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About our project

We are truly humbled by the community of patients, nurses, doctors, makers (engineers, designers, programmers, scientists,…), partners, and the healthcare industry professionals that have supported our MedStartrs. Thanks to this Crowd that Cares hundreds of thousands of dollars have been contributed to amazing projects and dozens of new ideas powered by the people who care deeply about improving healthcare have been found and funded. Over 100 news stories have helped enormously and driven million of dollars in offline investment in these ideas as well as over 100 new partnerships.

Our Best Year Yet

In 2013 we developed our Corporate Innovation Services platform and Crowdfunding Challenge platform with the support of GE, Sierra Wireless, the ONC and NCI and the American Heart Association. This is another great way to help connect great ideas to people, providers, corporations, medical associations, and governments that want to crowdsource and crowdfund innovation to drive partnerships and growth. We will continue to grow our challenge service offerings, and if your organization needs our support please let us know.

Tripling Grants

Did you know that in our last challenge the finalists raised over $51,234, tripling the prize purse of $25,000 that the sponsor put up. Ten companies competed to go on stage and most rose to the challenge and made their own prizes with the help of hundreds of engaged members of the community including scores of healthcare providers and over 28 medical facilities adopted the new ideas. Really incredible things can happen when you get a crowd behind your idea!

MedStartr: Funding Medical Breakthroughs

Despite your successes, many of you have told us that you just can’t raise enough on our MedStartr platform to be useful to your business. We understand, doing anything of significance in healthcare is expensive, especially BioTech or Medical Devices. Many of you have asked us to build an equity-based companion platform for MedStartr and now it is almost ready. Several companies have gotten the nod from the SEC in various models and we have done most of the hard work of building our version. Title II of the JOBS act came into effect on Sept 23, 2013 lifting the 80 year ban on general solicitation for private equities and many more sites are testing the waters. We launched an alpha of our equity platform in the Fall and have gathered important feedback. Over 75 amazing companies have applied to use the platform and we are almost done!

We would like to offer to you, our Crowd that wants this, the ability to help fund the development of this platform and to get involved. Depending on the amount you wish to fund we are offering a Fixed Price for our services services. We also are enabling TAX Deductible donations where noted, thanks to the Cancer 101 Foundation, and T-Shirts (be warned, we are have been extremely slow in shipping our T-shirts from our first campaign, but we promise to send you these and those by May 31st.)

Crowd Test Before You Invest

One of the most interesting things we discovered in our analysis of the data on our first 80 project from year 1. Did you know that 40% succeeded and 22 went on to raise significant capital? On average, companies that raised over 2K on MedStartr went on to raise over 200K offline and increased their valuation by over 244% over the following year – and that was just the first year. The companies that have succeeded on MedStartr in year 2 raised even more and have gone on to even bigger things faster. We have access to incredible data and this drives what is coming next and helps investors know too. We call this crowdVetting, where a crowd of people who know healthcare help investors know which are the best investments. It is just what this industry needs!

Get the crowdVetted Invetor reward at the right to get on our mailing list of all the successfully crowdVetted companies so you will be among the first to know when a company is making it and can act on it. For example, did you realize these three projects have been adopted or have meetings with over 28 medical facilities and HUGE partners since they went live and have raised over 50K in a month?

Tell us what you think

We also want your feedback. Check out the design for version 3 (see above.) Note the New Buttons at the right, elements we think everyone should use. Please give your feedback on the comments section.

Thank you for your support and for being the crowd that cares about healthcare innovation.

Thank you also to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, MedCityNews, Health 2.0, HIMSS, MassBio, ONC, NCI, HHS, the AHA, GE, and the over 130 partners that have teamed up with us and our clients to make crowdfunding work in healthcare!

Yours Truly,
Alex Fair
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For $ 1 or more

1 Supporter(s)

Offline Investor Interest - Take this reward if you would like our investor relations team to call you. We will give you a tour of the new site and pitch you on where we are going.

For $ 5 or more

1 Supporter(s)

JOIN THE CROWD THAT CARES - Show your support for what we are doing and back this campaign with a token of your appreciation. We will send you a special link to the new site for your feedback, keep you posted on the development, tweet our thanks (please post your twitter handle under comments), and enter you into our contest to win a free crowdfunding optimized campaign by MedStartr's award winning Healthcare Crowdologists (one entry for every $5 donated.) TAX-DEDUCTIBLE too!

