatrix glucometers to the iPhone for data management. This connection will be released Fall 2012. Be one of the first to experience the beginnings of the diabetes data interchange movement! For a review of the iPhone cable & glucometer by real patients from Diabetes Mine, see:

For $ 100 or more

1 Supporter(s)

Upon our funding goal being met, receive an Agamatrix glucometer ( & 1 "I Sponsored the EndoGoddess" T-shirt designed by Dr. Nima Sheikholeslami of

For $ 100 or more

4 Supporter(s) Limited (96 left of 100 )

SPONSOR CLINICAL TRIAL PATIENTS: Sponsor one patient's entire participation in the clinical trial, receive a "I Sponsored the EndoGoddess" T-shirt designed by Dr. Nima Sheikholeslami of + a listing on the Sponsor Roll with a link to the online profile of your choice to be published in conjunction with the study on

For $ 500 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (10 left of 10 )

Physicians and Allied Health Professionals: Two hours of personal Social Media Training and ongoing online coaching and support from the @EndoGoddess, Dr. Jen Dyer, herself. In addition to creating this app and being a first class physician, Dr. Dyer is a thought leader and worldwide expert in the art of Social Media for Doctors that has spoken at the national level on the use of Social Media healthcare.

For $ 1776 or more

0 Supporter(s)

Support Free(dom)! Help us declare our independence from tradition and sponsor the EndoGoddess app for all. We will announce the app will be free for all people who need and give all the credit to you!

For $ 2500 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (10 left of 10 )

A Day With the EndoGoddess: Book a day with Dr. Jen Dyer for training your team on the safe and effective use of social media in medicine. A day of work shops and sessions will put your hospital, clinic, or other organization in the forefront of this new communication tool and make sure you are in compliance with relevant rules as well as standard practices. (Travel expenses not included.)

For $ 5000 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (5 left of 5 )

PARTNER REWARD: Be listed as a sponsoring Partner within the EndoGoddess app itself and on all our websites and properties for the diabetes market. Get in front of your target audience at the right point in time in the right place with your brand. Include educational material to make sure patients know about your products that can help them be healthier.

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