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SimplifiMed: AI and chatbot powered CRM for providers.

by Chinmay Singh

See more of YOUR patients, improve quality metrics, and be successful in value-based care.
fremont, CA United States AI in Medicine Prevention The Navigator challenge NOLAHI Challenge - See All

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About our project

The problem we solve: Clinics use postcards/emails/calls/texts to remind patients to schedule preventive care. 1 in 100 patients responds. This is because such reminders require patients to call back the clinic to schedule visit. Patients are busy, hate waiting on phone, and forget to call, resulting in anemic response.

About our solution: 1 in 3 patients responds to SimplifiMed. SimplifiMed chatbot is integrated with major EHRs and works in background to nudge patients to schedule preventive care and help them book the visit in under 60 seconds-24/7.

Progress to date:

We have a fully developed product that went live in Jul 2017. We are partner with Epic and Athenahealth and currently working on partnerships with GE and Allscripts. 

About Our Team

Creator: Chinmay Singh

Location: California

Education: Duke University

Bio: CEO of SimplifiMed | 1st generation immigrant| #chatbot & #AI enthusiast | #SunDevil & #BlueDevil

Title: CEO & Co-Founder

About Our Company

SimplifiMed, Inc.

Location: 34832 warwick ct
fremont, CA 94555

Founded: 2015


Twitter: @SimplifiMed


Product Stage: In the Market

YTD Sales: Less than $250,000

Employees: 1-2

How We Help Physicians

SimplifiMed helps doctors see more of THEIR patients for preventive care, improving quality measures and associated reimbursement. 

How We Help Hospitals

If the hospital or health system has ambulatory care or participate in risk-based contract such as ACO, they will benefit by improvement in quality score (ACO bonus) as well as lower cost.

Challenge Mission

Collaborative Strategy


Projected 3 Year Growth

Jul 2017: Product launch, Partnership with Epic/Athenahealth 

Jul 2016: Selected by 500 Startups:

Jan 2016: Selected by Blueprint Health

Dec 2015: Established

How We Will Make Money

SimplifiMed makes full utilization of EHR capabilities to engage patients using a chatbot and AI. 

About our Competition

Progress with Customers to date

$175K funding from 500 Startups, Blueprint Health, and Angel.

New Orleans and Our Company

Innovation Details

Intellectual Property Summary


Clinical Information


Regulatory Status


How we will use the funds raised


Thank You

The reason you did not get preventive services (vaccination, annuals, etc) is because you got notified in the following two ways:

1. A postcard in your mail, asking you to call the clinic during normal business hours to schedule the visit. Because you are a busy person, you forget to call the clinic. Even when you call, you hang up after waiting 15 minutes on phone.

2. An email that your doctor has sent you a "secure message". You never check the secure message because like rest 93% Americans, you find patient portals very difficult.

Now imagine, if you get an SMS notification from your child's doctor, informing you that it's time to get flu shot and asking you if you would like your child to get one at their clinic. If you answer yes, it immediately shows you available appointments and you are done booking an appointment under 30 seconds. Moreover, because it is SMS, you don't need to respond immediately. You can respond to it later in the evening after you have discussed with your spouse. No need to call the clinic during normal office hours, wait on the phone, or spell your name one letter at a time. 

Now imagine that you can book an appointment or request a medication refill, the same way. By texting to your clinic 24/7. Without downloading an app or entering a password. 

Thats what SimplifiMed does. Just help you connect with the clinic so that you can get the care you need hassel-free.



  • image
    Kamal Anand posted on 15th October, 2017

    Great concept and value to patients and providers

  • image
    Steven Davidson posted on 15th October, 2017

    A terrific example of a tool that usefully offloads routine from clinicians--doctors and nurses--who no longer need to prompt patients and parents to do the right thing for their care and disease prevention.

  • image
    Adrian Cunanan posted on 17th October, 2017

    An innovative and simple solution that helps doctors to see more of their patients and make more money, all while providing great value to their patients.

  • image
    Nisha Garigarn posted on 17th October, 2017

    Really great tool!

  • image
    Alex Fair posted on 25th October, 2017

    Good to see a Blueprint Health company on MedStartr - Good luck Chinmay!

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Chinmay Singh
CEO & Co-Founder
Duke University

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