For $ 39 or more

5 Supporter(s)

DONATE: Get The T-Shirt! Free Shipping in the US, add $10 for international shipping (TAX DEDUCTIBLE!)

For $ 100 or more

0 Supporter(s)

DONATE: Accredited Investor - Have you seen companies on MedStartr that you wanted to invest in? Then this is the package for you. We will include you in our Beta Tester Group and give you access to all the great companies getting listed on MedStartr and the investor community we are building. You also get the T-Shirt and a TAX DEDUCTIBLE receipt!

For $ 125 or more

0 Supporter(s)

INVESTORS - Want to know which companies are making it first, get on our CrowdVetted mailing list and you too can crowd test before you invest in new ideas in healthcare. These companies have gone on to raise millions and on average have increased in value by over 400% in just one year after going live on MedStartr. Your donation is Tax Deductible too!

For $ 250 or more

0 Supporter(s)

ACCREDITED INVESTORS - Want to be the first to try our Investor Platform and want to invest here? Great, make a TAX-Deductible donation of 250 or more and we will do our accredited investor background check and let you invest through the alpha of the accredited investor features and post it here. Sorry, you can't invest directly through this platform yet! You can see much of the due diligence data on our profile here as well:

For $ 450 or more

1 Supporter(s) Limited (9 left of 10 )

ADOPT: Raise up to $50,000 free of fees. Our MedStartr platform charges 5%-8%, so this would be a $2,500 value if bought after we go live. Presently, you will get in for one fifth of that. Includes our Crowdfunding Optimization (Lite) Program as well, 5 hours of expert help. Pretty sweet, but sorry, no tax deductible receipt.

For $ 1250 or more

2 Supporter(s) Limited (8 left of 10 )

ADOPT: Raise up to 250,000 free of fees. Includes our Crowdfunding Optimization program and we will never charge you more than what you pay here, a $10,000 value! And you get t-shirts for the whole team (of course.)

For $ 5000 or more

0 Supporter(s) Limited (5 left of 5 )

ADOPT: Raise up to 1,000,000 free of fees. Includes our Accelerated level of Crowdfunding Optimization and we will never charge you more than what you pay here. a $40,000 value! And you still get the t-shirts!

For $ 10000 or more

0 Supporter(s)

PARTNER SMALL CHALLENGE - MedStartr CrowdChallenges drive massive engagement from the healthcare community. Buy one here through the MedStartr for up to $25,000 in prizes with up to 75 hours of support and custom programming. To learn more about our challenges, please visit

For $ 25000 or more

1 Supporter(s)

Offline Investments Committed - Accredited Investors that have signed term sheets are noted here to show some of the offline activity. Minimum investment size 25K. This is for accredited investors only. Investments will not be processed through online systems. Requires additional documentation. Due Diligence information provided separately.

For $ 35000 or more

0 Supporter(s)

PARTNER MEDIUM CHALLENGE - Get hundreds of great crowdsourced ideas to fill your wish list of solutions. Want to solve the problems of healthcare, crowdsource it and then let the best ideas compete to see who generates the most suuport from crowds that care about solving the problem. The last challenge we ran like this, the finalists tripled the prize money through crowdfunding and got over 28 medical facilities to sign up to use their prjects. Amazing and true. Buy one here through the MedStartr for up to $100,000 in prizes with up to 200 hours of support and custom programming. To learn more about our challenges, please visit or to see the AHA Challenge referred to above, please visit

For $ 100000 or more

0 Supporter(s)

PARTNER LARGE CHALLENGE - Get several hundred great crowdsourced ideas to solve the BIG problems in healthcare. We will set up a venture program for your organization to reach out to the best new ideas in your solution space and invest in the best. These programs work the same as the Medium challenge but are scaled up and you get equity in the new ideas. Think of it as a customer accelerator for just what you are looking for when you have a few million you want to invest in innovation, but want to make sure you get the best ideas in house. Buy one here through the MedStartr for up to $2,000,000 in prizes with up to 500 hours of support and custom programming. To learn more about our challenges, please visit or call 530.MED.STARTR to work out a special program and a special reward.

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