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SanoMind: Digital Mental Health Wellness

by Nestor Velez

A mobile platform matching individuals to audio content created by licensed mental health professionals.
Newark, NJ United States Mental Health Depression Healthy Living MedStartr Ventures challenge

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About our project

The problem we solve: There are nearly 60 million Americans suffering from a mental health illness with only half receiving the care need. 45 percent of the untreated cited cost as a barrier. Mental health care costs in America were over 201 billion in 2015 and expected to increase by 50 billion in 2020.

About our solution: SanoMind is building a network of licensed mental health professionals that curate audio content on our platform for the millions of people that can't afford traditional mental healthcare. We're bridging the gap between licensed mental health experts and individuals that can't afford them.

Progress to date:At the moment we have a simple landing page with a second page within the website that has some audio content from therapists. We have spoken to over 100 therapists who love the idea and will be creating content for the platform. We ran one test ad on facebook for 24 hours and got a little over 60 email sign ups, out of a reach of 840 people only.

About Our Team

Creator: Nestor Velez

Location: New York

Education: St. John's University

Bio: As someone who has battled with depression and anxiety growing up and in his early 20s, he recognized a problem. Access to mental healthcare was extremely limited. Naturally, he came up with a solution for an affordable alternative to traditional therapy. With a career in sales, marketing and management, he is the right person to bring this solution to market, build an amazing team and culture. Nestor is passionate, motivated and dedicated to help people all over the world.

Title: Founder and CEO

About Our Company


Location: 48 Norfolk Street
Newark, NJ 07103

Founded: 2016


Twitter: sanomind


Other link:

Other link:

Product Stage: Prototype/MVP

YTD Sales: Working on it

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Patients

Our platform will help poeple with their mental wellbeing. Better mental health allows people to live happier and more productive lives at work, home and in their personal daily lives. It's an affordable platform, so it helps those that would normally go through life without access to mental healthcare. 

Once we start getting users and growing to millions of users, our platform will help therapists showcase their skills and knowledge to a larger audience in turn hopefully getting more appointments.

How We Help Physicians

Our platform can be used by therapists for their current patients. They can curate tailored content just for their patients to listen to in between appointments.

Challenge Mission

Market Size

60 million Americans suffering from a mental health illness with only half receiving the care need. 45% of the untreated cited cost as a barrier. That's 27 million people in America that go untreated.

Projected 3 Year Growth

Our conservative projection put us at $171,225,124 in revenue with 1,065,576 users at $9/month by year 3.

How We Will Make Money

We are going with a subscription model; users can pay monthly or annually with a discount.

About our Competition

SanoMind is unique in that we are the only startup offering audio content on mental health but, Headspace uses the same model only with meditation content and talkspace offers one on one text, audio and video therapy with a therapist. SanoMind is convenient platform where you choose when and where to listen to audio content as opposed to waiting for a therapist to respond to you with a limitation of responses.

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary


Clinical Information


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised

The funding will go towards digital marketing, product development and design.

Thank You

I was that person that did not have the disposable income to spend on traditional therapy. There weren't many other options when I was going through depression and anxiety. I also felt I could battle it on my own until I hit the lowest point of my life, and thankfully I am alive today. I knew I had to do something to fix this depression and anxiety so I took to the internet to read up on how to overcome these issues. Reading articles didn't help much. One day I came across a link that took me to a video on YouTube. The video series was created by a therapist helping people overcome depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses.

After watching these for a couple months I started to feel a lot better but, there just wasn't much of this content else where. There were days I searched for up to an hour to find more audio or video content like I heard for the past three months, and I would come up empty.

What helped me doesn't neccessarily mean it will help everyone but, it can help many and we have to do more to hep those that need services like this. This is just the starting point for SanoMind. As we grow we will add more features and a more robust platform.



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$ 10,000 goal

Nestor Velez
Founder and CEO
St. John's University

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